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  1. I do not measure one's view of Israel as whether they are looking to try and live peacefully Anyone who has read the bible know there is not going to be any serious peace surrounding Isreal if you believe the bible
  2. Two think Israelis shot their own leader for making peace in 90's In the 80's the US was helping the Taliban Groups can change
  3. The Muslim Brotherhood condemns in the strongest possible terms this example of terrorists' cynical and callous disregard for human life. It stresses that nothing justifies terrorism, which is aggression against Islamic values which forbids any act of violence and does so without distinction of language, culture or religion. It calls on the authorities to step up and assume its responsibilities in providing the necessary security around all sites of worship and premises and demands those responsible for this heinous crime be immediately brought to justice. http://www.islamopediaonline.org/ne
  4. When Al Quieda was threating Coptic Christians in Egypt the Muslim Botherhood offered them protection and went to the Christmas services to make sure they were able to worship in peace
  5. There is all sorts of porn out there with girls with animals, why I do not know but there seems to be a market for it
  6. Hey dude you keep enjoying tie with the family and getting in shape and I will do the same and come the fall undo it all on Sunday afternoons you know I will have the Sunday ticket.
  7. Just had a Moosehead Light with Lime pretty good like it better than the Bud Light Lime.
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