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Three little Birds thread, It's gonna be aight. Good ju-ju thread

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21 minutes ago, Malapropismic Depository said:

I just wish we would have taken a chance on a 7th round pick on :La'El Collins.

Then we might have had our LG we've been begging for, for years now

The rumor that his agent was putting out there was that if he didn't get picked high, he would refuse to sign and re enter the draft the following year.  But still probably worth a shot to use a 7th on him to see if you can talk him into it, considering the low hit rate on 7th round picks.

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33 minutes ago, SWFLSkins said:


Mo is playing on a higher level already this year.  He's pushing the receivers to a higher level all by himself.  Mo is quickly becoming my favorite Skins receiver!



Same day...does it again!  Go Mo!  Go Mo!  Go Mo!  



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Washington released veteran CB Orlando Scandrick today and it is because coach Jay Gruden has so much faith in his younger defensive backs. He had high praise today for guys like Quinton Dunbar, Fabian Moreau, Danny Johnson and even Adonis Alexander, who has only been a Redskin for a minute.


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But it’s not just the release of Scandrick that illustrates this point.

Consider the current roster: the number of key free agents is not that high compared to years past. QB Alex Smith, CB Josh Norman, LB  Zach Brown, safety D.J. Swearinger and WR Paul Richardson make up the most recently-signed free agents who will definitely start. Most of the rest of the projected starters are players either drafted by Washington or who came into the league (via the nation’s capital) as undrafted college rookies.


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10 hours ago, bakedtater1 said:

I can't quit f****** laughing about that video above... Ain't that no s***I feel like coming in here and doing that all day to people

Magical Mo... That will be my first ever customized Jersey.

When you're done with your tater peeling punishment, your next move is to commit this page to memory.


Professor @Jumbo may have a few pop quizzes for you on it. 


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