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  1. Why is he on the market still? Always the question I ask when a promising player is available in late May.
  2. ConnSKINS26

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Similar happened with Teddy Bridgewater (ACL+other damage+artery issue) but QBs need elite movement skills less, so idk if that's helpful.
  3. ConnSKINS26

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    There probably isn't much discussion before pulling the trigger because they had already talked potential terms earlier. That happens a ton, sometimes even in the week leading up to the draft.
  4. ConnSKINS26

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    They don't need to consent to it if the Raiders and Lions are less interested. Patricia is a Belichick guy, he doesn't want this at all. Jon Gruden...I don't think he'd care either way. But we can be forced to do Hard Knocks if no one else in the top 3 volunteers.
  5. ConnSKINS26

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    Raiders are a better choice next year moving to Vegas, probably drafting a new QB, and there's no risk of Gruden going anywhere before then. There's nothing remotely interesting about the Lions. I think it might be us guys.
  6. ConnSKINS26

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Also, the implementation of embedded tweets/videos was the best thing that ever happened to this board. More specifically, the Comprehensive Draft Thread.
  7. ConnSKINS26

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Shenault is maybe my favorite player to watch in college football. He's like a love child of Cordarelle Patterson and Sammy Watkins, but with dominant contested catch ability. I know because they've disappointed in the NFL that comp might seem underwhelming, but purely as talented freaks is what I'm talking.
  8. ConnSKINS26

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    Bruce has been poking his head out in the media lately after a very strong draft and getting praise for it. They'd be smart to ride that wave and a roster full of young interesting talents and let the Hard Knocks buzz bump them a bit more. They need a popularity and more importantly likability bump if they want that new stadium, after all.
  9. ConnSKINS26

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Isn't the Campbell draft the one that we traded up into the late 1st before it even started? And then that quote says we thought Campbell would be gone? Who the F were we trading up early for if it wasn't to overdraft Campbell by a little bit because we were enamored with him lol. I always thought that was the story there.
  10. ConnSKINS26


    Holsey the only real surprise, and I agree that it's nice to see former camp surprises not be able to just coast into a 90-man roster spot on reputation alone. The depth on this roster continues to improve.
  11. @volsmet kind of a weird response to my post, I didn't say Kerrigan was bad or even less than very good. I said he'd be held less around the neck if he had a wider arsenal of passrush moves. It should be called more regardless.
  12. Would help if he had a wider variety of pass rush moves, that's always been his biggest weakness to me. Yes it should be called more but he has no plan B or countermoves much of the time
  13. This Gruden/Haskins narrative needs to die a quick and merciful death. First, it's mostly hearsay. Second, he's on the hot seat and we've cast our lot with Haskins. This franchise is (very) arguably more invested in Haskins than Gruden or any other coach right now, so they need to make it work better than they've made the rest of the roster work in recent years, or someone else will be getting a swing at it. And they'll have no one to blame but themselves. This isn't the case of drafting a total non-scheme fit and setting people up for failure. It wasn't some huge reach. He's a talented but flawed (as all mid first round picks tend to be) QB. They need to make it work to keep their jobs. Simply put, it doesn't matter anymore what Gruden thought about Haskins, if we could ever know in the first place. If it all fails, it certainly won't be a valid excuse. "Oh, if only we had gotten Gruden the genius the QB he wanted" isn't gonna be anything fans or media can be sold when it's all over. Especially since he got that pass rusher anyways. I shudder to think we'll be getting these rehash posts from SIP 3-4 years from now relitigating who in the FO actually wanted or liked Haskins. That's not to say your work relaying which beat guys say what about the FO isn't appreciated SIP, this isn't an attack--you're obviously keyed into the local reporters more than most here and it's a valuable service--i've just noticed you're having to repeat, re-paraphrase, and re-summarize a lot of it lately. It has to get old for you. I don't know where you get the patience honestly. Maybe you should have started a thread to log all the various reports and just direct people there lol.
  14. I know this is a FA thread rather than trades, but it fits in terms of potential acquisitions...but I've seen speculation that after drafting A.J. Brown to go with Corey Davis, and also signing Humphries for the slot...Taywan Taylor might be available for a pittance from the Titans. He'd give us a guy with the YAC ability we lack. Rookie contract. From PICK ANALYSIS: "I'm a big Taywan Taylor fan. I actually gave him a middle of the second-round grade because you get the ball in his hands he can make you miss and he can't absolutely run away from you. They gave him a lot of quick hitters and then they stretch him vertically down the field ... His ability after the catch is something I love. I've compared him to Derrick Mason because of the toughness, the quickness and the speed he possessed. Derrick Mason can play inside and outside and I think the same here for Taywan Taylor." -- Daniel Jeremiah It's rare teams "give up" on promising prospects like Taywan (3rd rounder I believe) so early, but it's also rare to see a 1st, 2nd, and good sized FA contract poured into the same position group, making the former 3rd rounder the fourth guy on the depth chart at best, on a team that wants to run the ball more than anything else. It's unlikely they would give up on cheap talented depth so soon. But possible given the way their roster is now constructed. It would be worth a call. IMO he's immediately better and more dynamic than Quinn (who the team and fanbase are placing a ton of pressure and hopes on). In fact I think he'll be better than Crowder as well while not being a midget with baby hands.