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  1. bump on an old thread..... any thoughts on the new booth?
  2. bump on old thread.... Searched, but didn't find a thread in which anyone mentioned their thoughts on the new booth (Weinstein, Donaldson and Hall). I tried to listen to it through the Redskins/WFT app but it kept telling me when clicking on the "LIVE" button that I did not have an app to handle the url (not sure what that means as I've never seen that error before). I've had tons of problems in the past with the Redskins/WFT app when trying to listen to the game so I wasn't exactly surprised. In any event there's an article out indicating some early growing pains iss
  3. What about calling Terry "DeLorean McLaurin." We could post signs that say 88 mph and then have him burst into fire as he goes "Back in Time" (just kidding but that would be a helluva a commercial; hint hint PR staff). Heck, the Stadium could even play the Huey Lewis and News' song (great song BTW) everytime he scores a TD or performs some significant impact play. Ahhhh... the 80's.
  4. I'm one of the few that voted for Colt for the following reasons: 1. Experienced backup - i.e. he would have no butterflies or issues with filling in if Haskins were to go down and he knows how to prepare 2. Solid team player and well liked by rest of the team - very much beloved by rest of the team and they would play hard for him if necessary, great locker room presence (which is needed right now) 3. Good communicator - I think he would fit well in the quarterbacks meeting room and would be a solid teacher for Haskins 4. No competition issues with Haskins - fans w
  5. Thanks for the link. Still looks like line not ranking well according to pass pro (rank #30).
  6. Thats apples vs oranges.... LA weather does not equal DC weather. The Raiders can get away with playing on a baseball field b/c of the weather conditions. Meanwhile we hit sub-freezing weather in November which kills the grass/field conditions causing significant injuries to both home and visting team's players and once again making our team's Upper Management look inept (which they are quite frequently).
  7. With the beavy of injuries already adding up after two games, somebody made mention in the recent injury thread that we haven't even entered the section of the season when FedEx's field gets bad. The issues with the field over the years are too numerous to list (RGIII injury comes to mind immediately though) but I've always wondered, why is the quality of FedEx field so routinely craptastic year in and year out? 1. Is it the grass they choose (which I believe is a warm weather Bermuda?) or the quality of the soil? 2. Is it the quality of their groundskeeping s
  8. Artistic perfection: da Vinci, Picasso, van Gogh and BANG!!!
  9. Any know how to delay 980 live audio stream to match a video stream?
  10. SD stream that seems to be working: http://goatd.net/119272/watch-miami-dolphins-vs-washington-redskins
  11. Getting a lot of buffering issues with that link. Any others that would work?
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