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  1. Hey its all about that white grievance man... Get with the program... They took our jobs, they're gonna make you a atheist, non believing, baby eating sinner and mix you in with "those" other people
  2. Revelation 13:5, NIV: "The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise its authority for forty-two months."
  3. Done.... First time voting in person in 20 years bcos of one orange turd
  4. In line at my polling station right now.. Ready to vote the orange turd out in my Cincinnati, Ohio polling station in Delhi Township... There is a nice looking chick in some tight red spandex with a fat ass.. But I think she is voting for Trump..... Sad I think she has a Reagan/Bush campaign sweater on... Thank God for Spandex. Thank you
  5. Sending my prayers your way Tshile, at least more than the chrrent douchebag in the Whitehouse..... Funny thing, some guy at my work was saying why was I mad that Trump was sick... I replied I dont wish ill on people but he is a ****ing moron who has not been leading by example and wearing a damn mask... He then replied it was his fault and why should peopke look up to him....i replied you kidding, you seen his rallies.... Then he said what about Obama and Clinton and I said what bad thing did Obama did and he said when he talked bad about cops who shot a black guy when he was president.... I
  6. I mean im voting but what else can i do... If the POTUS is catering to white supremacists and declares BLM a terrorist organization?
  7. Whats that old saying "power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely".... All about power... Again to the white folks fighting for minorities, reproductive rights, women rights and sexual rights... Thanks for everything you guys do, it would have just been easy to sit on the sideline and say it doesnt affect me so not my problem... Even as a Baptist, its just disgusting how some people have no empathy for others and their suffering.....I will never understand the thought process of some of these people, unless its just feels good to them seeing other people suffer
  8. Hey, I thought "Democracy dies in darkness".... I mean it was a good run, the Roman Empire was a republic for what 400 yrs i think b4 curruption and everything else sent it to hell... Lol... Hey we tried
  9. And it has to be paid back in 4 months on top of the social security they will be taking anyways..... But whatever, a lot of people are about to get screwed
  10. Military guy here, got this in my email..... What is the ****ing point if this has to be paid back next year.... ****ing bs from the Orange turd in top "In order to provide relief during the COVID-19 pandemic, a Presidential Memorandum was issued on August 8, 2020 and guidance followed by Internal Revenue Service on August 28, 2020, to temporarily defer Social Security (Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI), as seen on the Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) as "FICA-SOC SECURITY") tax withholdings in the pay of some service members. Effective for the Septem
  11. Dear God in heaven, please hear our cries, and help remove the orange idiot from office.....Amen
  12. So I have 2 gamers i know online who are saying why vote for Biden bcos he is a pedophile... I said whats uo with that bs and they said look at videos of wierd stuff he does around kids.... I replied u for real, u have a guy accused of sexual assualt by multiple women bit some bs about Biden being a pedophile is why they arent voting for him but for Trump... Disappointed bcos I thought these were smart people, one is a ****ing male nurse for cryng out loud
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