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REM breaks up


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I was long "over" REM when I went to see them in concert a few summers ago at Merriweather Post Pavillion. I went because I was asked by a cute gal to go, not because I was dying to see REM. That band blew my friggin' mind that night. They were incredible. I'll never get "over" REM again.

Thanks for tunes, guys. Cheers.

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Best albums are 20 + years dated so this will resemble ER leaving the airwaves. If they'd broken up in 1994 it would've been massive news.

true. i didnt really care for document or anything else they put out after that.

Murmur is a fantastic album. One of my favorites. I'm going through it now.

9-9, Talk About the Passion, Radio Free Europe, Catapult - WIN.

you, sir, have excellent taste in music. too bad they couldnt make music like that anymore.

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