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  1. Living in NY I was so pumped to see the Game pop up on my channel guide. The rare opening week where I can just sit on the couch.
  2. I'm not interested in buying new gear until there's an actual name but I feel really weird wearing my Redskins stuff out.
  3. I hope Chase lines up against Peters extensively on Sunday. It will be a great learning experience for him. I also have no idea what to expect. Turner's offense seems like a complete mystery to me. Who starts at RB? Are Gibson & Barber/McKissic on the field together? Is Sims going to be lining up in the backfield on occasion? The formations and personnel groupings is fascinating to me.
  4. Great hire. With the team going through a serious transition with the name change and the fallout from the Post article, the content put out will be more important than ever. Even before the allegations came out against Michael, the team desperately needed an upgrade in that regard. I couldn't stomach Michael and his hokey content anymore.
  5. Rivera seems active on social media — at least from the standpoint of liking posts. I wonder how much of the Red Wolves movement he's seen and if he actually cares enough to express to Dan the positive vibes it's generated in recent days. My odds are No, and Warriors is going to be it whether we like it or not lol.
  6. Well after today's story, I want absolutely nothing to do with the word "Tail" in it. Red Wolves it is.
  7. This is the Dallas Mavs all over again. Snyder already hired Rivera, fired everyone involved and hired a firm to conduct an internal investigation.
  8. I will say that we're damn lucky Ron Rivera is here to clean this mess up. For all the bad Snyder has done, this is the best decision he ever made.
  9. It's bad and Dan deserves all the ridicule and negative press coming his way for creating this type of environment. However, I don't see anything that indicates he knew other than pure speculation. Will be interesting to see the fallout but he's already fired everyone named or they've resigned and he's conducting an internal investigation. He'll survive this.
  10. Didn't Cuban do the same thing? Hire an outside person to do an investigation into the toxic environment that was the Mavs? The problem is Cuban is liked so people actually believe him when he says he didn't know what was going on. Dan isn't going to have that luxury at all.
  11. The team is trying to get out in front of the story with the Schefter tweet. This is going to go very badly.
  12. Even though they fired the two people likely responsible for the news, I'm surprised the team hasn't released a statement to get out in front of this. They obviously know what's about to happen.
  13. I would imagine the reason the local beat is keeping this close to the vest is because it's going to be a major piece from a paper like the New York Times
  14. La Canfora dropping the hammer before the hammer. This definitely has something to do with some serious inappropriate behavior.
  15. I find it a it odd the notion on social media that Rivera hasn't been here long enough to have a say or doesn't have the power to have a say. I mean he literally is making decisions at the executive level by bringing in Rob Rogers from Carolina. This is his show imo.
  16. Offseasons in Washington are way more exciting than the season for all the wrong reasons. What could this even be? The narrative has been negative, not about the name, and really bad. I think we can safely say it doesn't involve a Kyle Smith promotion or Dan selling the team. Those of course would be positive developments. IMO, this has to be very organizationally based likely tied to the latest firings because if it was something with league ramifications, Schefter, Rapoport or even Russini would've already broken it. It's very rare the local beat can hold on to something for this long withou
  17. The multiple reports with details on this development seem to indicate everything surrounding it to be negative. I would be surprised if Kyle Smith being elevated has anything to do with it.
  18. This would lead me to conclude that some sort of nefarious activities were taking place behind the scenes.
  19. You name it, I have it. Sweatshirts, hats, t-shirts, etc. Unfortunately, it was only recently where I started having second thoughts about wearing it in public. It was the strangest thing, like I was anticipating someone calling me out on it. Going forward, I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do.
  20. By your calculation the only leaders on the team are Peterson, Guice and Allen. The rest were on vacation so obviously they aren't dedicated since they didn't show up.
  21. He literally went on and on about how Haskins not being at the Press Conference was a serious indictment against him but he still has time to change that narrative. Seriously? How ridiculous of a claim is that.
  22. This is what he does. He knows his takes on the Redskins are the only thing that generate interest.
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