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  1. How is she going to perform perfectly when whatever problem she is going through is the reason she can't perform?
  2. Yeah anti vaccine people have been getting the kid gloves. Their "personal choice" is to be a selfish cowardly fool.
  3. We need to be careful throwing that that insult around on this forum. We've got a lot of fans from West Virginia here.
  4. Probably from his combine testing. He's not the best run and jump athlete on a track, and he scored in a fairly low percentile at those drills. But there are guys like Rashan Gary who are incredible and dominant track athletes for their size, but are slow and soft on a football field. They don't process the game fast enough to bring their speed to bear, or in other words, they're always playing from behind and it makes them functionally slow. Allen is always like two steps ahead because he's such a smart and instinctive player. Thus he can fly around the field and be super aggressive.
  5. The way he meets Dalvin Cook in the hole in that video, I couldn't even see the move he made to disengage and get back over into the gap because it was so quick. He cut back as quick as one of the most explosive runners in the game. And the thing that blows my mind is that was a sneaky cut by Cook! He pressed that gap for as long as he possibly could before cutting it back, absolutely sure that Allen was fully committed to it beforehand. Allen fooled him. Allen felt out what Cook was trying to do and guessed right and beat him to the hole. His instincts are special IMO.
  6. For a DE he's not very athletic, but for an IDL, he's got to be in a very high percentile as an athlete. You are exactly right that his coordination is superb and he is explosively powerful too. He's lean for a DT, it's unusual for them to have tapered builds and relatively little bulk at the waist and thighs. He almost has a La'Roi Glover type build maybe not as much length. But I think he compensates for his lack of length and bulk with how explosive he is and with how great his hands are. That left hand is an absolute bolt of lightning and it makes him so hard for LGs to deal with beca
  7. Greetings fellow Spider. I was in the same class as Tim and remember him as being a really nice guy. I will always root for him.
  8. You have no idea what she's going through. And she's an athlete competing in a sport, we're the ones who are gawking over her and judging her. It's ghoulish.
  9. Biles has to be going through something tough. I don't think it's physical as she doesn't seem like the type to let a physical issue slow her down. Probably something personal going on for her. I feel sorry for her, particularly since whatever she is going through, she has to do it with such an intense spotlight on her. Sucks, this could have been a triumphant moment for her.
  10. If Golden State is willing to sell off Wiseman for cheap because they think he's a bust, then the Wizards would be dodging a drone strike by not rushing into a trade for him. Golden State is savvy. I don't think they'll sell off their trade assets for anything short of a piece that puts them into honest title contention, and I think there are exactly three moves they can make this summer that do that: Beal, Lillard, or Siakam. Not McCollum, not Herro, not Myles Turner, not any of the other role player acquisitions they could try and make. Of the three viable options, Beal is the
  11. I think Lowry is a FA. Things could change, but I read that Lillard doesn't want to play for GS, which is why they're focused on Beal instead of him. I'd be surprised if Atlanta gave up their core of young talent for him too. The reason Lillard is so much less desirable for a team like ATL (and GS to a lesser extent) is that he's three years older than Beal and he doesn't play off the ball like Beal can. He's a much more awkward fit for a team built around Curry or Trae Young than Beal is. I think Toronto might be the only team that could undermine Beal's market, by deciding to
  12. If those are the only two serious offers we can get before the draft, then I might wait until after the draft to pull the trigger. I think those offers will still be on the table later in the summer. The urgency to get a deal done before Thursday for me is about trying to get to 3 or 4 to get Mobley or Suggs, and if that's not on the table, then I don't really see the need to rush through this process. BTW, is anyone else bothered by the fact that Draymond Green and Kerr were blatantly tampering with Beal at Team USA camp? That's why this **** has come up this week.
  13. Not necessarily. One reason for him to wait until next season to make a decision about whether to stay or not is to get that 10 year vet 35% 5 year supermax contract. It's to his advantage to wait until next summer to sign (assuming he doesn't suffer a catastrophic injury like Wall did in the meantime). But it certainly isn't to our advantage to wait on that day. I think Beal is on the fence based on Fred Katz's article about him. Beal likes having pull and equity in this organization and doesn't want to lose that, but he certainly wants to win. I think he'll put off making a
  14. The ideal timeframe would be to get this done prior to the draft, or at least in draft night. The more likely time frame is later in the summer, where we are hoping that the teams dealing for Beal picked the players we wanted I suppose. Beal hasn't requested a trade though. There is still a chance he doesn't, but he's going to need to to let the team know ASAP if he wants out.
  15. I'm not sure. I guess it would depend on the total haul we were able to bring home. Let's say it's Wiseman + #3. Does that then make Mobley a poor fit? Does it ensure that Wiseman wouldn't be able to get on the court and we might as well flip him immediately? My instinct would be that if Mobley and Suggs are roughly equivalent prospects, then go with Suggs to try and create that ideal Guard - Big foundation. But if Wiseman busts and Mobley ends up being better than Suggs, then I've messed up pretty bad. I haven't really been able to figure out a consensus beyond everyone seem
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