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  1. But was still best player on the pitch. 5 big chances created in one game. which if you look up how that compares to players over an entire tournament becomes an insane number.
  2. Offside is vital. Without it we are talking about a completely different sport. I can’t really even comprehend the argument against it. Let’s get rid of def pass interference...let’s get rid of illegal motion so receivers can be running full sprint downhill on snap...let’s remove holdings. Makes absolute no sense. VAR is another story... pogba was good today. So was Kante. the debate rages on
  3. Pogba will go down as a talented player who didn’t fulfill his potential. Kante will go down as a legend. And yes, I watch pogba on a weekly basis.
  4. Kante is not a DM. Maybe for France he plays that role I don’t know I’ll be watching to see in the euros, but ever since sarri came to chels Kante plays as an 8. And an exceptional one at that. it’s a really tough for me to call him an out and out 8. He has. Very specific role which is roam the pitch and win the ball. You will see him making a goal saving tackle in the defensive third just as often as a transition tackle in the final third that leads to a goal. And if you want to compare pogba and Kante as players I agree you can’t. One player is far above the other
  5. Absolute class footballer. Can’t say enough about how amazing he is. Will be pulling for France in the euros, if they win he will be highly considered for ballon dor
  6. Dude is garbage. And his potential is: worse garbage.
  7. Love the backstory, high school ftw. Disagree on terry and holt tho, but that’s life. We both love the mclaurin kid l, that’s what matters
  8. Did you ever play in college or have an nfl career? We share the same opinion often (especially on chase young, not trying to derail) and I’m curious.
  9. I’ll say it again. Terry is special, reminds me of diggs. Great player. Edit: diggs with a bit more speed
  10. Would love to see his production chart. Willing to bet it doesn’t match his pff “grades” that basically mean nothing. has been jag so far
  11. He “got a sack.” the guy isn’t impacting the pass game like he should. Unfortunate.
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