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Radical NFL Uniform Designs...


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In case anyone missed these images / mock-ups that have been making the sports blogs...

I'll post a bunch of links which have them posted, but for the lazy ones, I'll attach the Skins versions (some are worse than others, just throwing it out there for discussion)



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1 looks pretty good,, but the helmet feathers need a little white in there.

2 would look good if the entire unie was burgundy with white stripes on the outside to go with the gold on the jersey.

3 Had everyone up in arms last year, and my original point still stands. If Chuck E Cheese decided to field a football team, and went Nike/Under Armour Pro Combat/whatever, that is the spitting image of what those uni's would loik like.

4, Hells to the no. No Skins uni should EVER have even a shred of black in it.

*Edit, wtf, switch 4 with 2.

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I figured with internet time it might be old... but maybe not for others... it was certainly news for me. Thanks for the reply anyway.

Even on grandpa time, you are over a year late.

Read this thread it will answer all of your questions:


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1 and 4 from your attachment order look great. From what I have heard Nike won't change much on the uniforms, just very small none detail things. These would have to be changes made by the NFL, not Nike trying to compete with Under Armor. I also remember reading a Tweet on ESPN from the Raven's Uni Manager(or whatever the title is) about him seeing the Nike unis for the Raven's and there isn't much change.

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I, for one, appreciate the chance to see the other uniform ideas. I had seen ours, but some of the others were pretty sharp.

The one thing I hope the NFL does, and has done a good job of so far, is updating unis, but at the same time not going so radical as to distract from the game. I also hope that in any update there is a strong nod to the past as well. And Nike seemed to accomplish that very well in most of the examples here.

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