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Presidential Election 2024: 11/5/24- Democracy Dies or Survives


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Haley won almost 17% of Pennsylvania’s primary vote Tuesday, or 1 in 6 votes, to Trump’s 83%, despite not campaigning for president since she ended her bid in early March.


the former U.N. ambassador and South Carolina governor tallied more than 156,000 votes, or about twice the 80,500-vote margin by which Democrat Joe Biden beat Trump in Pennsylvania in 2020. Pennsylvania’s election was even closer in 2016, when Trump beat Democrat Hillary Clinton by 44,000 votes.



These people need to either write her in when voting in Nov, not vote at all, or Vote for Biden...... and Cheeto Jesus is in trouble. 

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Biden spotlights Trump's attacks on football with battleground state ad blitz


As the NFL draft kicks off this week, President Joe Biden's campaign is launching a new digital ad on Thursday taking aim at former President Donald Trump's past comments disparaging football and the league, the Biden campaign told ABC News.


The short, 20-second ad, on YouTube, features a montage of Trump previously attacking football, calling it "boring as hell" and saying "nobody cares about football," juxtaposed with Biden greeting and touting his relationship with football players.


The ad -- the latest skirmish in the early part of Biden's general election fight against Trump, which is expected to be close -- ends with the message: "Make the right pick in November."


The ad plays into the longstanding feud between the NFL and Trump, who had once owned rival United States Football League team the New Jersey Generals in the 1980s and reportedly tried to buy the Buffalo Bills in 2014 but was unsuccessful after investors doubted the NFL would allow it.


According to the Biden campaign, the new ad will target football fans across battleground states including in Green Bay, Wisconsin; in Detroit; in Phoenix; and in Pittsburgh. The ad will also air in Atlanta, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Las Vegas.


Click on the link for the full article



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