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  1. I’d love to see where you got these “facts”. Could there be a random “vegan” (in actuality plant based because being vegan is about not participating in non human animal suffering where possible) among these loons? Sure, I won’t say no. But to try and suggest it’s a sizable portion of that population is well, not believable. So I’d love to see what you are basing that statement on. Oh and lastly, you need to educate yourself further on Hitler. He most certainly was not a vegetarian. He did at one point try to claim it, yes. But that was done in a time when Gandhi was a worl
  2. I always find it laughable that hunting aka the murder of defenseless beings by losers, is always mentioned when talking about gun control or the 2nd amendment. News for you, the 2nd amendment is not about hunting or a right to kill non humans. Absolutely nothing. So why do people still talk about it? Worse why is the non “rights” of non “sportsmen” even a thing? There is no right to kill non humans and certainly the 2nd amendment has nothing to do with it. What is dangerous is this desire to appease hunters in an effort to get them to support gun control
  3. Wow how witty. You come up with that hysterical change in Colin’s name all by yourself? How brillant. Beyond your pathetic attempt at.......what exactly? this signing of Hankins further strengthens Colin’s case. Raiders are hurting on dline, they sign Hankins. Loads of teams are hurting at QB, cough Bills, and Colin doesn’t get a call. So apples and oranges, but way to go in stuffing your agenda into a dline thread.
  4. This continues to be such a stupid non issue beyond the fact that Colin has in fact been blacklisted out of the nfl. Employers have no right to force an employee to stand for the anthem. Period. And yeah I know the loophole they are trying to use is “you can stay in the locker room until it’s over” bs. First, if Colin had done that, the mouthbreathers would still have railed against him and he still would be blacklisted. Anyone actually believe otherwise? Second, when “patriotism” has been turned into supporting militarism, which has been happening in this
  5. Christianity should not be “helped” or “hurt” by a sitting President. Our government should not favor a religion. What hurts Christianity in this country is their constant insistence that they need a seat at the table of government but no one else. Especially we nones. Not the fact that Trump and his minions are amoral scum.
  6. What another liar in the long line of liars produced by comrade bonespurs? Shocked. But do not fear, the deplorables will just say “fake news” and “better than Hillary” and be perfectly okay that a proven liar is forced onto the Supreme Court.
  7. She wouldn’t be charged with anything because she didn’t do anything illegal unless, as you mentioned, she recorded and shared classified information. However she will lose any clearances she had. You don’t bring prohibited items into a SCIF, even if the meeting you’re having in there is unclassified, period.
  8. These cowards will follow lockstep with IQ45, declare bankruptcy to stiff creditors then tap into their new revenue stream in good ole mother Russia.
  9. Sorry. I should have been clearer on that. My apologies. What I meant to say, and should have fleshed it out some, is that it appears to me, mostly in social media, that folks who hated The Last Jedi have used Mark Hamill's statements regarding the film/Luke's character as proof that Hamill hated being "this" Luke Skywalker and that he was done with Star Wars. All I meant to illustrate is that it appears his "hate" for "DisneyWars" was a bit overstated, just like the hyperbole against Disney, Kathleen Kennedy and Rian Johnson.
  10. LOL I do admit, that was funny. No substance to back it up but very funny. Agreed. I did like the character of DJ but I do agree that having him be Lando instead would have been better.
  11. That is laughable. Using already shot footage as a means to give the character closure is now “desperation”? What seems desperate to me are people looking to criticize anything that Lucasfilm is doing. What I find amusing is how all the triggered fanboys claimed Mark Hammil was done with Star Wars after The Last Jedi but are now silent over the fact that he’s back. I see it now, all the triggers will now claim J.J. will retcon The Last Jedi to “fix” things. Then 9 will come out and does nothing of the sort and rightly builds on Rian’s film an
  12. You’ve missed the point, we do not care what the morons who support Trump still “think” (I use that word generously). They are unreachable. This laughable mantra that Democrats need to stop veering “left” otherwise they alienate the buffoons who support Trump is utter garbage. President Obama governed as a centrist. He tried working with Congress. He settled on a REPUBLICAN healthcare reform plan and yet he still was accused of being a commie socialist. He got two years before everything was shutdown. No negotiations. No compromises. The repu
  13. That was 20 years ago and republicans still attempted to impeach him. It is amusing to hear right wingers now lament “hyperpartisianship” when their “side” is responsible for it. Refuse to work with President Obama? It’s Obama’s fault not them. Unprecedented stealing of a Supreme Court seat? Nothing to see here. Let’s just move on and not address it. The partisanship problem that is destroying this country is coming from one side. Until the republicans fix their party and root out the selfish nihilism that has infected them, this will continu
  14. I always thought of the sleazy NRA as enablers of terrorists. Never did I consider them outright traitors too. I guess I need to realize that there is no depth that Deplorables will sink to. Including high treason.
  15. I was going to vote for Baugh anyway, but Loverro's point regarding Gretzky and Russian/Eastern European players sealed it. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has tried to reduce Gretzky's greatness because he didn't play against Russian or Eastern European players during his heyday where he tore up the league. Should anyone's accomplishments in the NFL be diminished after 1994 since the salary cap and free agency has watered teams down? Yet people always try to reduce Baugh's greatness because it was "too long ago" and "who" he didn't have to go against.
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