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***2021-2022 NBA Season Thread***


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8 minutes ago, StillUnknown said:


No chance he ever gets there


I dont think he should. Power is a large part of what makes him a freak

Gonna be a mass exodus from the arena when they realize Zion is done for the night lol

Draymond is 230 and 6’7 and even Draymond looks like he could shed a few lbs. I think Zion would dominate at 235. 

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Earthquakes in California is like snow in Virginia. My kids have gone full earthquake watch.... we felt it.

The reporters must love these Caltech USGS people... they are willing to answer every question, unlike police or politicians.

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16 minutes ago, killerbee99 said:

So Jalen rose full of ****

As was everyone that said Clippers were out of contention like a day or two ago.


@stevemcqueen1 looks like you finally got that parity you was looking for, at least for now.  I may watch more then just wizards games now in regular season, i usually don't watch anyone else until playoffs, but damn, its about to be heavy weight fights every other night coming up.


As on: more I think about, KL saved the Lakers from themselves.  Now they still have the money to fill out rest of the roster versus being super top heavy and out of it if any of the big three get hurt. NBA should seriously consider finding ways to get their marquee west coast matchups in a reasonable timeslot, don't start every Clippers Lakers game at 10 like a bunch of dumbasses.

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