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  1. Yeah, I want us to play it safe this year. I feel like just getting four solid hits in this class could set us up for future contention given how good our defensive line is, and given that we have some nice foundation pieces on the offense. Four to five starters/crucial reserves from this class and we'll be like a player or two away from true contention if we sort out our QB situation. I'm hoping for something like this: 19 - super blue chip RB like Najee or Etienne 51 - year one starter at LT like Eichenberg or Cosmi, or swing big for a WR like Terrac
  2. Highlight video of pretty interesting and versatile zone DB from UT Bryce Thompson: I'm only finding one youtube video of cutups, but he looks like a faster version of Jimmy Moreland. Plays inside and out and does a good job as a force defender and alley runner. He's got a nose for the ball and definitely has the kind of click and close speed you want from a zone corner. He's not as good as Elijah Molden, but I think he's a good value to fill that role if he's there on Day 3. And he does better in man coverage on the outside than you'd expect for his short stat
  3. Character flags. He has a lot of flags for immaturity and then it came out in late December that he was named as part of a criminal complaint by a former Penn State football player who accused Parsons of being one of four players that engaged in some pretty ugly hazing of him. There was a sexual nature to it as well. It all paints the picture of a very immature and violent kid who doesn't seem reliable.
  4. Role plays a very heavy part in that stat. He was used as a zone beater from the slot and was virtually never pressed.
  5. Probably for the best to keep Gibson in a committee role. He's never been a workhorse back before. Yeah, I'd pretty much give him McKissick's snaps if we had Harris. Two back sets with a running QB could be really potent designs too, although I think I'd be cautious calling a lot of that if Kyle or Taylor are the QB given their injury histories.
  6. I've watched Harris in so many cut ups now from trying to catch up on all of these SEC defenders, and in every single one of them, he and DeVonta Smith are obviously head and shoulders better than the other guys on the field. They were men among boys this season. If we're being truly honest with ourselves, Harris is the clear cut BPA at 19 in every reasonable scenario. We're not going to get a bigger talent than him at that spot. If we're going to play this thing safe, let's get Harris at 19 and Eichenberg at 51 and then see what's still staring us in the face at WR/LB/DB at 74
  7. A lot of good answers in here. I'd like to read Mark Twain's or Oscar Wilde's feed too. I feel like Pablo Neruda would have had an interesting twitter feed.
  8. Yeah I'm lower on Bolton than the consensus. I had high hopes for him coming into the year, but the Alabama game wasn't pretty, and the Georgia game pretty much killed him for me. That was a really horrible game for him: When you add that up with the bad measurables, it says late day two to day three pick at best to me. I suspect he's going to be one of those guys that's still sitting there on day three and everyone is wondering what the hell? with like what happened with Andrew Billings or Tim Settle. The NFL values traits more than the draftniks do, in genera
  9. Yeah, I'd take him off my board on the first two days. Day three, that's too good a bargain to pass up. But he is too immature to draft early. My early picks need to be my future leaders, especially at the MLB spot. I don't want to give the keys to my defense to a violent and unreliable kid. We got burned with Guice and Parsons gives me a similar bad feeling to how I felt after I started reading about what Guice was like in college.
  10. Trying to keep an open mind about the two Notre Dame edge rushers after someone posted that we met with them, but man... these guys look like marginal NFL prospects to me. Especially Hayes. What's the point of drafting them? They're less impressive than Ryan Anderson and Kerrigan are right now. If we're in the market for a third rusher this offseason, they need to be an upgrade over the two back ups we already have, otherwise we're much better off just paying the guys we already have. One of the benefits of stacking our roster with top end edge talent is that we shouldn't have to waste an
  11. The problem for Bolton is that he looks like a 4.7+ guy and looks like he'd probably measure sub 6'. Being small and slow is a bad combo for the NFL. And there is some messy film from this season too. His Georgia film in particular was awful. Getting smoked to the edge by Zamir White, getting juked in the hole by him and Kenny McIntosh, struggling to disengage and giving up huge runs in his area, missing reads, falling off tackles, holding in coverage. Kind of a horrifying preview of how he could suck against NFL caliber athletes. Unless a stack LBer is truly special, there is
  12. Bolton's not going to go in the first. The draftniks that have him in the first are wrong IMO. Small, slow stack linebackers don't go in the first round. Stack linebackers and receivers tend to be the big fallers every year. I think Bolton is more likely to go in the third round than the first.
  13. I don't know how long it takes, but I personally can't orgasm before the dream of a witches sabbath in Symphonie Fantastique.
  14. I don't think we can operate on the assumption that he's our guy at the spot long term. Way too much up in the air with him. The pre-draft maturity concerns, the lack of snaps as a rookie, and the uncertainty about whether he can play LT or needs to move to LG. If we have a shot at an OT as BPA that we can have a high degree of confidence in in the first or second round, then we need to play it safe and get them. It'd be good to build up a pipeline of young OL talent regardless. I'm pretty much ready to move on from the Geron Christian project and I think Lucas is a back up/spo
  15. I'm skeptical that a decent trade down will be there. That feels like the best outcome short of someone like Chase or Smith falling to 19. Hopefully Darrisaw is there at 19 so we can get our LT prospect and have BPA match up with need.
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