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The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The Unseld Jr Era


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I mean is there a better moment to see if Mathews and Gill can play on this stage? Get them in there and see what happens. Nothing else has worked.


Get Beal the **** outta there.

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1 hour ago, CRobi21 said:

Rui has been good this series. Just hasn't gotten enough looks, or hasn't been aggressive enough to get his looks. 


Thats Rui's game.......inconsistent and plays soft AF.....He plays like he's never played a game of street ball a day in his life. 


Too many non athletic finesse players (Bertans, Hachimura, Advija, Gill, etc), need more ATHLETES. Players who play with quickness, quick twitch. Not a coincidence that the team instantly got better when we acquired Gafford.


Also need more mentally tough players.....Team is SOFT......Westbrook shouldnt be the only player on the team that plays with fire and passion........Need some prime Ron Artest & Rasheed Wallaces. 

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