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  1. Dude is garbage. And his potential is: worse garbage.
  2. Love the backstory, high school ftw. Disagree on terry and holt tho, but that’s life. We both love the mclaurin kid l, that’s what matters
  3. Did you ever play in college or have an nfl career? We share the same opinion often (especially on chase young, not trying to derail) and I’m curious.
  4. I’ll say it again. Terry is special, reminds me of diggs. Great player. Edit: diggs with a bit more speed
  5. Would love to see his production chart. Willing to bet it doesn’t match his pff “grades” that basically mean nothing. has been jag so far
  6. He “got a sack.” the guy isn’t impacting the pass game like he should. Unfortunate.
  7. i actually thought he had his best play of the year this game. His two best rush plays were back to back...it was the pressure for the pick by fuller and the play before that (which is probably his single best pass rush of the season). I’m sure chase young grades out fine because he “does his job” but that’s not what a number 2 pick is drafted for. I’ll wait some more, and for now he’s OK, but young is not producing at the level of his “hype.”
  8. No his value is too high to the franchise to offload, all considered. Terry reminds me a lot of diggs
  9. Haskins is and always has been a project. Unfortunately for him, that project is how to best take a selfie on the sideline. Dude is not a good quarterback, will never be a good quarterback, and hopefully we can get some sort of compensation for him. Essentially three head coaches (and their staff) have all bailed on #projecthaskins. anyone that keeps beating the Haskins drum simply doesn’t understand football. Happy to talk actual X and O with anyone who is so inclined. At your own risk
  10. I posted without reading other replies. You are 100%. Young has been disappointing his only true sack actually came off an rb chip that put him on a great path to the qb. As far as pass rush, he’s actually been average/poor. His motor surprises me and is a huge positive in my mind. But we didn’t draft him to be mr. hustle, which is EXACTLY what he is today. I was a huge advocate for tua, but that’s a discussion for another time
  11. Chase young has been borderline bad. ready for a debate
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