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My point is that calling a spade a spade isn't being miserable.

I don't see anyone crying about it, just telling it like it is.

I don't even know what the answers are, it's just crazy to me that they can't seem to impose their will on teams with significantly less talent.

Turg is not a good coach

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MD will get a 3 seed and get bounced by the 14 seed in round 1

Sorry this team does not impress me at all



Sure seems that way.

Crazy to me any MD fan can rest their head easy on the teams record. Down 3 to freaking Cornhuskers at any point in the second half is just sad.


Sorry fellas, but you both keep posting this same crap.


There are NO great teams this season.  Iowa - well they LOST to the Terps.  Nova, they lost to that powerhouse Providence (and only beat those fantastic Seton Hall guys by one).


Any team can lose at any time.  By the way, 19-2 in games decided by 6 or fewer.  Nice.


Here is the reality of current Mens CBB - Mid majors have good players who are juniors/seniors.  Top Big league teams have great freshman/sophomores.  Anytime they play, it is a toss-up.


How 'bout this - UMD gets past first round, you don't post in UM thread for one year.  Let's see if you actually believe the stuff you post.

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Homers crack me up. Like their buttholes weren't tight looking a loss dead in the face with a few minutes left.

Newsflash! We want them to win. By 2 or 20.

We simply believe Turg has the team underachieving. This team has enough talent to roll more often than it does.

God forbid anyone be critical of a team they invest time and money into.

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I'm not one to believe we get bounced in the first round. I think we have a good enough team to get to at least the elite eight. 20-3 says we are a good team. We are. I always like the wins. Keep winning. I just don't know how many times I have to post this:

I expect tight games versus Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana, Iowa

I expect semi tight to 10+ point wins versus Purdue, Northwestern, Ohio State, Wisconsin

I expect 10-20 point wins versus Rutgers, Nebraska, Penn St., Minnesota,


I know you can't blow every opponent out. I DON'T expect that. I expect a team that has been ranked in the top 10 all year to exert their will on lesser opponents and not playing down to them.

I'm not sure how some of you continue to not understand that.

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