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  1. Yeah as really Democrats seem to have forgotten about the Clinton and Ken Starr. As if they think that they can get Trump, then look no further then Starr and Clinton. Clinton got impeached but later on was cleared and served out the remainder of his term.
  2. Ready for Christmas!

  3. Passepartout

    RIP George H.W. Bush

    Great leader and a classier person even. Now with Barbara and the young daughter they lost to leukemia. RIP!
  4. Christmas time is Coming!

  5. Passepartout

    General Mass Shooting Thread (originally Las Vegas Strip)

    Yeah just how many shootings will it take to really take action. As it is all talk. No action. How many other incidents will it be before action is taken to stop this?!
  6. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Passepartout

    General Mass Shooting Thread (originally Las Vegas Strip)

    Yeah as really it is about trying to not just realize it is not guns that are the problems. It is that of the people with mental illness or hatred of the world and taken it out of their hands or noticing red flags like mental illness or hatred. Preventing tragedy before it starts.
  8. Ready for November!

  9. Passepartout

    General Mass Shooting Thread (originally Las Vegas Strip)

    This is not about GOP, Democrat, or what have you. It is about right from wrong. People that do that to the innocent do not care if it is right from wrong.
  10. Passepartout

    General Mass Shooting Thread (originally Las Vegas Strip)

    Sadly it is the "new normal" but when will it end. And really taking guns off the hands of those with mental illness or criminal records easier said than done. And how politicians and leaders to not just talk the talk of in the gun control and preventing gun violence. But acting out on it. Actions!
  11. Happy Halloween!

  12. Yeah as the government is scared of these bullies!
  13. Halloween is Coming!

  14. Well the rest of us can do that. But when you are working in the nation's capital. It sadly seems the rules apply to everybody except them. So yes they use cursing.
  15. Ready for October Skies!