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  1. Not in my estimation. I'm happy to be wrong and eat crow if he turns good. So far what I see is someone stiff in their hips, slow out the gate, and easy to block. He was drafted primarily for his 40 time/splits and it's not translating to the field. His college tape isn't even very impressive.
  2. SkinssRvA

    ES Soccer Thread

    Problem is if a head injury occurs early in the match you basically have to trot a replacement out there with no warm up. Which puts that player of muscle injury. And if you do give them a bit of a warmup by the time the warmup has concluded surely the concussion evaluation will be over. BTW, Chelsea are European champions I don't care what anyone says!
  3. SkinssRvA

    ES Soccer Thread

  4. SkinssRvA

    ES Soccer Thread

    He's a spuds fan though so his opinion is irrelevant.
  5. SkinssRvA

    Who On The Redskins Team/Organization Worth Keeping? {Multi-Level Thread }

    Everyone is expendable. We have to spend some time really sucking (not being mediocre) and collecting picks to be a relevant team ever again.
  6. I repeat this in my own head often. And probably a few times here as well. We are a bad team. We have been a bad team all year that squeaked out wins. If we ever want to truly rebuild we have to allow ourselves to fail for a couple years. We will never get anywhere drafting between picks 12 and 23 continually and trading away our other picks for vets and picking up overpaid scrubs in FA. This isn't the model anymore and we need to just blow it up. Personally, I'm ready to lose out and have a terrible year next year with McCoy as my starting QB. I've been through enough Skins trauma, I can take it.
  7. this is who we have been all year. A very bad team.
  8. SkinssRvA

    ES Soccer Thread

    I don’t expect loads of thanks from Liverpool fans but I turned the game on 2 minutes before the Kante goal....nbd. Everyone was talking about how city was playing us off the park to start but as soon as I turned on that tv it was Chelsea advantage. I dont want want to take credit for it but...maybe I do?
  9. We are a bad football team. It’s unfortunate that our draft pick in the upcoming draft will not reflect the actual talent level of this team. We will spend another 5-10 years in mediocrity without progress because our front office refuses to start over.
  10. SkinssRvA

    ES Soccer Thread

    Modric has gone from one of the most underrated players in the world now to the most overrated.
  11. Smith is a bum. Always has been, always will be. Why our FO decided he is anything other than that is anyone’s guess
  12. SkinssRvA

    The Offensive Line Thread

    A combination of inexperienced/poor oline play and a lack of offensive skill players...what could go wrong?
  13. SkinssRvA

    When Can We Get Out of the Alex Smith Contract???

    He isn't the answer for this team. He hasn't been the answer for any team he has ever been on. If your goal is to stay mediocre and get a draft pick between 14 and 24, he's your guy. He is so painfully average that it gets hard to watch. He hasn't be "poor" this year but he hasn't been "good." He's just the most average QB in the NFL that needs extremely good circumstances to be productive. Didn't he go an entire year without throwing a TD pass to a WR? I wish we would have kept our pick/player, let kirk walk, and rolled with Colt McCoy this year. We are not in a place where we can give up draft picks for players. We simply aren't there talent-wise. And if we ARE giving up draft picks for players, it needs to be game changers at that position. Alex Smith is not that.
  14. I don’t give a damn about these penalties. Sure they’re bad, but this football team and coaching staff are the real problem.