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  1. Feels like a second rounder to me, but he's been pretty dominant his first two seasons so he could play his way into the first round.
  2. Especially if Owusu-Koromoah's heart issue spooked teams off of him in the first round. Depending on how teams felt about Micah Parsons, then Zaven Collins and Davis could have been the only first round LB for them.
  3. A stud man corner could make a ton of plays for the D. Ahmad Gardner is my favorite one for us from next year's class so far. Tall, spidery press man corner who can pattern match anyone and who makes plays on the ball from man. Very slender, basketball type build but he has the arm length to bother and disrupt from the jam to the catch point. Cincinnati had three NFL DBs in their secondary at one point. Almost LSU-like.
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