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***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

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Man....the Lakers are an absolute dumpster fire LOL.  Put it this way...Lebron and his team been doing the EXACT same thing since his days in Cleveland.  They're an entitled bunch and the only guy who put his foot down to them was Pat Riley.  I saw an interesting theory floated around....made me think.  All this posturing by Lebron/Klutch combined with the dysfunction with the Lakers all the way down to their ownership, HAS to make one think about Lebron and his Klutch sports group possibly making a play to buy this franchise at some point down the road.  Lebron to LA was nothing more than a business move.  Buying the Lakers would bolster an already impressive business portfolio. 

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There are so many vendettas in this story. When is the last time an agent became GM like Pelinka?

All the potential sources in this story:
Walton and camp
People attacked by Magic (Pelinka)
Players and agents jealous of Rich Paul and Lebron.
Jeanie Buss defending herself too.
Lebron could even be upset because they didnt hire Ty Lue.

The sad story of the Lakers is their owner died, star player retired and their front office has been a mess since that happened. I always thought Jeannie was competent.... but she seems more loyal than shrewd.

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The ESPN radio guys got excited about the whole Rockets roster around James Harden being available for trade.  Begs the question, does CP3 actually have positive trade value at this point?


Looking at their roster, Capela is the only one with highly appealing value.  You could get a little something back for Tucker.  Very little.  Gordon is definitely tradeable, but wouldn't bring back anything close to a haul.  But my guess is they're going to have to give up value to trade Chris Paul.  Or else hope the Lakers strike out on everyone this summer and get real dumb... which now that I think about it, is probably what will happen.

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A word of caution on Capela, he's a no-skill energy big who can't make it through a whole season and who is entering the second half of his twenties, locked up for the next four seasons to age 28.  He'll begin declining in a year or two because energy bigs start losing their athleticism and vigor young, and are forced to transition to skill roles or they lose a ton of value. 


But it's a reasonable contract, and for teams who need interior help and who are ready to win now, he makes sense.  But the Rockets still might have to take less than full value in return for him if they're serious about trading him.

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