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Katie Couric says we need a "Muslim Cosby Show". Name that show


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Talking about hatred for Muslims by many in this country (which is NOT the point of this thread. Don't derail with politics), Katie says

“Maybe we need a Muslim version of ’The Cosby Show',’” Couric replied. “I know that sounds crazy, I know that sounds crazy. But ‘The Cosby Show’ did so much to change attitudes about African Americans in this country, and I think sometimes people are afraid of what they don’t understand, like you, Mo … If they became part of the popular culture.”

name that show!


Welcome Back Qatar

How I Met Your Martyr

This thread was already done on FreeRepublic. The results weren't pretty. :doh:

Guys, Predicto does have a point here. This could get out of hand easily. Let's keep it civilized and lighthearted, k?


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No...what needs to happen is Moderate and Liberal Muslims need to take back their religion from these conservative, extremist Wahhabbis

I don't know, if you focus just on the extremists, you wouldn't even have to change the title of "The Big Bang Theory"

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How I met your Mullah

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Hey SHF and Prosperity, how are you enjoying this thread so far? Funny, eh?

did you want to admit that you're a flaming hypocrite, or would you like the direct link to the thread Chomerics started about Jesus's picture found on a dogs butt that brought down the house, with nary a comment from you?

Christ, lighten up.

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