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***2021-2022 NBA Season Thread***


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23 hours ago, The Evil Genius said:


That said, I ****ing hate the euro step (questionable if this qualifies). Worst thing to happen to the NBA ever. 

What’s wrong with the euro step?  All it is, is two steps to taken in different directions allowing running players to shake defenders.  Makes for some great highlight plays and has brought more beauty to a beautiful the game.


how can you hate that?

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With that high cross it's a thing of beauty, but I think I saw some third steps in some of those highlights.


I love the way Derrick Rose did it.  Damn shame about his career.  He should have been the face of the league the last ten years.  Prefer his aesthetically pleasing style of play to the chucking and flopping of the other great guards of his generation.

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  • Destino changed the title to ***2021-2022 NBA Season Thread***

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