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  1. I enjoyed it. Cheerfully horrifying. I think it is one of the most dystopian postulations of the near future that I've seen.
  2. stevemcqueen1

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    Keep doing the right thing, no matter what other people do. I've been to Costco a couple times and everyone seems to follow the mask rule there. It'll definitely be better at Costco. I went to the grocery store today and there were probably about 80 or so customers in it, and I'd say about 90% were wearing masks even though they don't have a rule about it. Some places are handling the new normal surprisingly well and it's encouraging.
  3. I suspect that I got it too in March, but I can't be sure, so I've been operating on the assumption that I didn't and don't have immunity and could be contagious. I got pneumonia symptoms, but I never really got a fever and definitely not a high fever. I've had viral pneumonia before though, and was never really feverish through that, so I don't take it as a given that the disease would cause me to have one. If I had it, the way it played out for me was four or five days of feeling fairly ill, then several weeks of having more difficulty breathing and getting sinus infections twice in the two months since. Kind of go through a period of feeling good for a week or two, then a sinus infection happens and I feel ill for a few days again, and then it's several more days before I get back to normal. The course reminds me of when I had pneumonia when I was young. That put me out of school for weeks as I was pretty symptomatic for about six weeks and that was not a severe case at all. So assuming I had a very mild case of it, it was still pretty disruptive and my respiratory capacity definitely feels diminished. Pretty much have gotten used to feeling permanently congested and fatigued and having occasional aches. Mostly headaches. I'm only now starting to be able to walk a couple of miles or do physical work without getting winded. If my experience is representative of the best likely scenario for 30 something people who become infected, then even if you don't spread it to someone else it makes very very ill, then it still makes it very difficult to work in basically any kind of service position. That alone argues for doing everything recommended to avoid the disease, particularly since wearing a mask in public and social distancing when you don't need to be out for work are not burdensome measures to take. I'm a painter so, admittedly, I'm accustomed to wearing n95 masks and respirators for working. It doesn't feel good, but it's something basically anyone can get used to. And those masks and respirators are way more restrictive that the loose fitting masks that most people are wearing since they don't have to keep particulate out of your nose and mouth. A lot of the people whining about wearing masks are just being babies, and the people clustering up for recreational activity just because they are bored are fools. It's pretty pathetic. I bet a lot of people intentionally exposing themselves and others like that will end up killing their parents or grandparents.
  4. stevemcqueen1

    2021 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    The projection is for Waddle to be the starting slot: They call their slot receiver an H and it's a prominent role in their offense. People think he'll be the number 2 guy in their passing game if we have a 2020 season.
  5. stevemcqueen1

    2021 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Agree with SIP. Sewell is the most dominant run blocker I've seen at the college level. Especially for a teenager and especially for an OT.
  6. stevemcqueen1

    2021 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I'm not has high on Fields as the consensus. Some of his rushing highlights were sepctacular, but I was disappointed when I watched him given the expectations I had going in due to his numbers. Haskins was better as a sophomore than him. I don't necessarily think Fields should be coming out after this season unless he shows a lot of development as a passer. He's definitely not as good as Jackson was as a passer (or runner) when he came out. I think he'd actually be more of a late first or second round pick of he looks the same as he did last season, rather than a top five pick.
  7. stevemcqueen1

    The Quarantine Thread

    The show is still being way overwritten, and it can make you cringe when it's blatant, but the third season is better than the first two IMO. The world they've filled in from pretty spotty Konami lore is pretty spectacular and, on the whole, the show is better than could be reasonably expected from an adaptation of an old school Japanese video game.
  8. stevemcqueen1

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    That's really the essence of her argument. Basing our economic security and power so heavily on extremely high levels of individual consumer spending is unsustainable and destabilizing. The increases to standards of living are superficial, and the sense of broad mobility and prosperity that it's provided are a mirage that was only really true from 1950-1970. And hinging patriotic civic participation on plunging yourself into debt is just perverse. I agree with her that an economic system that requires the individual to go tens of thousands of dollars into personal debt to stay afloat is terrible and unsustainable. Her argument is that it's pushed the average American into a place of precarity that is unprecedented and it's dangerous and miserable. The average American is looking at a future of escalating lifelong debt, renting, unstable employment, and no prospect of a comfortable retirement as our bodies and minds break down. It's a slow return to 19th century standards of living, only without the prospect of easy land ownership to provide a safety net to a workforce that was broadly skilled in agricultural labor. So yeah, a future of fundamentally unstable technocratic and financial serfdom for the average American is horrifying, Anne Helen Peterson sold me on that. Frankly, as bleak as her understanding of our future is, I'm kind of surprised that she could be optimistic enough to view this epidemic as having the capacity to disrupt the status quo rather than accelerate and entrench it like the financial crisis did. But I hope she's right. If she is, my question is what does a new and better system look like and how do we get to it? I guess that's going to be the fundamental debate of American civic and economic life over the next generation or more. We should probably start by having a government made up of smart civil servants instead of looting crony capitalists.
  9. stevemcqueen1

    Presidential Election:11/3/20 - Jabba Joe vs HQ Queen

    Good point, and great post. I think you're right that him accepting the leadership of a black man was a powerful symbol. And that hierarchy of White supremacy is deeply ingrained here and has driven politics in areas where ever ethnic minorities live since the 1670s. I don't think it's going away unless the demography of the country becomes a true plurality rather than a huge white majority. And if/when we approach that tipping point, I think white supremacists will retrench and become more vicious, overtly unjust, and desperate. Maybe a return to the kind of speech and policy that we saw in the South and the West in the 19th century at times when White supremacy and demographic majorities were less secure. I think an additional reason why Black voters support Biden is that he sincerely and concertedly campaigned for their support. He's spent a lot of time politicking in Black communities and cultivating relationships with Black leaders and getting their endorsements. If a campaign is a zero sum question of how to spend time and money, Biden has spent a lot of time and money gaining the support of Black voters. His engagements with Black communities are not reactionary moments of political opportunism as is utterly the case with racist charlatans like Republican politicians and pundits. And Biden's effort to secure the support of Black communities has proven to be a very smart strategy. Set aside that seeking to give Black communities influence in American politics and be an honest ally to them in their pursuit of racial justice is an honorable goal--Black voters delivered Biden the nomination. They led the rest of the Democratic base to support him when it was divided among a handful of candidates and rescued his campaign in South Carolina when he was scuffling.
  10. stevemcqueen1

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    Nah man. That kind of trash post, dog whistling all over the damn place, needs to be called out. Posts like that have been part of the Stadium for too long, and it absolutely does make the community look bad. I've read forums where that kind of post is tolerated and and they are cesspools.
  11. stevemcqueen1

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    The sophomore trio is at least promising. McLaurin is a budding star and I think Harmon is going to be a player. He hasn't proven anything at all, but there are just so many little glimpses of him playmaking through tough man coverage that he's gotten me irrationally optimistic about his future. He's a competitor who has that mentality that 50/50 balls are his. If you're the QB, you trust that. And coming up together as rookies who had to claw their way into more prominent roles, I think he and Dwayne are going to have a great deal of on-field chemistry and I think he's going to be a keeper. Sims was reasonably productive for a UDFA rookie and has a pretty clear role. I like AGG too, though not as someone who will make an impact next season. To an outside perspective, yeah our WR group looks like a bunch of nothing. I think we all here realize that the outside skeptics could be right. But there is reason for us to be hopeful. It's not an elite group of weapons but they have the inherent talent to end up being league average, and if we have a good run game and good QB play, that could be enough to run a good offense.
  12. stevemcqueen1

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    This is an astoundingly good article by Anne Helen Peterson about the state of the American economy and consumer culture preceding and following the Covid 19 crisis: "I Don't Feel Like Buying Stuff Anymore" For someone who spends so much time writing about lowbrow ephemera as a culture editor for Buzzfeed, Peterson is an absurdly talented writer with a "voice of a generation" quality that is special. She shines really bright in these more extensive thinkpieces on her generational and class experiences that she occasionally publishes. She has a beneficial background in the academic world that really comes through in her style and her effectiveness in argumentation and the depth of her thought. And it kind of feels like she found her calling in writing about the economic experience of the middle and working class American millennial. Anyway this particular article is a brutally clear-eyed takedown of the post-war American economic system and consumer culture, and a resonant call for a paradigm shift to something better. There is all kinds of good thought in here about what consumerism has meant to our culture and our citizenship and our households. And she frames the Covid 19 crisis as a supremely disruptive event that could be the opportunity for a culture change. And she lays out a case that we are desperate for change and we've got to do something. It's a long piece but do yourselves a favor and make some time to read it. Here are the first few paragraphs, and again, here is the link to the entire thing:
  13. stevemcqueen1

    Presidential Election:11/3/20 - Jabba Joe vs HQ Queen

    Black voters like Biden. You can say un-PC stuff and no one will care as long as the base likes you. Trump is ghastly proof of that. It's not even remotely hypocritical to be black and support Biden after something like that either. The alternative party is overtly and obviously White supremacist--which was Biden's point. He spoke the truth, just in a dumbass way.
  14. stevemcqueen1

    Jamal Adams- trade possibility?

    He's emotional and ultra confident and maybe naive, but the common account about the dude is he's a wonderful locker room guy and a true leader. He's a verified member of the warrior elite and you need some of that dick-swinging swagger and true excellence in your locker room IMO. It's contagious.
  15. stevemcqueen1

    Jamal Adams- trade possibility?

    The young guy is awesome. Top ten player in the NFL IMO. I think he has Hall of Fame type potential. Don't see us having the pieces to make a deal that makes sense though. He would be pretty incredible playing behind our defensive line. But as others have said, we're already paying a lot of money for the poor man's version of him in Landon Collins and we need to be spreading out our moneys to get outside secondary help. The Jets are crazy for not getting a deal done. They should be trying to build something around him.