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  1. scruffylookin

    The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    I always find it laughable that hunting aka the murder of defenseless beings by losers, is always mentioned when talking about gun control or the 2nd amendment. News for you, the 2nd amendment is not about hunting or a right to kill non humans. Absolutely nothing. So why do people still talk about it? Worse why is the non “rights” of non “sportsmen” even a thing? There is no right to kill non humans and certainly the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with it. What is dangerous is this desire to appease hunters in an effort to get them to support gun control by implying a constitutional right that does not exist. Memo to the appeasers, those that get off on killing animals for fun will never support gun restriction. Those that claim they do are just lying to you knowing that nothing will get done in current ‘murica. I will say this though, those that try to appease hunters/rural types are on the right track. You’re just misguided in thinking they will join you. The sick culture of killing non humans is so ingrained in them that any threat, real or perceived, to their “right” to kill will be voted against. Stop trying to appease rural types. Societal progress does not come from rural America. Here is my proposed proof that all the opposition to gun control boils down to a small minority that enjoys killing and they don’t want to give life to anything they think will take that away. I bet you can propose a law that loosens gun restrictions. Everyone can own any kind of gun you want. Any ammo. Any number. You can open carry and conceal carry. Open it all up. You are able to own whatever because your right to defend your property and your person is protected. BUT hunting is illegal. I guarentee you those forces against gun control now would still be against any such law. Oh they would love everything except that last part and I bet that last bit is a deal breaker. So stop with the appeasement. They are living in their own twisted world. Oh and to the person who talked about hunting to murder wild animals to protect crops, 70 percent of the wild animal population has been eradicated from this planet since 1970. Still not enough? How about we stop our overpopulation for a change? How about we look at our infringing on their home and not the other way around? But what do I know? I’m just some wackado vegan guy who believes peace starts with you and how valuing all sentient life is the key to ending violence. I should join the hypocrites who talk about being against violence while supporting hunting and munching some dead flesh.
  2. Wow how witty. You come up with that hysterical change in Colin’s name all by yourself? How brillant. Beyond your pathetic attempt at.......what exactly? this signing of Hankins further strengthens Colin’s case. Raiders are hurting on dline, they sign Hankins. Loads of teams are hurting at QB, cough Bills, and Colin doesn’t get a call. So apples and oranges, but way to go in stuffing your agenda into a dline thread.
  3. scruffylookin

    Standing during the Pledge or National Anthem

    This continues to be such a stupid non issue beyond the fact that Colin has in fact been blacklisted out of the nfl. Employers have no right to force an employee to stand for the anthem. Period. And yeah I know the loophole they are trying to use is “you can stay in the locker room until it’s over” bs. First, if Colin had done that, the mouthbreathers would still have railed against him and he still would be blacklisted. Anyone actually believe otherwise? Second, when “patriotism” has been turned into supporting militarism, which has been happening in this country for over 30 years, then standing for the anthem can be viewed as a political statement, thus not standing is likewise a free exercise of a political stance. As as long as we continue to spiral down as a country where more and more we act as if military “service” makes one more of a citizen than those who have not, the anthem and all the militarism that goes along with it now a days, has become political. It is a sad pathetic state of affairs when figuratively genuflecting to the military is patriotic yet literally taking a knee to bring awareness to fellow citizens’ plight is demonized.
  4. Christianity should not be “helped” or “hurt” by a sitting President. Our government should not favor a religion. What hurts Christianity in this country is their constant insistence that they need a seat at the table of government but no one else. Especially we nones. Not the fact that Trump and his minions are amoral scum.
  5. What another liar in the long line of liars produced by comrade bonespurs? Shocked. But do not fear, the deplorables will just say “fake news” and “better than Hillary” and be perfectly okay that a proven liar is forced onto the Supreme Court.
  6. scruffylookin

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    She wouldn’t be charged with anything because she didn’t do anything illegal unless, as you mentioned, she recorded and shared classified information. However she will lose any clearances she had. You don’t bring prohibited items into a SCIF, even if the meeting you’re having in there is unclassified, period.
  7. scruffylookin

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    These cowards will follow lockstep with IQ45, declare bankruptcy to stiff creditors then tap into their new revenue stream in good ole mother Russia.
  8. Sorry. I should have been clearer on that. My apologies. What I meant to say, and should have fleshed it out some, is that it appears to me, mostly in social media, that folks who hated The Last Jedi have used Mark Hamill's statements regarding the film/Luke's character as proof that Hamill hated being "this" Luke Skywalker and that he was done with Star Wars. All I meant to illustrate is that it appears his "hate" for "DisneyWars" was a bit overstated, just like the hyperbole against Disney, Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson.
  9. LOL I do admit, that was funny. No substance to back it up but very funny. Agreed. I did like the character of DJ but I do agree that having him be Lando instead would have been better.
  10. That is laughable. Using already shot footage as a means to give the character closure is now “desperation”? What seems desperate to me are people looking to criticize anything that Lucasfilm is doing. What I find amusing is how all the triggered fanboys claimed Mark Hammil was done with Star Wars after The Last Jedi but are now silent over the fact that he’s back. I see it now, all the triggers will now claim J.J. will retcon The Last Jedi to “fix” things. Then 9 will come out and does nothing of the sort and rightly builds on Rian’s film and the irrational rage will spew forth once more. It will be fun. Oh and with regards to Solo “failing”, is Ant-Man or Dr Strange viewed as failures for Marvel? Not every film in a franchise is a 500 mil domestic/1 billion world wide film. The moment that it was announced that there would be Star Wars films every year and on top of that some would be “stand-alones” the clock was ticking on when a Star Wars film would come out to modest (for blockbuster type films) box office. Personally I am not surprised that it was Solo that was the first to experience lower totals. While it was a solid fun film, it just was out of place. I feel that it should have been released after The Force Awakens. After we see the end of Han Solo, we then get an origin story. Instead we got Rogue One, which is a worthy story to tell in its own right and I liked it very much, but it did not seem to flow “thematically” from 7. I think the rightful critique of Lucasfilm right now is their “planning”. They really should have mapped out their release schedule much better. Stand-alones are good ideas but the ones coming out in between Saga films should accent the Saga story going on in some way. Solo would have done that for The Force Awakens, it was largely irrelevant after The Last Jedi. Then when no Saga movies are scheduled, then go with random stuff like Rogue One.
  11. You’ve missed the point, we do not care what the morons who support Trump still “think” (I use that word generously). They are unreachable. This laughable mantra that Democrats need to stop veering “left” otherwise they alienate the buffoons who support Trump is utter garbage. President Obama governed as a centrist. He tried working with Congress. He settled on a REPUBLICAN healthcare reform plan and yet he still was accused of being a commie socialist. He got two years before everything was shutdown. No negotiations. No compromises. The republicans refused to work with him. They just questioned his citizenship, his loyalty and worked to block him at every turn in anyway including blocking a Supreme Court nominee. You think we believe for one second that trumpers are going to work with anyone with a D next to their name? Be they Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren? These sick people are lost. They need to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. Democrats have the votes to win any and every national election. They just need them to turn out. Trying to appeal to the deplorables is not only unnecessary, it is repugnant. They represent everything we are against.
  12. That was 20 years ago and republicans still attempted to impeach him. It is amusing to hear right wingers now lament “hyperpartisianship” when their “side” is responsible for it. Refuse to work with President Obama? It’s Obama’s fault not them. Unprecedented stealing of a Supreme Court seat? Nothing to see here. Let’s just move on and not address it. The partisanship problem that is destroying this country is coming from one side. Until the republicans fix their party and root out the selfish nihilism that has infected them, this will continue.
  13. I always thought of the sleazy NRA as enablers of terrorists. Never did I consider them outright traitors too. I guess I need to realize that there is no depth that Deplorables will sink to. Including high treason.
  14. scruffylookin

    Greatest Athlete in D.C. History (team sports)

    I was going to vote for Baugh anyway, but Loverro's point regarding Gretzky and Russian/Eastern European players sealed it. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has tried to reduce Gretzky's greatness because he didn't play against Russian or Eastern European players during his heyday where he tore up the league. Should anyone's accomplishments in the NFL be diminished after 1994 since the salary cap and free agency has watered teams down? Yet people always try to reduce Baugh's greatness because it was "too long ago" and "who" he didn't have to go against. Those are not legit arguments against him. You have no clue how he would have faired. None. You can only evaluate what he did in his time relative to others. He was a phenom during his time. He was a revolutionary player who helped change his sport. He won titles. He played forever. He transcended his sport. He is without a doubt the greatest player in DC sports history. It's not even close. To say otherwise is just riding the current wave and not actually taking time to really examine Sammy Baugh and his impact on DC, the Redskins and the NFL. Historical perspective is important. Alex has certainly cemented his name among the all time greats in the NHL and in DC sports. No question. Hell if the Caps go on a run and win more titles, he may even legit be in the discussion against Baugh. But not now.
  15. scruffylookin

    The Gun Control Debate Thread - Say hello to my little thread

    Look, this whole gun control thing will never happen as long as we as a society accept one thing as a "right" and that is the "right" to go murder a non-human for "recreation"/"sport" whatever. It all stems from there. You see it even from those who allegedly support gun control but are quick to "defend the rights of sportsmen". Where in the 2nd amendment does it state you have a right to go kill another living being? The right is to bear arms for a well regulated militia, which has then been broadly expanded to the right to defend yourself. That is it. So under that definition, a standard weapon (perhaps a powerful pistol of some sort............sorry I have a life so I don't exactly get off on knowing the variety of guns) would suffice and be housed and legal to use on your property. Period. That should be the end of it. But then enter those that want the right to buy whatever weapon they want so they can go out and murder a deer or rabbit or squirrel or elephant or lion. Then all of sudden we get the "Trump effect", a marriage between the rich elites and rural people who "don't want their rights trampled" and a pathetic majority who want to somehow appease these people while still trying to get some sort of gun control legislation to pass. The appeasers are fools. It will never happen. This country has bowed down to those who worship the gun and killing. As seen with other issues, these people will never give an inch. Nor should they. They always win. Gun restriction is just another battle that needs to be waged between the majority (urban folks) and the very loud but shrinking minority (rural people). Also when I say "urban" vs. "rural" I don't always mean literally. I mean the mentality too (I have a right to do whatever I want and not you or the government can say otherwise). We as a society are just not ready to fight it. I think the "rural" types are and have been. But the "urban" folks are living in some state of denial thinking that a compromise (on anything not just guns) is possible still. Hate to break it but it is not. Certainly not in the last 25 to 30 years and not in the future. So here people like me sit and just watch after a mass shooting and the initial cries for gun restrictions are made, we start our countdown as to when will the narrative shift to not infringing on the "rights" of "responsible" gun owners which then leads to the "debate" just going away. A responsible gun owner is someone who knows how to use a gun but never does (unless in self defense). Anyone else is just a gun nut. They want to use their guns. They enjoy shooting it and as much of a variety of them as possible and some of those enjoy killing defenseless animals. By definition, gun nuts. Can we try and stop catering to the gun nuts? Oh Nevermind, that's right I forgot, people like me are the nuts. We are the "extremists" . I mean how can we not be? We are all about not worshipping weapons of murder and view it as nothing more than as a tool for home defense like a security camera or alarm system. We actually care about our fellow living beings and see no reason murder them. I mean for sure we are crazy. If the only thing you agree with in this long ass post is the previous paragraph, let that sink in for a moment and think about it. You think it is normal to own a variety of weapons and to kill fellow living beings but it's not normal to not own any weapons (or just one for home defense) and not use said weapon to go out and murder a deer. That is the state we are in right now and that explains why things are so awful. My plan? If anyone really cares, ban all weapons except a designated caliber of hand gun for home defense. Anyone found with a gun outside of their property, there is a fine that leads to jail time for repeat offenses. If the gun is found not to be legal, it is confiscated and again you are fined. If you commit a crime with a gun, any crime, life sentence. You have to give guns the weight and severity they deserve. It's not a toy. It's not a recreational item. It is a weapon to maim and kill. It serves no other purpose than that. Respect it as such. Oh and I would not have a problem with having armed security (properly trained professionals) in places of business, schools etc. to deal with a stray nut who somehow gets their hands on a gun. Well that was fun and a bit cathartic to write. Probably not to read but don't worry. I know that nothing will change. Not in my lifetime anyway. But it should be something to strive for and fight for. Anything less means you really don't want things to change, no matter how often you may say otherwise.