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Katie Couric says we need a "Muslim Cosby Show". Name that show


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I think I will stop now. :silly:

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I bet that if someone started a thread called: "We need a Cosby Show for Christians - what should we call it?"

And a buncha non-Christian guys immediately popped in with "How about the Pedo Priest Show!" and "Hillbillies too dumb to understand Evolution" and "Virgin Mary was really Knocked Up" Haw haw haw....

some people on here who are Christians might take issue with that. Wouldn't they?

Like I said, I should let it go.

We already heard those types of insults from the Godless demographic who were in turn upset with my POV of gays/ pedophiles hiding behind the cloth to pounce on their prey as a wolf in sheep's clothing would around lambs but thats for another thread.

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Cosby made black people cool in the 80's eh? Like that movie quote in Soul man. There already is a Muslim Cosby. His name is Muhammad Ali. Surely people have not forgotten about the Greatest. What about Ahmad Rashad? lol

There are still blacks in the community who refer to him as Cassius Clay as in his momma named him Clay I'm gonna call him Clay (from Coming to America).

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Extreme Makeover Mosque Edition

That 70's BC Show

Mosque Improvement (burqa girl instead of tool girl)

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In honor of Predicto--

CSI- Baghdad.

Abdul: Sir, someone just blew up the military depot.

Mouhamad: Who did it!

Abdul: We did.

Mouhamad: We did?

Abdul: Yes sir. We did. You were there.

Mouhamad: Ah yes. Case solved. (stares blankly into space.) Hmm... short episode.

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Alqaeda buying a network this year to put all your fantastic shows in:

The OWNed Network

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Remake every season of 24 from the antagonist's point of view.

From their point of view: they did.

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