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  1. I am in love with reporter Nora O'Donnell. Too bad she's married to the owner of Chef Geoff's.
  2. Are you complaining that you're having a hard time stealing stuff (e.g., game content)?
  3. Many "experts" believe otherwise and suggest that Ghaddafi will not voluntarily relinquish power. If that's the case, I really don't see how this civil war is going to end well for the rebels. The coalition isn't willing to put "boots on the ground," isn't trying to oust Ghaddafi, and doesn't seem to be interested in a protracted campaign. The rebels are ill-equipped, mostly untrained, and disorganized. With that in mind, I would like to know what the coalition's "end game" looks like. It appears that the coalition doesn't have an end game; it appears the coalition is just trying to "do
  4. You might want to check the link again. I'm getting soccer too.
  5. I think it's certainly plausible. The team obviously really wanted Orakpo, as evidenced by the fact that they entered the pick in less than a nanosecond.
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