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  1. To channel techboy, it's all market timing. You are assuming that last year's high is some sort of meaningful number that represents the "true" value of AAPL, and that's it's now discounted. Nothing wrong with that, but it's the same thing RonJeremy is doing when he is concerned that the stock can drop. Both of you have come up with a number that you think the stock is "actually" worth, and you're comparing today's price with that. Again, there is no problem with that, but you can't accuse someone else of market timing when you are essentially saying "Now is a great time to buy AAPL!"
  2. Is there something wrong with your radio? Actually, TK421, that's not you and you know it. It's young Skywalker.
  3. :tongue: <--except the tongue has to be far longer for the Gene Simmons thing to work I'd love to say that I was at a Greenpeace rally or a PETA pep talk, but I was actually at a rock concert some of my friends were putting on. The lights had just gone on in between sets.
  4. I can't see the picture, WarpathBrave. You're probably just too beautiful for the thread. Since I have a reputation as a bit of a leftist on this board, I tried to find a nice turtleneck-wearin', red-wine-sippin', goatee-sportin', intellectual-elitist-appearin' photo of me out there. How's this?
  5. Or you could just attach it to your post as a .jpg or .gif or similar file, if it's not huge.
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