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  1. Well may not had voted for Biden nor Harris although I may not agree with their politics. Still hopefully four years will bring peace and mercy. Trump was neither.
  2. Ready for LV and February Fools

  3. 1993 The Blizzard as an 18-year old that was about to graduate HS!
  4. Ready for 2021 Are You?!

  5. That is too young to die. RIP as really 62 wow! Thoughts and prayers with his family!
  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2021!

  7. Really there is talk that Trump wil not attend Biden's inaguration. It would not be surprising. Knowing he is the Presidet of breaking all tradtions. Never attending the White House Correspondents Dinner nor the Kennedy Center Honors as examples.
  8. Ready for Christmas and 2021!

  9. Trump lost due to COVID, due to putting his foot in his mouth, and due over to being a tyrant at the White House there. Will leave it at that.
  10. Ready for Thanksgiving!

  11. Perdue let all of this catching up to his past with him. Looks like he is over!
  12. Ready for Halloween 2020!

  13. Ready for Halloween 2020!

  14. BTW Trump does not own a dog or an animal another breaking with tradition there of Presidents!
  15. October Autumn Falls!

  16. May not had always agree with her politics but she was an icon there. RIP!
  17. Ready for Autumn Winds!

  18. September to Remember!

  19. Chase is a beast there. Good luck to him. Wonder if Dwayne is the QB of the future there?!
  20. Ready for August Awesome!

  21. Good luck to him. And welcome to the Washington NFL team my friend. You have a bright future.
  22. Just hope he can be the QB of the future. Will give him a free pass for growing pains in a rookie season.
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