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Joke for the start of the football season.


Legendary actor Yul Brynner was a huge Liverpool fan. When asked, his agent turned down the opportunity to appear in an aftershave commercial saying “Yul never wore cologne.”




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Man, USA v Canada was frustrating to watch.  Berhalter’s decision-making in particular.  Didn’t properly account for Canada’s speed on D, subbed way too late, and should have tried adding a 2nd striker.


I appreciate what Lleget brings, but he’s either a sub or a guy you pull 60-65 mins in, especially against that sort of speed.


It was creative to get A. Robinson’s speed on the outside, and he had a nice assist from it, but the defense suffered.  1) he’s either not confident or creative enough to have up the field and 2) if you’re having both him and Dest push up the wings, you’re playing into Canada’s hands in terms of counterattacking.  Brooks (and Ream) shouldn’t be playing with 2 in the back, or having to push wide when Adams drops.


I would have been interested in seeing something like a 5-3-2 for this game.  Brooks in the middle, the Robinsons to either side of him, Dest and maybe Acosta as wing backs, Adams playing the 6, Pulisic and Aaronson attacking midfielders, and Sargent and Pefok up top.  More speed on D, the wing backs give you better combo play on the outside, the 2 strikers keep 3 defenders on them, Pulisic gets to play wider and Adams has more freedom to get up field and distribute the ball.

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