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YAHOO: Worst High School Football Play Ever


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It's the throw at the end that really makes it great.

Yeah. The rest I get - he batted the lateral up in the air, had to chase it down, and it wan't his fault that nobody blocked on that side. But the decision to toss it up was one that I'm sure keeps him up at night.
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When I saw this thread, I immediately thought of the second vid in the OP. That one cost them the game.

Yeah that is def still the worst. Look in the second video posted of the same play, the coach on the sidelines is going ape**** trying to get the kid to take a knee. And he goes for the spike. Brutal.

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That kid would be running windsprints and doing up downs until he quit if I had been the coach. ffs why spike it at all? Hand the ball to the ref and walk back to your bench, its always way more intimidating when you act like its no big deal, idiots like ochstinko have been the reason that kids act like idiots on the field.

eventually acting like a douche comes back on you,

like when that gumby Leon lett got housed in the super bowl by Don Beebe LOL.

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