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  1. Not really. We’re in the bottom 1% of sports owners, it is very very unlikely it could get worse than Snyder and he’s actively ruined this team for decades, never mind the way his organizational failures have undermined things passively. This is like, stay-in-a-bad-relationship-because-I-might-die-alone logic, but worse. I’ll acknowledge that, yes, it’s possible it gets worse. It’s extremely unlikely, and anyone unwilling to take that risk JUST because year one of Rivera went relatively smoothly is kidding themselves (lol this comment should be enough to show you how bat**** that l
  2. We have one of the absolute worst owners in all of sports, worldwide. Period. He’s been a plague on this franchise for more than two decades and is still young enough to ruin things for the fandom until most of us die or quit watching. And even then the team will still be in his family. I’ll take my chances with a new owner and I’m willing to sacrifice absolutely anyone in the building or on the roster to do it, long term. Rivera and Wright seem great. Hopefully the GM that’s hired is as well. But they’re a blip in a potential 40 more years of ownership, potentially. I’d give them all up to wa
  3. Im not as knowledgeable about the 80’s teams given my age, but didn’t Gibbs design the offense and call the plays himself the first time around? Some consideration has to be given to Kyle Shanahan for the way his innovations with RG3 changed the way mobile QBs are seen and utilized across the league, and he continues to do things that reverberate through the league every season. His coaching tree is also looking pretty damn good right now, so I think in ten years this will be an easy answer even if he didn’t fully blossom “here” while calling plays as the OC.
  4. I hope this is the outcome, with Smith still in the building. Remains to be seen whether Cowden accepts the interview request, I’d assume he does. And if so I guess we hope that he ****ing crushes it compared to the other two total squibs we’re linked to.
  5. The confirmed interviews with bums like Mayhew and Hurney worry me a GREAT deal (even if it is rumored that Hurney could come aboard in an advisory non-GM role). These retreads are not serious candidates that are being interviewed around the league right now despite like 7 GM openings. Seems like Cowden would be a hot up-and-coming name to add to our brain trust of Rivera and Smith (I am not one who thinks we lose Smith right now if we hire an outside GM—he is getting no interview requests around the league), but that doesn’t matter if we end up hiring one of these terrible retreads.
  6. Nobody in the entire league is interviewing bums like Hurney, McKenzie, or Mayhew for their numerous open GM positions, as teams jockey for talent and vision at that spot. If we bring ANY of those guys in I will begin to lose some faith in Rivera for the first time. Lets hope that’s just JLC throwing familiar names against the wall hoping they stick. I know nothing about Cowden but hope he doesn’t fall into this category too. Maybe he’s like Schoen. That’s the guy I have my eyes on. But hopefully Cowden is seen as a stud candidate as the #2 to Jon Robinson. I just suspici
  7. There are tweets from when he was injured acknowledging the injury happened (DURING the game) lol, it’s not a real account. Unless we think he was tweeting from the locker took between series while getting his shoulder wrapped Edit: I see you just addressed this, nvm lol
  8. That is not his account. There are tweets from during the game lol
  9. The inspiration for the thread title btw for those confused:
  10. He obviously weighs more than 170 and was being facetious, but he could definitely be closer to 6’0 than 6’1”.
  11. Is it true that Heinicke is a restricted FA? That would make him much easier to hold onto but I don’t see how that could be the case for a 27 year old we just signed to a 1-year deal.
  12. Yeah I typed this earlier but never posted bc I didn’t want to impact the mood around here, and bc people get sensitive about this stuff. But here goes, since you brought it up: He also needs to focus on getting his social media game right if he wants to compete to start here. He is apparently very similar to JDR in that regard and needs to become aware, quickly, that he’s about to have the eyes of the national media on him for a while regardless of where he plays. He played himself into the conversation and into the spotlight. Now he needs to be smart if he wants an opportunity to
  13. overdramatic? It doesn’t say “Heinicke is the new franchise QB” lol, it simply says he had a breakout performance. How is that not true?? He was a backup XFL player who nobody on the national stage knew, who then put up 350 total yards and 2 total TD’s (despite at least 4 drops) in front of the whole country in prime time against the GOAT. Totally separate from whether he’s any good or not, that is the definition of a “breakout performance” lol.
  14. Mina Kimes already dubbed it the Heinecke Hive. So it is written, so it shall be. @LetThePointsSoarOfficial thread title change request to “The Heinecke Hive” please! Think of it as protecting history—IF he turns out to be the goods we’re gonna want his thread to include the early stuff here from his first snaps and then playoff game, rather than having a new thread.
  15. This game is gonna help us hugely with Free Agency no matter what we do at QB, we looked like a young fun team that plays their asses off and backed up their division title-winning status
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