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  1. Well, if this doesn't convince you people that Ted really does take an interest in the reproductive biology of terrestrial female humans, then nothing he does will.
  2. Is none chance, my friend, that these are make in Russia. None chance in world.
  3. Monmouth has Trump's approve/disapprove at 41/59 right now. Those ^^This. Monmouth has Trump's approve/disapproval polls at 41/59. Those 41% are stuck with their fingers in their ears, but from now on, every Republican candidate will be forced to take a stand on the Alt-Right/Nazis/KKK, because Democrats will make the terms synonymous, as they should. Those who don't denounce the Alt-Right will have no chance to win the center. If Trump vs. Hillary 2.0 takes place tomorrow, Hillary wins in a walk.
  4. Martin Luther King didn't win by showing up at Klan rallies dishing out beat downs. He won by organizing peaceful demonstrations and letting the segregationists show themselves for the brutal thugs they were, thereby gaining the sympathy of the vast majority of fair-minded people. He won despite the calls of others in his ranks for less non-violent solutions to American segregation. No one else could have accomplished what he did as quickly, and he was the greatest American moral leader of the 20th century.
  5. This isn't the first time, though, that the bad guys have been able to manipulate the good (I'm thinking specifically of the KKK riot in DC in '82. Our side looked bad on that one). Seems to me the answer is to schedule your counter-demonstration on a separate day from the one the bad guys have picked.
  6. Is anybody really asking for that? Personally, I'd settle for not having my tax dollars subsidizing statues that glorify Confederates. I'd rather see statues of guys who fought for righteous causes. Like the guys who crushed Hitler, for instance.
  7. Maybe you wouldn't mind settling for a new law that'd allow your kid to begin working off the debt, starting at age 6, while living in a modern, comfortable training facility? All the privileges of knowing you're a parent, without any of the inconveniences of actually raising the child? Think it over.
  8. Well, if the ultimate goal is to further erode the public's faith in government as a prelude to dismantling it, then he's already been way more effective than he gets credit for.
  9. Nah, the response from Trump's supporters will go roughly like this: Half of us don't believe he said it, half of us don't believe he meant it, and the third half think Hillary is a Satan-worshiping lesbian.
  10. You'd tell the truth*, of course: the source is Steve Bannon. *OK, the "alternative truth". For this administration, that's close enough.
  11. You're in for an uphill climb. Texans seem to have decided that the life of the fetus is a higher priority than the lives of women. Texas has highest maternal mortality rate in developed world, study finds https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016/aug/20/texas-maternal-mortality-rate-health-clinics-funding
  12. Sharing? Isn't that a socialist practice impressed on our children in kindergarten, when they're most vulnerable? Another example of the liberal conspiracy of public education.
  13. So the real plan to solve our immigration problem involves making Mexico look like a relative utopia? Problem solved!
  14. OK. First, I've never seen an improvement from expensive cables, except over a long distance, where a cheap cable might get you no picture at all. Second, tweak the menus. I once was in a 'Big Electronics Store' where they had set up a cheap TV next to a high dollar TV, and the cheap one looked terrible in comparison. Know why? They had gone into the menus on the cheap TV and turned down the brightness, contrast, etc., in order to upsell the gullible. Once I adjusted the picture properly, you could hardly tell the difference. So experiment. I like the contrast at 100% and brightness
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