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Taylor Heinicke Extension?


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  1. When you're in the middle of the final year of a contract, that contract lasts until the end of the league year. You only extend players mid-season that you don't want to lose in the off-season. Not sure there's any other NFL team that wants TH as their QB. No reason to extend his current contract.
  2. TH is connected to Turner, not RR. Both RR and Turner will return in 2023 at a minimum. (Likely both are here for the start of 2024)
  3. Zero competition for TH's services. No need to pay more than a raise for tenure (+%10) and performance incentives. $3-5M base + 3M escalators ~$6-8M/yr max and base salary guaranteed on 2-yr deal. This allows them to resign D.Payne. $.02
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On 11/29/2022 at 10:35 AM, Thirtyfive2seven said:

They should be using Taylor in more RPO.  He's not a very good drop back passer due to arm strength.  Why not take advantage of his mobility and create more passing lanes, more space, and keep defenses off balance?  Is it because he gets hurt often (or use to anyway)?

Because he's not actually that fast. He's got a little quickness and elusiveness, and being smaller helps him in that regard, but he doesn't really outrun guys. Also, because he's smaller, he's more of an injury risk and we can't have him getting hurt.

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