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  1. Ready for Halloween 2020!

  2. BTW Trump does not own a dog or an animal another breaking with tradition there of Presidents!
  3. October Autumn Falls!

  4. May not had always agree with her politics but she was an icon there. RIP!
  5. Ready for Autumn Winds!

  6. September to Remember!

  7. Chase is a beast there. Good luck to him. Wonder if Dwayne is the QB of the future there?!
  8. Back to School!

  9. Ready for August Awesome!

  10. Good luck to him. And welcome to the Washington NFL team my friend. You have a bright future.
  11. Just hope he can be the QB of the future. Will give him a free pass for growing pains in a rookie season.
  12. Ready for Virus to End!

  13. Viruses are going up there. And how really really some Governors in the hot spot zones have been regretting decision to open up the bars and restaurants!
  14. Happy July 4th!

  15. I don't like guns myself. They scare the crap out of me. As do not like toy guns. Know it is not the guns but it is the person who is mentally unstable or has a lot of hatred in the world that is the person.
  16. Happy Father's Day!

  17. Well I am 45-years old and a Generation Xer but have the heart and mind of a baby boomer.
  18. Ready for Summer and June!

  19. Sorry I only vote for a President not based on party but based on morals and values there! As really wished I could have a time machine and go back to the founding fathers or people that know how to be a President and act like one.
  20. Memorial Day 2020!

  21. Well it has been nearly fifty days as will quarantine myself for another month there. As despite easing restrictions.
  22. Ready for New Normal to Go Back to Old Normal!

  23. Month since I have been in quarantine. Not bad. Just need to exercise five times a week and I am good!
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