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  1. Alex may start like he did against the Eagles with a drive for a score..... It is a morale/culture thing. Go with the horse that got you there, and the feel good story. The moment Alex gets hit and limps plug in the mobile sparkplug
  2. Start Alex, and if/when he proves to be ineffective due to immobility or jsut having a bad day, bring Heinicke in to try and recapture the spark he gave in the Panthers game.
  3. https://nypost.com/2020/07/15/a-washington-bombshell-is-coming-and-its-not-about-redskins/ Article in the NY Post regarding a pending revelation. Can you say dumpster fire?
  4. Only the skins would give up on their teenage 1st round QB pick after a half season, to draft an injured flash-in the pan, while overlooking the most dominant player to hit the draft in this generation. Only skins fans would compare Kerrigan to Young. I can't wait to see the dumpster fire that this draft will be. I rescind it all if this is a smokescreen in case the bengals draft Young #1 overall.
  5. You're kidding right? He has only improved year after year and has been a stalwart on D. He has shut down #1's and earned a payday, unlike his counter part that just got cut, who got a payday but never showed it with his play.
  6. Diff situation. Dunbar has done everything the org has asked him to do and has turned into a lights out top flight CB1 and is getting paid like a backup. If he has not been contacted by RR and the coaches it is only normal to wonder where you stand and if you are part of the team's plans going forward. Pay him. He has been developed locally and was probably the #1 player on D last year. He is just getting into his prime, and this is a core redskin if there ever has been one. RR will work it out, they were probably so focused on g
  7. Can we go ahead and use a chunk of that to extend Dunbar?
  8. I really think all this Trade down noise is Lions or Giants fans hoping that we pass on Young!!!! Simmons looks good, but good grief, to pass on Young would be one of the dumber moves the org would have ever made. Comparable to Trading away Bailey, or Signing Haynesworth. Dont be suckered in by the fans of other teams making noise! In Chase we Trust!!! lol
  9. Great work here. Becomes apparent that the Flowers and Scherrf resigning questions are huge. If they walk and Williams does not come back, that leaves Roulier as the only lineman worth the starters role. Martin and Moses will stick around and probably start due to necessity, but it is clear that OL is a huge question mark right now. Lets break it down this way: (Groups listed in order of need) Position groups look good as is: (Strongest to weakest) P DT K LS DE (Will be obscene once we welcome Mr Young) SS
  10. By the same token, every year there are players chosen in the first round that never live up to billing, and are mediocre, less than average players in the NFL. Young appears to be one of those players that while he may not be the next Reggie White or Bruce Smith, he should not be the next Kedric Golston.
  11. One of the things that might be missed is how much having a dominate player makes those around him better. A good OLman and a good S or CB is going to make a terrible D a bit better. However we know that there is loads of potential already latent in our Dline, and a dominant gamechanger exponentially makes the line better. A dLine that is stopping the run or sacking the qb, makes for more rested, better playmaking from the LB, and fresher legs on the DB's. A D that is dominant, takes the pressure off the Offense and allows for more time eating running
  12. Yeesh, what a mess to walk into. Lots of talented headcases, rookies with potential and an angry disgruntled fanbase. Wait are we talking about JMc or RR?.....
  13. Weird to go with those you know and had success with? I'll take Carolina's results, over the time of RR's tenure. Of the 3 key positions, DC and SpecTeams have been filled by non RR dudes. RR can fill the spots with whomever he wants, looking forward to the changes!
  14. Here is hoping we see a huge jump next year with the LB corps.
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