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  1. Celebrity deaths have never really effected me on a personal level, but this one really got me. He was my boyhood hero. I picked up drums because of him. I wanted to write wordy thoughtful lyrics like him. Such an influence musically. His book Ghost Rider:Travels on the Healing Road was a great tool in getting me through my own personal dark days (though not nearly is dark as his I admit). I can never say I knew the man because we never met. But after countless hours reading about his travels and his general viewpoint and random thoughts on the world, I have to say I developed an
  2. It was ok. Didn't bring anything new or exciting to the MCU. It's basically a lore movie and not much else and I think the fatigue is starting to set in. Marvel hasn't had a great movie outside of infinity war since Civil War. These movies all just play like an episode of a bigger tv show now. After endgame i might be checked out. Downey and Evans are carrying these movies and without them idk how much longer they'll be able to carry on unless one of these other actors steps up in a big way.
  3. Here's one I feel stronger about as time goes on. The Captain America trilogy is just as strong if not stronger than the Dark Knight Trilogy. The only area where it doesn't compare is in the portrayal of villains.
  4. Trying to keep an open mind with the Ghostbusters thing but I really hoped they saved the good parts for the movie cause that trailer isn't too promising.
  5. MI:3 could be argued for as the best in the series. JJ Abrams directed it before he went into the Star Treks and blew up huge. The 4th film Ghost Protocol matches it on the fun to watch scale though.
  6. Big time. The introduction of crossbones, planting Bucky as a big character going forward, even a bit of foreshadowing with him holding the shield during one of the fights. I think its a story that will play out very well on the big screen. The only thing is there's no hero who can be unmasked in a big dramatic way as a result of the superhero registration act. Spiderman was that character in the source material, but everyone knows the identities of all the avengers.
  7. Lets pump the brakes here. Maryland would still have to get past Michigan State to even win the division.
  8. 2/year. And I wish I could get more. edit: its 2/year from the Marvel production company, but if you cant Xmen, Spiderman, (marvel characters from other production companies.) then its quite a lot, but honestly the only ones ive really enjoyed have been the ones from Marvel/Disney.
  9. Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a very solid film. Not perfect by any means, but I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the Avengers.
  10. I can only speak for my specific application, but Rock Auto online has a moog LCA for around $80. From shopping online on Autozone, etc, they all seem to be at least $40-$50 more expensive. All that said, I think I'm just gonna go with Moogs and likely never worry about them again. I could get 2 day shipping and probably still come out cheaper than buying Duralast brand from Autozone.
  11. Is there a big difference between brands of OEM parts? I'm replacing a lower control arm and an inner tie rod (probably all of them while I'm down there) and I was just curious if there was that big of difference between say Moog, and Duralast or Dormanor whatever over the counter stuff Autozone and the like sells. I've never had experience with Moog products but people swear by them and I'm actually able to find them cheaper online than the Autozone/Napa/OReiliy brands would cost me. The only downside is i'd be without a car for a little bit longer while I'm waiting for them to ship.
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