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  1. Jordan is a major threat after the catch. That vaulting move to get the touchdown was amazing. If he has a big year, I can see him going round one. This could be the rare three first round TE class and it kind of feels like we've got to get one of these guys. The intersection of opportunity and necessity is just too good. Also, don't sleep on this big son of a gun: He's got some real build up speed for such a large TE. Maybe a bit of Jared Cook to his game?
  2. The NFL isn't like the NBA, special players are routinely picked 20-50 in drafts. And the good teams often stay good despite picking in this range because they're hitting on their picks and developing them and putting them into good positions/situations. My worst fear about the roster is that we only have like three or four good-good players and that we don't put together a good enough system and we squander the rest of our appealing talent. We have a lot of guys like Montez and Allen and Collins and Kerrigan who can be awesome in the midst of a good culture and system. But ther
  3. I like Jordan and think he might go round one. But as a rule of thumb, I think it's too hard to pick hits in the draft to be able to thread the needle and targetpositions of need in round X, Y, or Z. The safest bet to hit on your picks and genuinely improve the team is to just go BPA at each of your picks. If Pitts is in a higher tier than the OT options when we pick, then I think we need to pick him. The draft is just a really weak tool for filling immediate roster holes. So few of these players can be good as rookies, so you've really got to use free agency to fill those jobs
  4. I think you JaMarr Chase skeptics are sleeping on his speed. I think that, not only is he very explosive, he absolutely has a great top gear. How do you think he dusted all of those defenses for long touchdowns and got all of that catch and run yardage? He is like DeVonta Smith. A glider with real open field juice who is much faster than people realize. Only he's better than Smitty because he is much more dominant in the contact window and at the catch point. Chase is cut from the same cloth as Hopkins and Michael Thomas and Davante Adams, all of whom got severely underdrafted, in large
  5. Jaylon is a stud. I haven't watched them or followed them since they got drafted, but glad to hear that he and Henderson appear to be doing well so far. Henderson was interesting heading into the 2019 season. He was probably the best guy from that class as a Freshman, but kind of plateaud a bit and guys like Okudah and Fulton and Johnson got better and more consistent than him in 2019. I think Henderson could end up being a peaks and valleys guy in the NFL. Jaylon was steadier than him, and didn't seem to let tough match ups or mistakes get out of hand. He's one of the guys th
  6. The Raiders look good. That run game is dangerous and their OL is really good right now. Carr is also in a major rhythm. He's throwing dimes and doing all of the little things well to orchestrate their offense. I was half serious about my preseason prediction of the Raiders being a surprise SB team this year, but they're playing at that level right now. It's going to be a crazy season. The Colts are good too. That offensive line could end up being unbelievably good once they hit their stride, Jonathan Taylor was a perfect fit for them, and Phil Rivers is playing well right no
  7. My guess is he was trying to buy time for those slants and the wheel to uncover and clear the throwing lanes to the field side when he saw #58 sit down in that hook zone and Chandler Jones go inside, but didn't see the stunt coming until too late. In that situation, Dwayne is reading that single high safety and #58. The safety brackets McLaurin in those concepts, and #58 shifted the coverage after the motion and took away that first read. But McLaurin got an unexpected free release because it looks like Peterson got caught napping at the snap and there was an early window right a
  8. I think they need to get better defensively to win a championship. Jokic and Murray aren't the kind of defenders to be the foundation for a championship level defense, they're going to need other guys to become high level defenders, maybe Bates-Diop and/or Bol now that Millsap is old.
  9. I'd take more seasons of the show set in the 40's, if they could make them.
  10. They're not good but they need time together to at least get to decent. This is their first action together. They need patience just as the other parts of the offense do. But if we want the group to eventually be dominant, then we need like two new guys who are high end talents. Kevin Dotson would have been nice. Why do we never draft the college guards who were just stone cold studs at the college level? More often than not, what they do translates to the NFL, provided they stay healthy. We always draft these much more marginal guys who we have to talk ourselves into not bei
  11. A completion rate is determined by more than a QBs accuracy. Some of Dwaynes "missed" throws are not actual placement issues. they're him pushing the ball downfield but keeping it away from defenders. If you want to to push it vertically but you don't have good receivers, and more basic than that, you don't have good sync with the receivers you do have, you're just not going to complete these throws most of the time. So you can either dial it back and throw gimmes and low options the whole game like a Minshew or an Alex Smith. It's not bad but there is no real develo
  12. 4 vert is a common call for beating single high coverage. Dwayne read the safety and picked out the "mismatch" and put the ball outside shoulder for the receiver so that LBer couldn't play the ball. The problem with that play was not a single one of our trash receiving corps can get open against a press.
  13. Why were Bateman and other guys who declared for the draft in such a rush to sign agents so early in the predraft process? They might have screwed themselves over in doing so. Can you let them come back and play with professional representation and hope to keep the separation between professionalism and amateurism around in CFB for much longer. It'd be explicit at that point. I think the NCAA is going to have to let these guys come back and eventually do away with the rule prohibiting players from signing with agents. We're going to see a rapid professionalization and consolida
  14. Young team exhausted by a very grinding first two rounds. They're good though. They've shown us all of the signs that they have the ingredients of a future contender. If they lose the series to the Lakers, they still have a bright future if they can keep the team together for the most part. This Lakers team is good but thin. But LeBron has led a six man rotation to the brink of a championship before, and he didn't have anyone near as good as Davis with him to help carry the weight.
  15. Do those stupid ****s not think John Roberts is a conservative justice simply because he's not an unprincipled partisan shill?
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