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US Soccer thread.

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US girls getting handled by France this first half. France dominating the midfield, and wingers on both sides running around US fullbacks. US lucky they've kept sheet clean so far.

IMO, US and Ellis may regret not adding some more young fresh legs to this squad...the French making them look slow.

Girls looking better this half, and that was a nice goal, but due more to French defensive failure. US are well coached, and this group may be their best ever, but it would be nice to see some more young talent coming up.

Pugh is ultra talented, but there are many more like her waiting in the wings

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Yeah Solo has been ridiculous or this is a 3-1 lead for France.


The crowd is hilarious.  ****ing Brasilian pinkos...

Ref needs to book more players... I mean, 16 fouls for France and 1 or 2 bookings is a bit ridiculous.

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I was happy to see US soccer take a stand, and suspend Solo. What she said before the games, and after the Sweden loss were unacceptable on that stage, and, heck, at any time.

Don't know how much, if any, her lawsuit against US soccer had to do with it, but she has proven time and again to be a complete knucklehead, and the interview with Rapinoe sure made it seem as though Hope is far from one of the more liked teammates.

The suspension won't cause much stir, because there's only 2 friendlies scheduled the next 6 months, but the termination of her contract is a telling step. Maybe everyone involved has just had enough of her antics, and at her age, it may be time to cede the job to the next generation. Though, I'm sure Solo will be vocal about it, as she was when she was the up and comer, and ****ed about not getting the nod ahead of the veteran Scurry.

Bye Hope. You've been one of the best, if a bit overrated in my eyes, as your central defense of Rampone, then Sauerbrun, have been the world's best for over a decade and a half. 

You, and your goofball ways will not be missed, at least by me.

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US plays St Vincent and Grenadines at 330 today.

beIN sports network

If they win and TnT beats Guatemala tonight, the US will move on to the Hex.  If they win and TnT ties, they still probably are safe with a huge GD over Guat.

However, if Guat wins, that will make Tuesday a sweatfest.

US starting 11-

  1. -------------Guzan----------------


    For those of you wondering, YES, Wondo did get the call up.  
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Altidore stumbling around the ball, then it falls to Wood and he just slots it into the corner.

ANNND Acosta decides to take a wild shot from outside the top of the box rather then a simple pass to release Zusi clear on the outside.

The lack of energy playing these minnows is annoying. I know they are bad, but that should make you hungry for more and more goals. Not okay with jogging around and winning by a goal or two. You should want 10.

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