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  1. That would be much appreciated, some targeted quotes would be nice, if you have time. But I agree that while people know it was bad, it’s sort of tough to really grasp HOW epically bad it was especially bc it was soon eclipsed in our minds by the also-bad-but-medically-impressive Alex Smith feel good story.
  2. For real, the league, just like this country, is full of all types. Every roster. So what are we doing wrong compared to all these other teams?? We have a well-respected HC who is not just advocating for it, but also publicly worried for his own health (and maybe that will be the breaking point for some guys on the fence—we can hope). We brought in experts to talk to the team. The locker room is seemingly good all around unlike some past years. So where are we failing these guys?? What are the odds that we just have a concentration of these dudes on our team but no one else does? N
  3. I think even if you guys are correct that they have a name and will announce it soon, it won’t actually take effect this season. There’s no where near enough time for that kind of rollout, they’d probably just announce it to beat potential leaks, knowing it’s for next offseason. It’s too bad though bc Fitzpatrick and his whole persona, matched with this defense and NFL Good Guy Ron, are gonna garner a lot of goodwill this season. We’re a popular “sleeper” pick (for some not even as a sleeper), we’ll be fun and scrappy every week—and might even be exciting if Fitzpatrick slings it the
  4. Who cares. The previous name is just about the lamest name you could imagine in a vacuum. It didn’t exist in a vacuum for people though, it was linked to a ton of good memories and lots of winning. That’s where it gained its value and staying power, it wasn’t intrinsic. The same will happen with the new name, no matter what it is, if we get good. And if we don’t ever get good again, then who the **** cares what the name is, the fanbase was on life support with the previous name and it’ll happen again, regardless of their name choice, if we sink to the cellar for a length of time agai
  5. Yeah he’s Director of Alumni Relations in the FO.
  6. Hightower also works for the team now, in case you hadn’t seen. Seems like a good dude.
  7. Weren't those first 4-5 games the Haskins games mostly? Not really fair to judge based on that ****show, but he did improve throughout the season which is what you want to see from a guy still making the transition to starting TE after he finally got a lot of snaps for a team that believed in him. People still really don’t fully grasp just how ass Haskins was those weeks imo, even if they think they do. He was unbelievably bad, like not remotely NFL level bad.
  8. I’d guess, due to how much they want to feature him and how much he’s being paid, that they’re just being super cautious with Samuel
  9. Really? You can’t? Their coach’s immune system is compromised, seems pretty important. Rivera ends up on a ventilator just as he’s turning this culture around and a lot of people who only want to focus on on-field football stories are going to feel ****ing stupid. I also have to point out that you purposely and knowingly came into the WFT players vaccination thread to talk about how uninterested you are in the topic no one made you read. lol
  10. RB is the position I'm least concerned with going into next offseason, if it’s still a hole. A 4-7 draft pick and a UDFA can yield results there if necessary.
  11. Also the guy who was willing to give up a job and opportunity that others would literally kill for due to the strength of his own ignorance…in a league where players scrape and claw for one week on a practice squad, just to hang onto their dream a little longer. Not really a great look.
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