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  1. Just the Bengals and Cowboys games right? I thought he was in at LT after Christian went down.
  2. What are the chances that Morgan's move to the left side could offer a long term fix? It'd make it a lot easier to find a second starting OT.
  3. The passing game is still pretty ugly but the run game has been working and the OL has been far better since Lucas and Schweitzer started playing. The defenses have been a lot weaker though, so we'll see if we can still run the ball against Pittsburgh. That Cowboys front was unbelievably soft. They just didn't want it. Ours is not a dominant OL but they were just beating them up and having fun with them. There is zero pressure on this group and they are healthy and we've been lucky with Covid. Hopefully they can get on a roll against opponents who are worn down and in a Decemb
  4. Feels like thus off-season was Shepherd trying to flex how comfortable he is scouting the international leagues: Neto, Avdija, Gill, whatever planet Lopez comes from.
  5. That sounds super gossipy. I need someone much more reliable than him to confirm that.
  6. He said no comment to pretty much all of the questions he got about the trade rumors. I think that's smart, and it's probably what everyone told him to say. But in the video of him getting asked that question at the media session, it sounded like he actually said "No comment, I didn't." He said something after no comment, but it's tough to make out exactly what it is he said. Wall is a fast talker.
  7. Shepherd flatly denied that Wall requested a trade. Shams reported that he did. Woj did not confirm Shams's report. I think Shams might have gotten played by someone in Houston.
  8. Didn't realize he was only 19 until you said it. He's young for having two years of pro experience. He's also big and filled out for his age. Seems like he has a decent amount of untapped potential and I've seen intriguing Hedo Turkoglu comparisons. I don't know that he's going to have that same quick, easy release on a dribble pull up from range that Hedo had. But if he did get that... that would be nice to have. Give us back some of the we lost when Bojan left, but hopefully without all of the things that Bojan took off the table. Kind of feels like his floor could end up b
  9. The sample sizes are small. Looks like he only played 371 minutes and took only 94 shots and 18 free throws.
  10. Neither does size or strength. And John Wall at 80% speed is still a burner who can get to the rim and be a threat to score on the break.
  11. I don't know what I'll do if it happens. I want to stay a fan of the team, but it'd be hard. It would kind of make me give on the NBA to be truthful. I love football enough to sustain an interest in the NFL even with zero belief or interest in the WFT. But it's hard for me to keep following the NBA when I don't care about the Wizards.
  12. I think the Westbrook/Wall trade is 50/50 to happen during the season. I think Houston will pull the trigger on a swap if Wall looks healthy and good in the first month of the season. The incentives would be right for them to make a deal. The thought of Wall playing for that team makes me angry. He needs to finish his career as a Wizard.
  13. They're obviously banking too much on PG being the problem with the defense last season. But there is a world where the Wizards play average defense if Bonga gets run, Troy gets better, Rui gets better, Wall comes back and plays D, Deni plays this year and holds his own like Tomas did, and we convert some assets into a weak side helper. Robin Lopez is a goon and a good locker room guy. Bryant is an energy big with soft touch and three point range. He's a rim runner who should be an asset in PnR. His offense has never really been a problem, and I'm not worried about his screenin
  14. John has always been loudly supportive of Beal and happy for him. The only thing that could destroy their relationship is if Beal turned on him and pushed Tommy to trade him. I am really hoping the stealth shopping was a Tommy Shepherd **** up and not Beal trying to play GM and being a snake. That would really suck.
  15. Wentz was going to win MVP in 2017 before he tore his ACL. He hasn't been the same since. He was always careless with his body, but the improvised playmaking was just so spectacular that he made way more great plays than mistakes back then. His situation is very reminiscent of what happened to RGIII. It also didn't help him that the Eagles OL went from dominant to a mess in the last two seasons. Same thing is happening to the Ravens this year, and you see that causing a decline in Lamar Jackson's p!at too. I thought Herbert was going to come out in 2019 too, and I did grade an
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