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  1. killerbee99

    California's Wildfires Thread

    Need to hide the video and make sure only those who want to watch it see freaking sad....There done.....hidden unless you want to see it.
  2. killerbee99

    California's Wildfires Thread

    For those who have not seen the video of the one guy surviving among the convoy of vehicles........Graphic content, but I feel people need to see how real this fire is......GRAPHIC CONTENT>>>>NSFW
  3. Hey, but as long as he triggers libs...its all good in Republicans books......God let me hear anyone **** about Obama being weak ever again......I am liable to slapping someone with this fools twitter feeds
  4. Pretty much...the dude is a straight up weakling punk ass ****
  5. killerbee99

    Election 2020 Thread

    He would be a good secretary of state..... Not president
  6. killerbee99

    Call of Duty Black Ops 4 & Battlefield 5 Thread

    The vapr is my go to AR.... The 4 round burst tactical rifle is pretty good, but no stock though.... Overall, my kd is 2.06 and it's ok
  7. Also last thing like I said way back when the idiot in chief was elected...This is the beginning of the end of our run as a world leading power....Eroding of trust in institutions all the way to the supreme court now....
  8. At this point the moral high ground doesn't mean jack **** anymore....Donald Trump has proven that....As long as you win, learning the hard way Democrats are....Morality is for losers apparently. I will put money on two things happening...Roe vs Wade is overturned...or its is deemed that President cant be subpoenaed...Just watch
  9. So whats that saying about gaining the whole world but losing your soul......Looking at you Brett...
  10. The whole thing is surreal...claiming a conspiracy due to the Clintons...…but makes the freaking supreme people high five this partisan asshole as being fair and impartial.....I believe in God but somedays I wonder why ****ty things like this happen...
  11. killerbee99

    Best Cell Phone Carrier - Deals, Coverage, Etc.

    Sprints 1 year bring you own device free unlimited plan is the best deal for cheapskates or for kids in my opinion. You only pay $4 in taxes... It expires Jan 2019
  12. It's ****ing sad, but whatever
  13. Damn...... Cold blooded