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Who is our best LB currently....


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No idea, but I'm glad that we have enough talent at the position that we can ask this question.


Rak/Kerrigan/Keenan are studs.


Also, what might be lost in their improved play so far this season, is the difference Hatcher has been making. Guy is a space eating monster, and really frees up our guys to go make plays.

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Best OLB - Kerrigan

Best ILB - Robinson

Best Pass Rusher - Kerrigan

Best Coverage Guy - Robinson

Most Athletic Freak - Robinson


I still have to say Kerrigan however Robinson is well on his way to become a stud in the NFL. Regardless we might have the most underrated line backing corps in the whole league.

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Keenan Robinson is an absolute stud! The play he made today on the blitz where Henne got a screen pass of to Gerhart with blockers in front and tons of room, only to have Keenan read it, shoot underneath, and tackle him for a 1-2 yard gain was brilliant! Ex linebacker here got a woody watching that!


Don't sleep on Riley though. He is solid in all aspects of the game, and is a sneaky good blitzer shooting inside gaps. 1 1/2 sacks for him today.


Overall, I'd be willing to argue that this group can stand its ground with any in the league.

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Fletcher is a future HOFer and all but DAMN it appears he was holding this defense back. How many times over the last few years have we seen a screen where our guys where a half step late allowing for a big gain or a runner at the safety level in the blink of an eye? Robinson gives us the speed and tackling we've sorely been missing. I thought Akeem Jordan showed some promise in the preseason so we'll be even deeper and faster when he returns.


For once our front 7 is looking better in real life then on paper.

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1st - Keenan


2nd - Kerrigan/Orakpo


3rd - Riley / Trent



Trent and Keenan had the only TFL's today.



What the heck happened to this squad today?


THey HAVE to come back HUGE and STRONG to give us any chance of beating the Gints.

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