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  1. I don't care about anything Kaepernick does. He could pour gasoline on himself and light himself on fire before a game and I would just shrug my shoulders a go back to doing what I was doing.
  2. This team has 41-41 written all over it. The top free agents never want to sign here. It's fun being a Wizards fan.
  3. Considering EG's draft history, it's probably good we got Morris out of the pick.
  4. Andy Pollin is like a ****roach that won't go away. He's like listening to a 70 year old woman do sports. Let's do birthdays and lists of crap that happened in the 1970's nobody cares about.
  5. Is anyone else excited about Barcelona vs. RM this weekend? Anyone think RM can win?
  6. I think if Beal were healthier (looks like that will never happen), Wiz would have more wins than losses. They got more our of Nene last year, plus Pierce.
  7. So the Wiz do a major rebuild and draft Wall, Vesely, Beal, and Porter. Not even close to competing for a championship with that core. Get a new GM and try another rebuild, it's all you can do at this point.
  8. This team is Wall, Beal, and a bunch of other guys. The Wiz somehow need to attract a top notch free agent to come here. We'll just have to keep praying that KD comes to DC.
  9. The second Bryan Wilson commercial had me dying.
  10. I'm think I'm going to expect 35 wins. After Wall, Beal, Porter, and Gortat, I really start to not like what they put out there. If one of their top 4 get hurt, they're screwed. If a couple of the top 4 have an off night, they're screwed.
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only person who feels that way about Pollin. Today I got to listen to him do his stupid birthdays and then talk about Fantasy Island coming back. It's like my mother-in-law ended up on sports talk radio.
  12. If every person who hears voices in their head is going to go out and shoot a bunch of people then we need to rethink the 2nd amendment. We aren't there yet but it looks like that's the direction we are moving in. "I hate the world so I'm going to kill a bunch of people" is getting more and more popular.
  13. Because I was playing my son in FIFA on the PS4 so much, I took the plunge and started following Arsenal. I can't believe I've been missing out on soccer all these years. Can't wait for Arsenal/Chelsea tomorrow. Should be great. Unfortunately my son is a little punk and loves MU so I watch them every week too.
  14. 980 has gotten pretty weak. I turn on the Man Cave and I have to listen to Andy Pollin do birthdays. Pollin is the Chris Berman of 980, he just won't go away. The only time Cooley and Czabe are any good is when Cooley does his player breakdowns. Galdi is a nice guy but sooooooo boring. I spend more time listening to other things than sports talk now.
  15. Isn't the easiest solution to all of this is to just teach people to be respectful and cooperative with police? Use your manners and do what they say. Mouthing off, threatening, running away from, and attacking the police doesn't seem to end up well sometimes. I guess the other way do to it is to install cameras everywhere, have better written laws, train our police more, punish our police when they snap... That way people can use their rights to be mouthy and uncooperative.
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