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oe ****er -- the gravely-voiced singer known for his version of "With a Little Help From My Friends" -- died today after battling a lung cancer ... according to his agent.

****er was reportedly on his ranch in Colorado with his wife when he passed away. 




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Edit. ya know. Sometimes,that filter can really piss me off. 

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RIP Mr. ****er   :(




Singer Joe ****er, best known for his cover of the Beatles' With A Little Help From My Friends, has died aged 70.

The singer song-writer from Sheffield had a career lasting more than 40 years with hits including You Are So Beautiful and Up Where We Belong.

His agent Barrie Marshall confirmed that he had died of an undisclosed illness.

He said he was "simply unique" and "it will be impossible to fill the space he leaves in our hearts."

Known for his gritty voice, ****er began his singing career in the pubs and clubs of Sheffield in the 1960s before hitting the big time.

He was propelled to pop stardom when his version of The Beatles' With A Little Help from My Friends reached number one.

His duet with Jennifer Warnes, Up Where We Belong - from An Officer And A Gentleman - hit number one and went on to win both a Grammy and an Academy Award.

He was honoured with an OBE in 2007.

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why does the profanity filter edit his last name...? thats kinda stupid. i mean, i would understand if it edited it if somebody was just typing the C word alone...but its a part of somebodys last name!!! jeez.


It's what you call unnecessary censorship.  Sorta like this:


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