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2024 Wheel of Horrors Thread (Earthquakes, Train Crashes and more...)


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Death Toll in Turkey and Syria Surpasses 20,000


The United Nations on Thursday sent its first aid convoy into opposition-controlled Syria since a powerful earthquake hit the region three days ago, a natural disaster that has killed more than 20,000 people and left hundreds of thousands homeless across Syria and neighboring Turkey.


Yet truck shortages, blocked roads and other logistical hurdles are impeding efforts by the 100,000-plus rescue personnel working in Turkey — equivalent to the population of a small American city — trying to unearth victims, bury the dead and provide aid to desperate survivors.


The devastation in Turkey and Syria has surpassed a grim milestone. A total of more than 20,000 people have died in both countries after Turkey’s national emergency management agency raised the country's death toll to 17,134.


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  • China changed the title to 2023 Wheel of Horrors Thread (7.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Turkey Kills More than 20K)

Red Alert issued after five tons of rock lobster washed ashore along the West Coast


Five tons of West Coast rock lobster have washed ashore on the West Coast since February 7.


Now the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE) has issued a red alert over the harmful algal bloom (red tide) causing the walkout and activated its West Coast rock lobster contingency plan.


Department officials, together with local municipalities and law enforcement, are rescuing live lobsters and conducting clean-up operations until the red tide threat has abated. The department placed all government role-players in the sector on full alert.


Spokesperson Albi Modise said the department was leading the contingency plan supported by the West Coast District Municipality, Cederberg Municipality, the police, SANDF, Western Cape Province and the local communities adjacent to the affected areas.


Modise said red tides were a natural phenomenon in coastal waters caused by a dense accumulation of microscopic algae, and some of the algal species were harmful because they contained toxins which were poisonous to humans.


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On 1/31/2023 at 8:28 PM, China said:

'Doppelganger murder': German woman accused of killing her lookalike in attempt to fake her own death


A woman has been accused of seeking out a lookalike of herself on social media and murdering her in a bid to fake her own death.


Authorities say Sharaban K, a 23-year-old beautician of Iraqi descent from Munich, searched for women who resembled her closely online before killing one of them in order to go into hiding, German news outlets are reporting.


The case has been dubbed the "doppelganger murder", in reference to a German folktale about a ghostly identical spirit, but the word doppelganger also has come to mean a stranger who looks like a twin.


The victim was eventually named as Khadidja O, a 23-year-old beauty blogger from the neighbouring state of Baden-Wurttemberg.


Police later stated the victim and Sharaban K were "strikingly alike" in appearance due to their physical similarities such as straight black hair.


On 19 August, officers detained Sharaban K and a friend accused of plotting the scheme.


The full extent of the case and their alleged motives were not publicly disclosed by authorities until this week, and it is has now emerged prosecutors believe Sharaban K planned to fake her own death due to a dispute with family.


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Apparently straight black hair is rare in Germany.


Killing your doppelganger is somehow more commonplace than you might imagine:


Viktoria Nasyrova: Woman guilty of lookalike cheesecake poisoning plot


A Russian woman living in New York city has been found guilty of attempting to murder her doppelgänger in a bizarre identity-theft plot.


Viktoria Nasyrova tried to kill her beautician Olga Tsvyk in 2016 by giving her a piece of cheesecake poisoned with a strong sedative.


However Ms Tsvyk survived, and when she returned from hospital, found her identity documents had been stolen.


Nasyrova will be sentenced next month, and is facing up to 25 years in prison.


At the time, the pair looked quite similar, with dark hair and the same skin complexion, and they were both Russian speakers.


"The jury saw through the deception and schemes of the defendant," Melinda Katz, the Queens District Attorney said in a statement.


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Railroad offering just $5-per-resident after derailment caused toxic mushroom cloud


On Monday (6 February), the village of East Palestine, Ohio, saw a dark and toxic mushroom cloud erupt due to a railway derailment, leading residents to evacuate their homes.


And now Norfolk Southern, the railroad company that was responsible for emitting the toxic vinyl chloride, has offered a $25,000 donation to assist the area’s population of nearly 5,000 people - which works out at only $5 a person.


A press release from the railroad company read: “We have established a Family Assistance Center to address the needs of the community and support those directly impacted. Additionally, we are supporting the efforts of the American Red Cross and their temporary community shelters through a $25,000 donation.”


Vinyl chloride is an odourless and hazardous chemical compound that when burned, creates hydrogen chloride, which is extremely volatile.


It can also produce phosgene, a gas that was used as a chemical weapon in World War I.


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1 minute ago, TradeTheBeal! said:

Did you get your Environmental Science degree from Rogan U?


...I'm not sure what Joe Rogan has to do with this.  But ok.




“We basically nuked a town with chemicals so we could get a railroad open,” said Sil Caggiano, a hazardous materials specialist.




The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sent a letter to Norfolk Southern stating that ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, ethylhexyl acrylate and isobutylene were also in the rail cars that were derailed, breached and/or on fire.

Caggiano says ethylhexyl acrylate is especially worrisome. He says it’s a carcinogen and contact with it can cause burning and irritation in the skin and eyes. Breathing it in can irritate the nose and throat and cause coughing and shortness of breath.

Isobutylene is also known to cause dizziness and drowsiness when inhaled.

“I was surprised when they quickly told the people they can go back home, but then said if they feel like they want their homes tested they can have them tested. I would’ve far rather they did all the testing,” Caggiano said.


Caggiano says it’s possible some of these chemicals could still be present in homes and on objects until you clean them thoroughly.

“There’s a lot of what ifs, and we’re going to be looking at this thing 5, 10, 15, 20 years down the line and wondering, ‘Gee, cancer clusters could pop up, you know, well water could go bad,” Caggiano said.


BuT JoE RoGaN!!!!!11 

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Every now and then, an oil refinery explodes (literally like twice a year in texas) or a train derails and a little nearby town takes it on the chin. The reason why Roganites and their right-wing twitter ilk are latching onto this with ZOMG takes is because they think they can use it to tarnish the reputation of Pete Buttigieg…and no other reason.  Let me know when screeching monkey MTG proposes some environmental legislation or increased rail/EPA funding.



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Anyhoo, as was discussed above.  I believe the burn off (scary pics!) without massive explosions was considered a best case outcome and now the main issue is cleanup and root cause.  Let’s hope it’s not a criminal/terrorist act.

Baytown, TX Dec 21…totally nuked bro.  Can’t believe we didn’t spend forever talking about it.






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Life After the Ohio Train Derailment: Trouble Breathing, Dying Animals, and Saying Goodbye


On February 3, a devastating 150-car train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, leaked noxious chemicals like carcinogenic vinyl chloride into the surrounding air, soil, and water. Officials say it’s now safe for people to come home. But the harm has not stopped: People in East Palestine and neighboring towns are suffering from respiratory issues, skin reactions, and more, while animals have been found dead. And it’s not clear what support residents have—or who even qualifies for that support.


After the derailment, the Norfolk Southern train had to undergo a “controlled burning” in order to safely release the cargo’s toxic chemicals. Before this was done, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine issued a one-mile evacuation zone surrounding the crash site. Norfolk Southern has been tasked to clean up the mess. After an initial $25,000 donation to the community, the company said they would give $1,000 “inconvenience checks” to residents within the evacuation zone; the company also has offered to reimburse expense receipts for residents within East Palestine.


But residents have reported inconsistencies with the policy, and frustrations with the one-mile qualification bar, as many far beyond that zone had to evacuate and are suffering symptoms. While air tests commissioned by the rail company, and some conducted by the EPA, have thus far deemed chemical amounts to be at safe levels, some experts have warned that impacts could be enduring if and when the chemicals seep into the soil and groundwater. And people feel that neither Norfolk Southern, nor the government, offers clear guidance.


Amanda Greathouse, who resides near the crash site, evacuated about one hour after the incident. She only returned home on February 10, a full week later, to retrieve personal effects like bank and ID cards. Even then, as she and her family walked through the home donning N-95 masks and gloves, an ominous odor pervaded. After leaving, her eyes burned and itched, her throat was sore, and she had a rash; her husband and both her sisters had migraines.


The next day, the family went to Norfolk Southern’s community family assistance center to obtain the $1,000 inconvenience check. After a four-hour wait, Greathouse was informed they needed more documents. The family was forced to return to their home again to retrieve additional documents, and left with renewed symptoms.


Reports of suffering animals, from dogs and cats to fish and chickens, continue to accumulate. Taylor Holzer, an animal caretaker, lost one of his foxes. Others are in poor condition with faces swollen, stomachs upset, and eyes watering. Holzer’s dog, who hadn’t returned home until after the evacuation order was lifted, has begun coughing and gagging. “He will go into coughing fits so hard his front legs bow and he looks so uncomfortable,” Holzer said.


After the derailment, Andrea Belden noticed her two-year-old cat Leo lying motionless, heart racing and breathing labored. He remained that way overnight. Leo was found to have congestive heart failure. Fluid filled around his heart and lungs, and his liver enzymes shot up 690 percent higher than normal levels. Medication wasn’t working. He seldom moved, ate or drank, or went to the bathroom. To continue treatment, Belden would’ve had to come up with up to $18,000. She sought help from Norfolk Southern, with a letter from the vet explaining Leo’s issues likely to be connected to the vinyl chloride. The company said they would not pay for it now, but would possibly entertain it in the future. Belden couldn’t afford to continue the treatment. Norfolk Southern’s delay forced her to make an impossible decision. Leo was put to sleep. Belden still owed $9,678.23 for the treatment Leo received.

Chelsea Simpson, who also lives near the site of the derailment, has suffered from a sore throat while her 8-month-old baby has suffered respiratory issues. Urgent care doctors gave the baby a steroid while Simpson was prescribed an antibiotic. After Simpson visited her home for 10 minutes a few days ago, her eyes were bloodshot and burning.


Simpson was told by the company that she would receive reimbursements for expense receipts, but would not qualify for the $1,000 check despite residing within the one-mile zone and being among those forcibly evacuated. Meanwhile, a cleaning service the rail company has commissioned to serve those residing within the radius still reached out to Simpson—so it remains unclear why the company will not also offer her family the $1,000 check.


While Simpson has been denied compensation duly owed by Norfolk Southern policy, others outside the mile radius deserve just as much care.


Click on the link for the full article

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Well, obviously people are talking about it, and it's been well covered.
What is always aggravating any time anyone wants to put a curb on hazards like this, be it the chemicals, or the safety regulations the GOP constantly champions removing or relaxing any and all of them.
And then an accident happens, and idiots like Cyclops stand up and politicize it.


And unfortunately they dupe people into voting for it, and well, now we may have poisoned a significant watershed.
Now, I don't know what exactly caused this accident, but i do know that when any regulation that will be brought up to try to prevent or at least safeguard against something like this, she and the rest of her Cabal of Idiots will scream bloody murder about socialism and all of their other buzz words to prevent it.


Oh, but hey.
I hear the border is a problem.



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Seems to me corporations destroying entire towns is something we should pay attention to, but I guess it’s not a sexy news topic for the TTB’s of the world 

1 hour ago, CousinsCowgirl84 said:

Really seems like all things considered, the response was handled pretty well. Gonna have to see what caused the derailment….

They’re saying mechanical issue with an axel. Which sounds like a maintenance issue to me, but maybe it’s not. 

Oh there’s also the hazardous materials train derailment in Houston going on right now. 

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A mechanical issue with an axle of one of the 150 cars caused the derailment of at least 50 of the cars.




Back in my days at the ol' RF&P railroad, toxic chemical cars where added at certain spots in the train in order to minimize issues associated with a derailment. I don't remember the algorithm but they were supposed to be x-number of feet from the power & caboose. Little known fact: Engineers get a bogey for each hazmat car they haul. 


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Silverio Caggiano:  I've spent almost 40 years of my life as a HazMat expert and working in public safety.  I feel I have continuously tried to excel in my profession and was never afraid to lead or go were others hesitated. I try to keep an open mind and never discount concepts or actions until I can prove it was wrong or a bad decision. My greatest goal is to leave my profession (s) and this world in a better condition than I found them and to improve on what was given to me for the next generation and the community I serve.


TTB:  tHiS GuY WaS oN FoX NeWs!!!!!!1

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