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Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

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That one made me feel sick to my stomach watching the video.  Be sure your sound is turned on so you can hear the officer say "I have a male in the car refusing to get out" immediately after shooting him as he tried to climb out of the car.  The man survived though he may be paralyzed forever. 





Absolutely. The cop accidentally thought his life was in danger. :angry:  In my mind, the only accident was that the cop didn't kill him.


So on to a victim America might actually care about...


Police Chief Andrew Spencer resigned this week after it was revealed that he shot and killed an innocent dog that was in a cage and meant no one any harm. To make matters even worse, he took the puppy to a firing range and killed it there because he did not want to deal with finding its home.
Spencer found the dog and managed to get it into a cage using a catcher pole. He then wrote in his report that he had planned to take the dog to a shelter where it would be “destroyed,” but then he got another call about a car accident so he decided to do it himself.
The report said that he had planned to go to “the cheapest vet to destroy the dog at the cost of the city.” However, the report continued “Due to the higher priority call and the imminent destruction of the dog, I decided it was best to destroy the dog and respond to the accident.”...
...Womack wrote on her Facebook page how she attempted to contact the police and was lied to on several occasions about the incident. Eventually, she was told by the police Chief that he shot and killed her dog, and that they would be free to identify him if they wanted to go dig him up.



In fairness to Officer Friendly, the puppy had a rap sheet a mile long, had Facebook profile pics flashing gang signs and had weed in his system at the time he was executed... 'er shot in self defense.


Then, there's this gem. Nope, racism doesn't exist any more. Officer Friendly is totally colorblind...and not on a power trip making a veiled threat and attempting to escalate a situation at all.


A white Cobb County police officer who County Commissioner Lisa Cupid accused of profiling her during the early morning hours July 14 was involved last month in a traffic stop of an African-American, during which he told the driver: “I don’t care about your people.”...
...A police spokesman declined to comment, saying the incident is under investigation and it could take weeks to complete.
But Baker received a Nov. 24 letter from Capt. J.D. Ad****, which says Lawson violated the department’s code of conduct and calls the violation “very serious.”...
...The stop happened about 2 a.m. Nov. 16 on Mableton Parkway and the entire incident was captured on Lawson’s dash board camera, although some of the exchange is inaudible on the video, which can be seen on myAJC.com.
After Lawson gave Baker two tickets — for speeding and failure to maintain lane — Baker asked if he could leave. Lawson appears to mock him by repeating the question over and over. Lawson then says: “Leave. Go away. Go to Fulton County. I don’t care about your people, man, go.”
Baker then questioned the officer about what that comment meant.
“I said Fulton County,” Lawson replies. After that, the men talk over one another until Lawson says: “Do you want to step out and talk to me?”
“Why do you need me to step out of the car?” Baker asks.
“Go back to Fulton County, sir.”
Baker then drove off, and Lawson said to two other officers at the scene: “I lose my cool, man, every time. Why do I got to deal with (stuff) like that. This is the (expletive) America we live in, ain’t it?”


Yeah, this is the America we live in. Where a Black man (AKA thug) has the nerve to ask a cop if he can leave and then *GASP* :o actually questions being mocked and then *GASP*  :o  :o questions a subsequent racially insensitive (though coded) statement. I'm sorry but Cobb County's finest shouldn't have to put up with this kind of crap. He would have been well within his rights to feel threatened and shoot this scofflaw. Of note, the other "good" cops present said nothing about this incident.


He may not care about "your people" but I hope he cares about all the spit and other crap he's getting in his food whenever he eats out someplace.



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"Destroy" the dog? What a sick ****.


I agree he's a sick **** for putting a caged animal out and shooting at it, but isn't "destroy" is the common/preferred terminology for putting down animals? It's used all the time in reports, animal shelter descriptions, and animal control descriptions.

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That man cried like the **** he is when they read them verdicts. He really expected to get away with that madness

In many instances, he probably would have. Sadly, the whole targeting women in low income, drug ridden, homeless abundant housing areas isn't a bad strategy. My guess is his unchecked ego is what did him in, getting sloppy, staying in the same area, and not covering his tracks

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I agree he's a sick **** for putting a caged animal out and shooting at it, but isn't "destroy" is the common/preferred terminology for putting down animals? It's used all the time in reports, animal shelter descriptions, and animal control descriptions.

After a little googling, I see this term isn't uncommon, but I always thought they said "euthanize."

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Jeez. This story just gets worse and worse. And people wonder why trust in LEOs is at an all-time low.

My wife thinks I'm crazy for thinking he walks. I think she's crazy for trusting the system. Then again, she's a Dudly Do Right type "They're not supposed to..." and I'm known for coloring outside the lines. I think the only think decreasing the chances he walks is the political pressure and the Federal probe. Other than that, there would be almost no chance he's convicted. The kid had a knife, no matter how small and how unrealistic any threat he posed was and the jury would most likely be handpicked and mostly, if not all White.


It's kind of hard to take the rioting in Chicago serious when there's like 5 murders per day there that no one seems to care about.

It's kind of hard to take terrorist attacks like San Bernadino seriously when American on American violence kills some 10,000 people a year. So we should ignore terrorist attacks until we get our own murder situation in order. See how silly that sounds?


You would think that all the complaints would be enough to cut him loose. He was clearly a liabilty and ticking timebomb. It was only a matter of time. The police union would've stepped in, I guess, if he kept beating the rap. But on any other job, if you were constantly getting complaints, you'd be looking for another gig, just for the headache factor.

I've said this before, but here's where the GOP is so full of total FAIL on this issue. They hate unions. Pretty much every reason they've cited for wanting to kill teacher's and other unions applies to police unions as well. So where's the GOP call for killing the police unions? Crickets.


That man cried like the **** he is when they read them verdicts. He really expected to get away with that madness

Of course he had every expectation he was going to walk. He was a cop, the jury was all White, the victims were all Black, mostly with criminal records and the defense did an excellent job of putting the victims on trial. When asked about not reporting it, one of the victims who Holtzclaw raped when she was 17, said "What’s the good of telling on the police. What kind of police do you call on the police?”


I think the victim's comment above and Holtzclaw's obvious shock at being convicted show that aside from the cops, the entire criminal so-called "justice" system in this country is a pathetic joke for most people. If you're a cop or connected to law enforcement, you've got a good shot at walking simply by virtue of being a cop, even in misconduct cases unrelated to being on duty. If you're a civilian and White OR have money OR are famous you've got a decent shot at getting a trial tilted, if only slightly in your favor with bonus points in your favor if the victim is Black. At worst, you get a merely fair trial because you can afford to pay for a good lawyer, get the benefit of the doubt from the jury, etc. If you're Black OR poor and have to rely on the public defender, you almost might as well be in a Soviet court where the outcome is predetermined. Hell, in many cases, they don't even bother with a trial at all...well, a speedy one anyway.

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Did not see this posted yet.  




Ex-Oklahoma City cop Daniel Holtzclaw found guilty of multiple on-duty rapes


Former Oklahoma City Police Officer Daniel Holtzclaw was convicted Thursday night of committing numerous rapes and sexual assaults while on duty and faces a possible life sentence in prison.

In a racially charged case that attracted national attention, Holtzclaw was accused of committing sex crimes against 13 different African American women while patrolling a low-income neighborhood.
The disgraced ex-officer sobbed in court Thursday — his 29th birthday — as Oklahoma County Judge Timothy Henderson read the verdicts.
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What's the point in pretending we have a right to a speedy and fair trial if we're holding people for multiple years without a trial?

That link Sisko posted is horrible. http://www.upworthy.com/in-america-a-16-year-old-spent-3-years-in-jail-without-a-trial-for-a-crime-he-didnt-commit


Every time I hear about this story I get pissed off. I don't know how people can think African Americans are just whining and not accepting responsibility for their actions when you read stories like this. And the fact there are 400 more people in Rikers who are still awaiting trial? So basically no one in NY state government gives a **** that the media has made this a national story and they aren't doing anything about it. 

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Man beaten by SAPD officers paralyzed after complications from surgery

SAN ANTONIO -- A man beaten by three San Antonio Police officers last year is paralyzed from the chest down after complications during surgery to repair his injured spine, his family confirmed to the KENS 5 I-Team...

...According to SAPD reports previously released to the I-Team, prior to the beating, the three officers were pursuing a suspect in the 10600 block of Westover Hills Boulevard. The suspect was wanted on drug and weapons charges.

Instead they found Carlos, who has no criminal record and was using his phone to take pictures of his wife's medical practice.

Carlos said during an interview last year he was struck about 50 times, even though he complied with the officers' instructions and did not fight back.

Besides the neck injuries, Carlos suffered a broken tooth, a large gash above his eye and swelling of his skull. A recent CT scan also revealed a previously undiscovered brain aneurysm, according to Ronnie Carlos.

Full article at:http://www.kens5.com/story/news/investigations/i-team/2015/11/20/man-beaten-sapd-officers-paralyzed-after-complications-surgery/76120736/

The good news is these guys were punished severely for brutally beating this poor guy - 15 day suspensions reduced to 5 days by their chief. So see, the system works!!

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And as for that five day suspension...

All three officers used accrued leave time instead of serving their suspensions.

Also I reject their excuse and the way this article was written. It makes sure that you know the guy they were really after was bad and implies that this beating would have been acceptable if they hadn't gotten the wrong man. A man is paralyzed because they were hoping to brutally beat someone else. That's makes it worse, not better.
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Ga. deputies fatally shoot CNN security guard as he tried to help deranged son


Douglas County sheriff’s deputies got the call around 8:20 p.m. Monday. The security guard for a mobile home park in Douglasville, Ga., said he had just been held at gunpoint for 45 minutes as he made his evening rounds.


That was around the same time that Bobby Daniels, 48, got the frantic calls from loved ones — his 25-year-old son Bias was having an emotional breakdown, he had a gun and had just been holding a hostage.


Bobby Daniels beat the deputies there, and according to family members talked his despondent son into putting the weapon down on the hood of a car. Moments later, the father of five was shot twice — not by his son, but by a Douglas County sheriff’s deputy.


Daniels’ death is one of more than 960 fatal police shootings by on-duty police officers in 2015, according to a Washington Post database, and the 246th black person to be fatally shot by the police this year.


And, as has often been the case in the aftermath of police shootings this year, police officials and the slain man’s family tell contradictory stories of how Bobby Daniels ended up shot and dying on the asphalt.


‘Bobby came for the purpose of calming his son down, he arrived before even the police,” said Chris Stewart, a civil rights attorney representing the Daniels family. “His son pointed the weapon at Bobby, and forced him to sit back into the car, and that’s when the police arrived with their weapons drawn.”


The family believes that Bias Daniels was going through a mental and emotional breakdown, which is a common precursor to police shootings this year. Roughly a quarter of all people shot and killed by the police this year have been in the midst of a mental health crisis, according to a Post analysis.

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No criminal charges for Tamir Rice shooting



A beautiful example of what I've been saying all along.  The problem is not crazy killer cops.  The problem is a system that simply can not or will not hold them accountable.  Whether it is the way the laws and rules are written or that the system acts to defend it's own afterwards, the fact remains that a child playing with a toy in a park was gunned down without even being given a chance to surrender.  Our system says this is not a crime.


Best justice system in the world.  Swell up with pride everyone. 


Who was fired?  What changes to the system have police enacted to ensure no more children playing in a park are killed again?  Wait I'm being ridiculous and asking the wrong questions, how much tax payer money is being paid out to settle this one?  We've perfected the art of paying off people we've hurt or their surviving family.  That's the American way of handling these things. 

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Well, I can see a problem with this without even delving into whether the shooting was justified or not...


the two cops lied about what happened and only admitted the truth when they learned they were being recorded the entire time. that alone should have warranted something. I would think at a minimum job termination, and definitely would think they'd get them for some sort of obstruction of justice/false police report.

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....think they'd get them for some sort of obstruction of justice/false police report.

Don't you see? Filing a false police report and obstructing justice is only illegal if you're not a cop. For cops involved in shooting civilians, it's standard operating procedure.

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As I was explaining on air:

Typically prosecutor argues to G. Jury for why to charge

This prosecutor says he argued for why not to charge.
2:38 PM


Cleveland PD Chief Williams now saying they will review officers' conduct in Rice shooting, w/criminal inquiry over
4:05 PM

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That's the new standard visionary.  They go to have grand jury to show the people that the system is fair and remind us that we should respect the system, all while plainly subverting it.  The system can't work if prosecutors turn into defense attorneys before a grand jury.  At least this guy was honest about what he did and didn't insult us with "we presented all the evidence to the jury" as if that's what a prosecutor would normally do.  

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Cop Who Killed 12-Year-Old Described As Emotionally Unstable, “Dismal” With A Firearm


Before joining the Cleveland police force, Timothy Loehmann was almost fired from his job as a patrolman in Independence, Ohio. His records cite “a lack of maturity, indiscretion and not following instructions.” Cleveland Police confirmed to BuzzFeed News that they did not review his personnel file from Independence, adding “there is no written policy mandating a review of an applicant’s previous employer personnel file.”



Michael Brown: No indictment
Eric Garner: No indictment
Freddie Gray: Hung jury
Sandra Bland: No indictment
Tamir Rice: No indictment

2:25 PM


On the other hand, there have been indictments in the deaths of Walter Scott, Samuel DuBose and Laquan McDonald
2:27 PM

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