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  1. Not really, that’s a hit rate in the 2nd (and 4th) way worse than you’d expect across a random sample of teams. This board would have easily done a better job those years and ALMOST all of those picks were obvious reaches and/or head scratchers at the time minus Guice and Love—not surprising as both fell due to off-field/injury concerns and fans love the draft day value of ignoring those in favor of a “total steal” (which to be fair can happen). It’s not surprising we liked those picks without all the information at our fingertips. But even still, a consensus poll from the guys in this thread
  2. I’ve read a lot about this, and it’s basically a myth. It isn’t really a concern, it’s actually the opposite—there’s nothing in the data that suggests a large college workload is a negative attribute, entering the league, unless it resulted in serious chronic injury. Some like to talk about guys having “low miles” on their tires with plenty of tread left (it was a big topic of discussion with Gibson last year)—but in fact, guys who end up with good draft pedigree who carried a large load in college are more likely to be able to handle a large workload in the NFL as well—it is a positi
  3. He never fully regained his explosiveness, and was never quite healthy enough to compete and show he had other qualities worth rostering. Tough breaks for him, but hey he made most of a mid-round rookie contract despite being too injured to ever really play, so it could have been worse for him. Best case scenario if he could do it all over again, I’d assume he comes out a year earlier after his monster junior season and before he had that tragic injury. And it’s why highly-regarded RB’s (graded 3rd round or higher) should always come out early when they have put up enough good tape and elite p
  4. Thats fair, I know a lot of people will feel that way. I’m fine with that, I think enough digital internet ink has been spilled in the war on RB draft capital and even Najee in particular already lol
  5. Taking Najee Harris at 19 would be bizarre and frankly indefensible. He’s a good player. He’s not Henry or even close, he doesn’t have that game-breaking breakaway speed once he gets into the secondary at all. Henry is a unicorn. Najee is also clearly not a 4.45 player, either. (That wouldn’t kill him for me, but I’d never touch him in the 1st).
  6. Putting a snake like Allen, who now has a grudge—and who knows where the bodies are buried—on the stand under oath seems like a spectacular opportunity to watch karma blow up in Snyder’s face and get some crazy **** on the public record. Please let it happen.
  7. That makes no sense. Edit: nevermind, just caught up on the last page of posts. It still makes no sense, but it’s been gone over so I’ll drop it.
  8. No, and it didn’t even occur to me that someone might read it that way. I’m saying you have to when you’re poor—you have little choice—and don’t have to when you’re not poor. It’s a commentary on the systemic issues at play here, not individual mindsets. I’d have thought that would be obvious, in context, but I clearly could have worded it better.
  9. This is an insanely out of touch post. The bagboy, if he’s supporting himself the way a pro athlete clearly is, is probably working 40 hours and still on food stamps in many states. That’s why he’s working during a global pandemic lol. The NFLPA has a duty to represent their members’ interests, and players hate “voluntary” workouts to begin with. Seeing as they’re all pretty much pissed that their union rolled over for 17 games, I’m not surprised they’re taking and using their leverage where they can. Especially since the season seemed fine last year with little offseason work.
  10. Read some things the other day showing that the factor most big draft day trades have in common is a relationship between the teams, a line of communication that leads to trust, compromise, and deals getting done. If there’s even a sniff of a chance we love one of the QBs who starts to fall (if it happens at all), CAR at 8 is obviously the spot to watch.
  11. Hoener is already a greybeard and has been coaching for 21 years—somehow I think he missed his chance to be a young ascending offensive mind lol. Which is actually better sometimes, because those guys get promoted and plucked. You want some young geniuses, but you need the stable vets who aren’t going anywhere, too. He can just focus on developing players in his position group, you need those guys who are lifers, to have a good roster.
  12. I was, but Thomas was a couple years into his transition to TE at that point, and I’d seen his athleticism enough to be confident it translated. That’s the info we’re waiting for with Reyes, but I appreciate your info on Burleson and co. as I don’t follow much of that stuff
  13. Is this something Burleson is known for, or are you just saying this because he played WR in the league? And to be fair, even if it is, no one has seen Reyes play football so it wouldn’t really apply here. I’m into his upside as much as anybody and love that we’re the type of organization now that signs this type of lotto ticket player—but until we see if his measurables translate to functional on-field athleticism, any comparisons to the few basketball players who made it as TEs in the league are wishcasting at best (obviously). He looked kinda stiff to me, and sometimes t
  14. If a QB we love is there and that offer was on the table? Of course we would, and should. Lol what? If this was on the table it would be the easiest trade into the top-5 to accept of all time. Ever. A semi-proven (and explosive, sure) RB and the #19 pick? For #4? Any team in the league would pull the trigger on that trade and laugh all the way to the bank. You doubt it??
  15. Interesting. Probably nothing, but if there’s anyone who could cut through the firewall that’s seemingly been built around our FO’s decision-making since we cleaned house, I would believe that it could be Allbright. His info is usually good and even the rumors he floats have a decent history of turning out to be prescient, he doesn’t really BS. But this could also just be a guess on his part based on the rest of our roster being “QB ready” and Fitzpatrick having a history of being the perfect bridge QB. Interesting either way.
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