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  1. From the start of the season till March 13th: 17 points 3.85 TO .87 Blocks 1.29 Steals 7.8 ass 4.8 reb From the trade (March 15th til last night: 15 points 3.96 TO .87 Blocks 1.67 steals 8.2 ass 4.1 reb
  2. I liked McGee and his potential, but this year really showed how low is basketball IQ was. I've never liked Nick Young as he's a streaky shooter/scorer on an awful team and would ride the pine with any other decent squad. I like Nene, but not for his money/contract. Weren't McGee and Young on the last year of their deals as is? Just goes to show you that Ernie Grunfeld needs to go.
  3. How dare you, don't forget from 1999-2001 we had Stephon Marbury's kid brother Zach.
  4. Getting rid of Gilbert based on him being a distraction is a better assessment. The contracts weren't really anything in the matter as Lewis signed 6 year/$118 million contract in 2007 as opposed to Gilbert's 6 year/$124 deal in 2008. Really only got rid of a year's salary.
  5. I was bored and did a quick edit of the aways to a color scheme I prefer (also added in some horizontal stripes while removing the vertical short ones. Hope they do an alternate like this.
  6. I know there are a lot of Blatche fans on here, so I'm sure you'll be thrilled the Wizards just posted a pic of him in the new jersey, warm up shorts and Ugg boots. https://www.facebook.com/Wizards
  7. I think it's a forgone conclusion the name will change next year. The NBA requires a certain timeframe for name changes to happen (which I believe is 2-3 years). However that same time frame doesn't apply to color/jersey changes (hence why they started the process as soon as Ted took over). Ted's also been on record as saying this is just one step of many planned changes and he did all that he could in the 1 year he's had the team.
  8. This header was sent out in an email from the Wizards... first glimpse of the new jersey?
  9. Why do you edit almost every post you have? After 5 minutes did you change what you were thinking? My God Shamgod comment was made more tongue in cheek than anything. To think I would suggest not drafting a player strictly based on school is ridiculous. Get over yourself.
  10. It's funny you compare him to Nick Young. Earlier in this thread we were talking contract extension for young. I had made a post that he's an average player putting up big numbers on a bad team b/c of the lack of other scoring options. Funny how that works out. Ha enough of PC bball though, we don't even talk about it that much up here in RI!
  11. I'm comparing him to them b/c he is a very similar player. The difference is that this year he doesn't have any other significant upperclassmen playing with him like curry and efejuku did when they were seniors. If he did, his numbers would be more grounded. This isn't a discussion about whether or not Brooks is the best player on PC or not, it's a discussion on if he's worth the Wizards taking a look at.
  12. I agree that he's the whole team. I still don't like him as an NBA player. He's one of 3 seniors on a roster filled almost exclusively with freshman. His numbers have gone up this year dramatically, but he's also playing 10 more minutes a game than last season not to mention he's taken 120+ more shots than their 2nd leading scorer. Since Keno Davis has taken over the team it's always been dominated by guards as far as point production goes. Until this year he was tracking almost identical numbers to those of Weyenmi Efejuku and Sharrod Curry.
  13. I also wouldn't say he's the most dominant player in the BE. Sure he'll get consideration but only b/c he's putting up big numbers on a sub par team. If you want a stat stuffer thats fine. Put him on a good team and he'll fade into obscurity. How many games have you seen him play in? What makes him good? You think he's better than Kemba Walker? Austin Freeman? Corey Fisher? Gibbs or Wanamaker? I don't. He's having a great year this year, but his first 3 years left a lot to be desired so I'm not sold on him.
  14. Your posts in this thread continue to give me a good laugh. Thanks.
  15. False b/c Arizona has a history of solid NBA players. PC does not. It's ok, you saw Brooks play and now have a crush on him... i get it. It happens. Don't get caught up in the hype.
  16. I didn't know you weren't aware that there aren't any good players to come out of PC besides Lenny Wilkens (60) and Otis Thorpe (84). Unless you want to count players turned coaches (Wilkens again, Billy Donovan and John Thompson). Since Shamgod is probably the PC player you are most familiar with I chose him to display my point. Pretty simple.
  17. Shamgod was someone who rode the wave of hype from the '97 tournament. Him being a "playground legend" had nothing to do with him being drafted. As far as being a crapshoot round, you could say that about the first round as well the past decade. Just b/c Brooks is having an abnormally good year doesn't mean he's a good option for the NBA. I've seen almost all of his games since he was a freshman. Just b/c a guy can fill a stat sheet sometimes doesn't mean he's a great player. You should know better than that.
  18. Being in RI I see Brooks play all the time. He's nothing special. Didn't we learn our lesson with drafting players out of PC with God Shamgod?
  19. I didn't dive into any statistics so it's not stupid. I said he's putting up numbers bc we have no one else. My point is that on a decent team he wouldn't get the playing time b/c he's not that great of a player. In the given situation he's excelling b/c he's playing with a lot of lesser talent.
  20. Put Nick Young on a decent team and he'll fade into the background. He's only putting up numbers now b/c we have no one else.
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