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  1. Firstly, my post was a joke, but an acknowledgement that we don’t really agree. You also said things like, you don’t believe the things Rivera says and you think he’s detached from reality.
  2. Please do not start your post by saying we agree, and then spout a bunch of crazy stuff, it hurts my rep. Run this stuff by my people first, they’ll have approved talking points for you
  3. I get what you’re saying, but I have to point out that Cam was an instant superstar. He was a work in progress but even as a raw “running QB” with one JC championship and one season and championship for Auburn, he broke an NFL rookie QB record immediately by throwing for 400+ yards in weeks 1 and 2 back to back. He showed out immediately. I’m not sure Rivera’s ever dealt with such a project that had so much invested in him, like he has now with Haskins. There’s no reason to think he (or any coach) would know how to get Haskins to succeed bc it may not be possible. I know you know t
  4. I agree, I said as much that’s it’s what we should do. Merely that as a fan in the moment wanting to enjoy seeing an offense operate at even a lower tier level of competency across from this D, it’s tough not to want to see the other guy. I agree we shouldn’t give in to that, we let Haskins sink or swim and then approach the offseason with the info we have.
  5. I’m really torn bc I think a responsible organization lets Haskins play it out to make damn sure there’s nothing there after the investment we made. (unless he ****s his pants every week like he did today of course, you can’t let that go on for months). But as a selfish fan I know this team would probably be more fun to watch with Allen operating the offense closer to its intended function, even if he has no ceiling to speak of and it wouldn’t help us long term. But the games would be more fun, in the moment, to watch. And he’s got some moxie and the ability to occasionally surpris
  6. If you mean while we’re on the clock ready to draft a new QB, I’d take a 2023 conditional 7th
  7. You guys think this is Rivera disrespecting his players not thinking they deserve a shot at a miracle comeback but maybe it’s that he actually respects our time. Think about it *taps temple*
  8. Unless his cancer takes a serious turn for the worse, I think you have a really poor read on the situation. He has no mandate to win now and has said its an evaluation year. He was not brought here to make the playoffs and certainly isn’t getting too much less out of this team than he expected. But who knows.
  9. I know we all thought that’s how we’d be using our RBs lol. what a damn play by Hunt wow
  10. I don’t think confidence is his issue at all, he truly think he’s the guy. Almost makes it sadder.
  11. Yes but calling a woman a “female” is a weird look, let’s not do that.
  12. And he’s played much better to start the season, but the Bears are in a different place with Trubisky than we are with Haskins, arguably
  13. OL surprisingly not that bad today, Haskins is having trouble hitting anything downfield though so your point stands
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