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  1. Football starts this weekend. It's a preseason game, but it's still football and it begins. Cowboys kick it off and **** 'em.
  2. I have to comment on this.. What exactly is he trying to accomplish here!? I can't stop laughing at this!
  3. The green men were making fun of the Maples Leafs when a Maple Leafs fan threw waffles onto the ice after a Toronto lose in disgust earlier that week. lol.
  4. ah thanks! thats what it was. It was buried behind some other links.
  5. Every stream I check out has a black box right in the middle of the screen. Asking me to download a ton of crap when I try to "x" out of it.
  6. If somebody could post the online stream link of the game tonight that would be great. Thanks.
  7. The collar color for all teams needs to go. It actually distracts me lol. I feel like they are wearing polos out there sometimes.
  8. Nobody wants to see a person die. But when that person makes himself a threat to a nation/world then, yes, people are going to be happy to see them gone.
  9. North Koreans will be mourning this loss and the entire population in total break down tears. He was seen as a father to them and nothing less, they don't know any better. Its crazy such places exsist.
  10. Ah! I didn't even make the connection of the same team name. Either way, to me I think its funny. But thats my humor, to think somebody was like, "ahhhh hell i'll just wear my hockey jersey!"
  11. I've seen random jersey's at sporting events. It's usually relating to the same sport. But that picture above.. hahaha. Not even the same sport OR city. Thats awesome.
  12. Eat **** Dallas sounds appropriate for my 1k post. Brilliant game Romo conducted last night, I mean really, way to be a game changing QB.
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