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  1. where can i buy that 80th anniversary jersey? i can't find it for sale. I wanna buy an RG3 one NOW!
  2. I would pull the trigger on the harden deal. i don't think Beal will be better than harden and harden is still crazy young.
  3. i think a lot of people here act like the NBA is the NFL and team building is the same.. its not. We need to not suck next year so Walls confidence isn't completely shot and so he develops into a FRANCHISE player we want him to be.. This deal makes the team on walls shoulders to take us to the playoffs. This is his team and in 2 years we can be rid of these contracts and make a splash in FA possibly. But right now we need to get better and this trade certainly did. We will be very good on D next year. Im starting to see us looking like the bulls
  4. wasn't he on our team like last year? why didn't we keep him then?
  5. i can already tell we will win the rest of our games. NO will lose the rest of theirs on the road @ GS and Houston
  6. i like us against nc state, even a lot of people are picking the upset
  7. we could trade Nene if need be he's not a hard player to trade.. ---------- Post added March-16th-2012 at 02:30 AM ---------- but i think he's a good fit for wall to build around. And if we get Anthony Davis, Barnes, MGK, we should be at least watchable next year
  8. u guys are ridiculous. Clammering for Javfrail to get traded now your mad... GREAT trade for the wiz love the move. Nene plays D and is much better than mcgee. Plus we can build around wall and Nene, plus our 1st round draft pick this year.
  9. don't we have the second worst record in the nba we could get anthony davis. Then bring in calipari and bam..
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