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  1. You guys basically agree, looking at your descriptors lol: Soft = Not physical Disinterested = Not competitive Lazy = Not super motivated
  2. ConnSKINS26

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Hasn't Zampese been largely credited with the offensive surge that got Kitchens erroneously hired? That offense and Mayfield fell apart the next season without him.
  3. ConnSKINS26

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I have seen people say that our DL could be elite and make things easier for everyone else...but I think the vast majority are very very skeptical of our DB's and LB's as a whole despite a couple potential bright spots.
  4. Huh. Checked the first two pages of the Tailgate and then did a google search that revealed the thread, but when I clicked it it said no longer available/no permission to view which is usually reserved for a deleted thread I think, even one that still shows up as having existed on google. Maybe there's a newer thread that I missed.
  5. He's pretty short so with his short, quick steps it looks like his legs are moving faster than someone taller with longer strides. Optical illusion isn't the right word, there's probably a real phrase for the phenomenon I'm describing. But it's essentially your mind playing tricks on you because shorter strides just look faster than longer strides, even when they aren't.
  6. I was going to quote and respond to you in the proper Tailgate thread (which I had to find via a Google search) to avoid mucking up this thread, but it's no longer accessible. Deleted, I'm guessing? So my response goes here I guess. Over time this is just gonna be a bigger and bigger distraction (and for understandable reasons). Again this isn't the thread for it, but I'd support this. Do it now and start a new era entirely, wash out all the bad vibes and criticism, new slate. Not gonna happen with Snyder so we'll be doing this song and dance for a long time. Maybe it's because I've always been an out of state fan (grew up in CT, live in MA) but I could easily still root for the team with a new name, new location, even new uniform. They'd still have the team's history and the history of all my memories. I already have to fly in to go to a game, or watch them somewhere closer (for me that's usually traveling to NJ or Foxborough). Either way it doesn't really matter to me where they play, and the name is not something I'm specifically attached to. In fact I don't wear team gear that has the name or logo on it anymore. Just rip off the band-aid and stop adding to a lot of peoples' hurt. I know most here will disagree and cite the people who don't find it offensive. Not really interested in that conversation and neither are those who are against the name, which is the disconnect.
  7. Yeah they've both got some of that Edward James Olmos thing going on. Edit: In fact I'm calling it now, that's gonna be a very popular "Look-alike Thread" entry, Rivera and Olmos. He could do a pretty convincing Admiral Adama cosplay.
  8. ConnSKINS26

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I hope limited media presence is at least allowed (with proper precautions). We need those practice tweets to obsess over!
  9. ConnSKINS26

    Reuben Foster; can he come back?

    I was going to ask the same question about Smith. IF he passes the unlikely hurdle of being able to ever play again in the first place, is he really at a higher risk of re-breaking his leg going forward? Bones heal stronger up to a certain age, right? Maybe they don't heal as well or as correctly when it's a compound fracture that requires so many surgeries. But I did always wonder why he'd be at higher risk for it happening again IF he ever got to the point where he could play on it at all. I thought the bigger obstacle to returning for him was that he'd lost/had removed so much muscle mass and tissue in his leg and that they'd had to graft other muscle into its place, not that he'd suffered such a severe compound fracture.
  10. Trust me, I know. My greatest shame. The only one I might like better is the throwback with the spear on the helmet. I'd make an updated, cleaner (less busy jersey) version of that our regular uniforms moving forward actually
  11. ConnSKINS26

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Yeah you're right, I've never seen him look so dour lol. He looks solid there damn. Okay so it's the rookie WR trio from last year with Haskins, very cool.
  12. ConnSKINS26

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Harmon, Sims, Haskins....Gibson? Am I right on that? I don't think either of those guys is AGG or McLaurin
  13. Love both the burgundy on burgundy and the white on white. Del Rio likes the all-whites as well. My man.
  14. ConnSKINS26

    Reuben Foster; can he come back?

    Uh yeah, like I said we got to make the decision on his 5th year option. As in, that was a perk of picking him up on waivers, if he had been good/healthy enough to warrant it. It gave us the option.