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  1. Lots of potential but realistically the WR core is a bottom 10 unit that is a Mclauren injury away from being historically bad.
  2. Dunbar went from an undrafted WR to a quality starting CB. He should have been a foundational piece of the culture to show that anything's possible when you work hard. Instead he's part of a long list of homegrown talent that management has alienated and undervalued.
  3. Allen played worse as the season progressed vs Haskins playing better as the season progressed. This fan base is trash. We devalue our own while putting other teams players on a pedestal. We invested a high pick on a player everyone regarded as raw...how bout we give the guy a full season to see what he can do.
  4. Alex Smith is owed way too much money to think the skins can afford another quality QB. What's the benefit of having a starting QB on a rookie salary when the backup is getting 20+ million?? Our only options for backups are probably tier 3 guys like AJ Mcarron and Brett Hundley. Philip Rivers is done...the chargers are way more stacked than us and he cost them them multiple games with his decision making Brees isn't leaving that dome to come play outside on the worst field in the NFL Bridgewater would be a fool to leave NO for DC Regarding the rest of FA, I wo
  5. I wouldn't mind bring back Zach Brown. We need a ton of linebackers If we draft Chase Young we should take a page from the eagles regarding having a stacked D Line - keep them all fresh and make them your team identity. Kerrigan is running on fumes but he may be able to put up 10+ sacks as a situational pass rusher.
  6. This hiring reminds me of Gibbs 2.0, they might not win every game but you can be sure they fought their guts out.
  7. The Alex Smith contract is so bad we have to put him in the FO to get it off the books... LMAO
  8. Only regret is signing Alex Smith to his ridiculous contract and losing Fuller. Somehow the FO managed to spend more on our current QB's then we would have if we gave Kirk his current contract. Skins have spent at least 24 mill a year on QB(s) since 2016. I swear we are the only franchise with a starting QB on a rookie contract who can't afford competent pieces to build around him. Hindsight is 20/20 but Kirk right now would be cheaper (and give us more wins a year) than the 71 million we guaranteed to Alex Smith and the 45 million we guaranteed to Landon Collins. The
  9. Yea Haskins currently sucks but he's won more games this year than any other QB on our roster. I have hope that given an offseason with a coach who believes in him we will see a totally different QB next year. Imagine getting a new job where you find out the boss really wanted someone else and made it clear but he got fired and now youre thrust into a highly visible leadership position with minimal training and minimal resources.
  10. Looks like some fans are taking for granted our 19 year run of top 5 LT play. LT is the only position that’s been locked down since we drafted Chris Samuels in 2000.
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