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  1. ConnSKINS26 Redskins Name Bill Callahan Head Coach

    But the OL is a disaster.
  2. ConnSKINS26 Redskins Name Bill Callahan Head Coach

    Except he did exactly that. If we'd run on that final 3rd down rather than passed, the clock would have ticked down to the 2 min and the Dolphins may never have scored. Nevermind the catastrophic stuff that could have happened there.
  3. That was sniffed out anyways, he wasn't getting in.
  4. Would never begrudge a player, good or bad, that endorsement money. Good for him
  5. Best rookie we've seen in a long while, he's already a stud who can almost do it all. Imagine if he was getting a ton of targets like he would be on a better offense with a better QB.
  6. ConnSKINS26

    Have we seen and heard enough from Norman yet?

    I mean, his issue in CAR was his contract, they let him out of his franchise tag in an all-time strange move when we signed him. I think he's found the green grass in that regard, lol. But yeah, we've used him incorrectly from the jump.
  7. He's proud of that second half performance and only eeking out a win because the Dolphins didn't take it away at the very end? Yeah, consider it on the pile. That was not a good performance even in the context of being happy with the win, and if you're setting a new tone and building up a new culture, you aren't proud of that crap.
  8. Pathetic man. How about a good old "That's what we're supposed to do. Until we do it against more teams it doesn't mean anything"
  9. Why do people make up stupid ****ing arguments like this. It's strawman bull**** to give yourself an easy target to knock down. Congrats, you did it. But if you're interested in what people actually think, wanting to be able to trade down from (or use) the potential #1 overall pick doesn't mean we don't want a new GM. Obviously the FO is the problem.
  10. The Jets aren't nearly as bad as they've looked so far, Darnold is back now.
  11. You think they told the center to botch that snap, but then went and scored a TD anyways? You're insane
  12. Okay, well MIA was the main competition for that pick so...I don't know what you're talking about.
  13. Anyone who thinks the coaches and players also are trying to tank in MIA is missing everything. The FO wants that, yes. It's a big picture decision. The coaches put in Fitpatrick and almost won because they want to win. They could easily have just taken the L leaving Rosen in. You're thinking too hard, coaches and players don't tank, FO executives do.
  14. Good for you. No, not one player, I'm not even all about Tua depending on what Haskins shows. I'm talking about the monster package of draft picks we could have rebuilt the roster with if we dealt that pick. Much less chance of that happening now.
  15. Yet the chance to trade down from Tua (or take him if he's that good) for a huge package of picks is likely gone. And that could have fixed this roster, along with the new GM you and I are both dreaming of.