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  1. That was a given...others are still digging their graves.
  2. Pick 7 to fire from most-probables: Fox, Joseph, Jackson, Lewis, Pagano, Gruden, Koetter, Arians, Mularkey, delRio
  3. I don't care how much of the blame is put on GM, you can't bring back a HC that has won ONE game out of 32. Crazy if they do...of course, it is the ___________ we are talking about.
  4. I disagree. If nothing else, I thought he, similar to Flacco in his SB playoff run, passed the NFL franchise QB "eye test". Eli, and Flacco, can really look like crap at times, but I thought in watching them during those runs that they LOOKED like top franchise QBs. Both made big plays throughout the playoffs, and I thought Eli in particular did very well in making plays that you need a top flight QB to make in the playoffs/SB.
  5. Can't disagree strongly with most of your assessments. Yeah, I thought Joseph early in the season was safe no matter what just because he's a rookie. But, I have to think Elway can't live with a coach that has his team look so ill-prepared and unmotivated. Firing Bowles would be crazy IMO. He's outperformed expectations this season, but crazier things have happened. You are probably right about Caldwell, especially since they seem to be surging lately. del Rio's team looks awful. Not their "fault" there was high expectations for them, but
  6. 6 games to go, my updates (in bold). Untouchable: Tomlin, Shanahan (R), Belichick, Pederson, McVay, Carroll, Lynn (R), McCarthy, Reid, Marrone, O'Brien Prob safe: Harbaugh, Rivera, Lewis, Payton, Bowles, Koetter, Quinn, Zimmer, Joseph, McDermott Danger zone: Fox, Pagano, Gruden, Mularkey, Gase, Garrett, Definitely Gone: Arians, Jackson, Caldwell, McAdoo, del Rio
  7. So I will admit to being ignorant/sexist/naïve/etc. with not fully understanding why women who appear to be strong, confident adults would not "out" Weinstein earlier which would have hopefully resulted in him being stopped. But the more you hear and read, the more I can understand the kind of power and control he was able to wield over most of his victims. Good on those that initially came forward. For those that covered, and continue to cover, his misdeeds I hope and pray that they will also seem some sort of criminal/civil charges. https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/har
  8. Joseph down to "Probably Safe". Shouldn't enjoy first year protection after his defense quit yesterday. Gruden up a level to "Probably Safe". Think I saw my dad blocking for skins yesterday. McAdoo down to a need-to-be-created level ("Won't make it to Black Monday"). Quitting doesn't quite describe what they're doing. Good news for skins since they have them two times.
  9. On average I think 5-6 coaches are fired each year. Expect that tradition to continue. My take at the 1/2 way point of the season, although significant trend record-wise in either direction could adjust the second and third categories below. The first category would need a Kevin Spacey-esque news item to be bumped into one of the lower categories. The Untouchables: Tomlin, Shanahan (R), Belichick, Pederson, McVay, McDermott (R), Carroll, Lynn (R), McCarthy, Reid, Marrone, Joseph (R), Garrett, O'Brien Probably safe: Harbaugh, Rivera, Lewis (Ludicrous, I k
  10. Nothing more stressful than 175deg showing on the thermometer at 2pm with people coming over for a 4pm game. I used to try and do a large (~10-12#) butt at 225, but it would take 20+ hours on BGE if I didn't wrap it. Now I aim for 240-250, put it on at around 9-10pm, wrap it in foil (with a little apple juice) in the morning and once it reaches 190+, I pull it, wrap in another layer of foil and several towels and quickly put in a cooler. Will stay very warm for hours and is ready to shred for dinner. So much less stress.
  11. Anyone ever cook on lava stones? Best steak you'll ever have IMO. Oh...and be careful opening lid of BGE, or any egg-like grill, quickly after closing for awhile. I have a hairless arm right now from lesson learned.
  12. Understand the knee-jerk reaction calling for Lewis to be fired. But.....I'll be the devils advocate. Not Marvin Lewis' fault the rb fumbles the ball in that spot. Only one job there for rb. They wouldn't have definitely won with a fg, but odds were in their favor. Lewis could be blamed for boneheaded penalties for sure. I personally thot Porter should be held to higher standard than player, but the lack of discipline hurt. Big point is, Lewis had the team in a position to win with 1.5 minutes to go, with a backup QB against the team that no one wanted to play going into the playoffs.
  13. I would imagine prospective coaches are making their decisions on two things: 1) is there a solid front office (GM/Personnel scouting) that "I" can work with, and 2) does the team have either a franchise QB or the ability to go get one (top 1-5 pick). So, if I had to rank them based on my crappy front office ranking, I'd say (in this order): Giants, Dolphins, Titans, Eagles, 49ers, Bucs ..................... and Browns. It is mind-boggling to me how owners can't "get it". EVERYONE in the world sees that it is fairly "simple" process for the owner: 1) Hire a competent GM that at le
  14. Tom Coughlin is the only coach who makes me nervous, similar to the way my one high school football coach could make me wilt by just looking at me. I watched his news conference and the intensity in his eyes, even at his age, is amazing. I feel like I should have dropped and "gave him 20".
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