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  1. I agree, why it's not worth it... Vote the douchebag out of office...
  2. Should have taken the plea deal.... She might be doing months in jail... 30 to 60 days maybe
  3. Nike should have countered with 5 mill for his consulting services and called it a day.... When you're dirty can go running to the feds.....
  4. Wtf is a crappy medicare doctor... Why are you guys being slow, i thought medicare was goverment provided insurance that doctors get to see if they accept or not.... Seriously WTF is a crappy medicare doctor.. And why conflate that with VA hospitals which does have actual hospitals and suck because not enough doctors, and many veterans to care for, thus forever long appt. times and has nothing to do with govt subsidized seriously? So JSSKinz medicare doesnt suck..... Its the doctors that SUCK.... sick of people constantly poisoning the medicare for all discussion with anecdotes that dont even ****ing apply
  5. Smack it, tap it, bite it, sleep on it like a comfy pillow
  6. I mean try going to an airport and see if you make it without staring at the 30,000 asses in spandex... Its not fair... God knows I try not to stare.... But am a sucker for a hot chick in spandex.... Actually I support a ban on spandex.... They make me want to do things to some chicks booties...
  7. That is whats mind bogling about the whole thing.....They met with a representative of the russian government... It will all come out eventually... It always does
  8. Just for the record Trump Jr met with Russian nationals at Trump hotel to get dirt on Hillary emails and left after it turned out to be "adoption" talk....., but no collusion.... And Trump senior lied to the press and American people about this as well....ok...sure
  9. killerbee99

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Donald Trump is a moron.... That is a working thesis statement to build any paper or arguement on when dealing with the guy.... At work, no energy for his bs
  10. killerbee99

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Some one please beat this over the orange buffons head during debates.... He is utterly full of ****
  11. killerbee99

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    He is a dumb ass and I hope he goes to jail..... I hate **** like this, being a selfish ass and making it harder for actual hate crime victims to be believed....****ing moron
  12. killerbee99

    The Passion of The Jussie (FKA The Smollett Fiasco)

    Hope the douchebag goes to jail if the evidence shows he fabricated this crap.... However...... Not all Trump supporters are racists... But most if not all racists are Trump supporters.... So **** this guy and **** racist asshole Trump supporters. There is no you see, you see here.... When you have a racist piece of **** president, its hard not to believe his followers doing **** like this.
  13. killerbee99

    VA Governor Ralph Northam Got Some Explaining to Do

    Hey they keeping it real since that is the freaking standard for a supreme court justice But we know there aint no damn black kid keeping a calendar of his weekly activities when he was a teenager.... ****ing stupid **** but whatever
  14. killerbee99

    VA Governor Ralph Northam Got Some Explaining to Do

    Supreme court justice for life not equal to governor for 2-4 yrs but whatever...... As long as he spews **** about the GOP smear machine, the trumps and the Bushes, he should be good right, nonniey?