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  1. lol. You are so predictable. I could have written this post for you
  2. The problem is, you're not showing the whole picture. You're comparing the Browns and Redskins situations as if they're even remotely similar. And then bringing the 2012 Redskins into it as well for some reason, but I'm willing to leave that tangent behind if you are. It seems I misunderstood your reasons for bringing it up. If the Redskins had done the same... While going into year two with a #1 overall stud QB... And hiring the mind behind the offense that clicked with him as the new HC... While being loaded down with picks and cap space all over... And trading for impact players to add to a deep pool of drafted young talent... Yeah, they'd be seen as "winning the offseason" and nobody would be laughing at them. Problem is, we aren't anywhere close to where the Browns are as a roster or an organization right now. Not in the FO, not in the coaches offices, not in the QB room, or really anywhere else either.'s not comparable. At all. Which is why I still don't understand the point you were trying to make.
  3. If you think the success RG3 had as a rookie was conventional and sustainable, I guess that would explain thr connection YOU see, even if I don't see it. You're also kind of ignoring the presence of the not-young-at-all Mike Shanahan, not that it matters. Nothing about the success Mayfield had as a rookie is really comparable to what RG3 did. It was very different, if equally exciting and explosive. More importantly, everyone on earth knew RG3 would have to grow and change if he was going to continue to succeed. Not only because he was reckless with his body running the ball but also because he wasn't running a "real", sustainable offense. Nobody really has similar concerns with Baker Mayfield so idk where the connection is.
  4. You compared Baker Mayfield and Kitchens to RG3 and Shanahan. Me asking you why that makes sense to you is not illogical. If you say something like that, the burden of proof is definitely on you to back it up or at least provide context. I don't see a connection.
  5. Is Baker's production gimmicky in any way or is his play style prone to ruining his own career via injury? This sentence you typed is nonsensical to me, unless I'm missing obvious context, in which case I apologize. What did you mean?
  6. Anyone who actually watched the Browns last year wouldn't even question that the offensive explosion and chemistry between Mayfield/Kitchens was the reason for the success they had. Not blowhard Greggg.
  7. And because they were saddled with a horrible GM. Obviously everyone who wants to tank (I keep saying "accidentally tank" bc obviously Allen and Gruden aren't gonna do it on purpose, they don't have the job security or patience) expects it to result in a house cleaning of the organization, where we then hope to hire our version of Ballard or Dorsey.
  8. This staff and FO have no intention of sacrificing the short term for the long term, they're fully win now. They're just incompetent at it. I agree with you though, and luckily for us they can still tank accidentally, just by sucking as much as we know they can.
  9. As someone who wants the team to accidentally tank while continuing to sell the FO's win-now rhetoric until they're fired for not living up to it, this FA period is going great imo.
  10. I mean, if you're willing to draft an OG with the #5 overall pick but then it's outside your comfort zone to pay him the equivalent contract after 4-5 years of living up to that lofty draft pedigree...idk what to say. I'd think that means you have some inconsistencies in the principles of your roster building process. If you even have a process at all.
  11. Norman may be overpaid and may not be top 5 but he's still good. Makes no sense to sign Collins and then cut a guy like Norman. You want force multipliers Edit: Unless you're rebuilding. Which is my preference, but not this FO's.
  12. ConnSKINS26

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    I'll post what I did in the other thread since it seems like a better fit here: Letting Collins wear 21 is just setting him up for failure. As a fanbase we love to raise good players up to hero status so that we can tear them down from a greater height. Just let the dude play and see if he's good enough to build a legend of his own.
  13. So I guess rather than make any other impact moves we're just sitting on the sidelines taking a victory lap on Collins. I want us to tank, so it doesn't bother me. But it does make going "all in" on Collins seem pointless and puzzling.