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  1. ConnSKINS26

    Redskins receiving corp is beginning to shape up

    @RandyHolt You've been saying Mike Quick for months I think, just had to finally correct you lol. It's Brian Quick.
  2. ConnSKINS26

    Running back depth chart

    There's just no point in wasting a roster spot on a schlub like Perine, the way he's looked. There are tons of RB's you can get off the couch if the worst happens, always. Ajayi can be had for vet min right now and run into the ground until his knee falls apart again. That's just off the top of my head and disregarding all the cuts that will happen around the league at RB. Guys like Spencer Ware, Alex Collins, Mike Davis, etc. all were productive with their touches in recent history and were had off the scrap heap when their original teams cut them. That's just a tiny sampling that I thought of off the top of my head.
  3. It hurts me to imagine a football computer brain like Haskins with a coach like McVay in an alternate universe. Goff is a good enough talent, but not any sort of tape watching savant with a legendary work ethic or anything. He's good enough for McVay to direct like a puppet from the sidelines, but a marriage of McVay's brain with one like Haskins would imo be fun to watch.
  4. It worries me that the "feel good" outcome of this is that we get a 2020 1st rounder. I just have a hard time believing it happens.
  5. That's not how any of that works
  6. IF Dwayne Haskins is the real deal, the clock has already begun on our optimal Superbowl window with him in today's NFL. We have 5 seasons before he will require an enormous, franchise altering and roster-effecting contract. Maybe less. Two of those seasons will already be "wasted", cap-wise, by the Alex Smith contract albatross. Does that mean we can't win once he's been paid? Of course not. But stacking the roster around a rookie contract QB is a proven, efficient, and effective strategy. Every snap we are not trying to win a SB with a roster built around Haskins, is a wasted snap--big picture. Opinions vary on whether the best and fastest way to start winning games with Haskins is to throw him in early, or let him sit. I think both arguments have great merit. But there's no denying that the clock is ticking. In an ideal world, 2021-2024 will be our optimal window to win that 4th Lombardi trophy--Smith off the books, Haskins developed and still on his rookie contract, etc. We need the right FO and coaching staff in place by then, so let's hope things go well on that front ASAP--Kyle Smith needs a promotion, and Gruden needs to find his groove or be replaced by an offensive guru with a Haskins mancrush sooner than later--you need an offensive mind to tie to Haskins that can't be hired away, so it has to be the HC. Nearly any competent DC would be an upgrade with the talent we'd hand them on D. This is ALL assuming Haskins is the real deal...but there's no fun in speculating otherwise, at least until he gives me reason to. But it's the first time that I've been able to realistically chart a potential path back to the SB since at least 2012...and that's something.
  7. Jay is so close to a breakthrough but will never get there. He recognizes that his QB is put in a tough spot with 2nd- and 3rd-and-long situations. Doesn't see the correlation with his awful habit to run up the gut for 2-3 yards or less on 75% of first downs.
  8. ConnSKINS26


    ...neither played tonight. That would be why they aren't on the stat sheet.
  9. It was from earlier, I think, someone posted it up the page and I had just seen it:
  10. lol at the OC undercutting the team's leverage by openly begging for Trent to come back on the radio. Good look.
  11. ConnSKINS26


    Don't care about W/L in preseason. More about looking sloppy and not executing...every season. It's a trend.
  12. ConnSKINS26


    Feels like the same old world to me.
  13. ConnSKINS26


    The starting D looked pretty good despite the BS penalties because they have the talent and personalities to demand accountability regardless of the coaches. They are doing it themselves essentially imo. They're the big kids in the class. I don't think the offense has that and the team as a whole under Gruden has never had it.
  14. ConnSKINS26


    Jay is on the verge of a huge breakthrough in self-awareness, very exciting:
  15. ConnSKINS26


    Who is that number 81 who aggressively came back to the ball for his QB...our WRs need that mentality