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  1. I can't speak for anyone else and I know I'm in the minority but I love all-white uniforms (with the right helmets). The saints for instance, especially their slick alternate...such a good look. The real issue with all-white imo is that the NFL doesn't allow an alternate helmet to go with looks like that. Gotta have the same helmet all the time no matter what for marketing reasons, pretty much.
  2. ConnSKINS26

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Good. I like rooting for smart players. This is the smart move, his stock can't go higher. Anyone mad about this because they see the combine as a place to "compete", sucks.
  3. ConnSKINS26

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Wasn't Mahomes like 9.25"? It only really matters around that range if you notice problems on tape imo.
  4. Update: Keim says this was a miscommunication and he DOES think we use the tag on Scherff.
  5. ConnSKINS26

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    That's Delanie Walker style thickness at that height...doubt he runs as fast, though Walker ran at his pro day I believe and was a much later developmental pick back when the league was different. He set records in JUCO and then college as a receiver, had such athleticism that he also returned kicks (3 for TDs!)...he'd likely be a much higher pick today.
  6. ConnSKINS26

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    I tracks that the guy who started a thread about all he learned simming a Madden franchise mode...where he detailed trading vets and picks until he had basically double digit 1st and 2nd round picks to tracks that that person would argue for trading down and filling out the roster with more picks. Mock it all you want but our guy Renegade7 is consistent.
  7. lol. Like 50% of our salary cap would be tied up in the secondary. Hilarious but terrible use of resources. I'm sure it would be fun given our front 7 talent mostly being on rookie deals, but it's Madden video game thinking. We aren't signing the top FS and arguably 2 of the top 3 CB's all to huge deals, on top of Collins and his contract lol.
  8. I agree. We need TE help, yes. We need blue chip gamebreakers more, and Hooper feels low upside for how much he'll cost. Olsen as a bridge along with a mid rounder is way more appealing. Still pissed we didn't take Moreau in the 4th last year.
  9. This is a weird comment all the way around. Bruce would almost never have signed a tier 1 guy like Cooper early in FA for big money. He preferred multiple mid tier guys at above-mid tier prices. Norman and Desean only ended up here bc of the weird timing of their releases. Collins is the singular exception to this and apparently that was a Snyder special. And Cooper has had injury issues but I'd never question his heart.
  10. The most impressive part of this is that you convinced your wife that this was a valuable use of your time, and possibly even capable of imparting some business savvy. Well done.
  11. Njoku being a former 1st rounder means he has a 5th year option on his contract as well. He's an appealing addition for anything 4th round or later. Going into his 4th season, but only turning 24 in July. He still has untapped upside for little risk at a valuable and needed position...definitely worth exploring if we have some insight into his character. He's not perfect obviously, and it might not work out. Can't put all your eggs in that basket. But damn if he even hit 70% of his ceiling here...
  12. Dying at this, hilarious
  13. You love the concept of biting off your nose to spite your face I guess. Very Bruce of you
  14. So our top outside DB who has been good and was on top of everyone's "must re-sign" list is now cuttable because he is making a business play to get a contract before he tears something? lol Fans can be so emotional. If Ron can get something decent for him and he isn't a fit, fine. I trust it. This could have been Gettleman or Hurney but the Panthers under Rivera always prioritised Front 7 over DBs anyways. Always. Gettleman continued to do it with the Giants too, shipping out or letting go of Collins and Janoris Jenkins etc. To act like the guy is a traitor now in negotiation season is silly.
  15. Wtf. Hopefully this is just his and his agents' way of leveraging for a new deal before we spend big $$ on a Bradberry type. They saw what happened with Breeland and Norman. Can't be a coincidence this came out the SAME day Rivera made it known he'd begin roster evaluations in earnest. I just don't understand how hard it is to make 53+ phone calls when you get a new job as a HC. How hard is that? Just reach out and try to touch base with each player. Then do your Feb 10th assessment thing. I feel the same way about the lack of contact with Trent Williams so far. That should be a top-5 phone call once the job is official.