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My man card is officially trashed


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Product Features

* The 30 second hair transplant, eliminate the appearance of baldness and thinning hair

* Toppik is an amazing complex of tiny microfiber "hairs" that perfectly blend with your hair.

* You will instantly see a fuller, thicker and more natural looking head of hair.

* Now you can look younger and your best.

* Totally undetectable.

Sounds like it is more for the head than for hiding thin eyebrow areas - but hey, it could work.

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The friend idea makes too much sense I guess.

Im not knocking you man. It happens. All men or one time at another have had their eyebrows ****ed up at a nail salon inside of a strip mall in northern virginia. Best thing to do is use it as a focal point for laughs. A good sense of humor is your friend in this case.

Who knows it might even get you laid.

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lol on an impulse.

Have your eyebrows been an issue of debate before? There are so many ****ing questions I have.

Yes. Getting a tattoo is something you do on an impulse.

But shaving your eyebrows ? Not on an impulse. And not on a non-impulse. :)

You cant trust Asian women.

Tell us your story :D

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So I had the impulse to get my eyebrows shaped up for an upcoming Christmas party and my sister pretty much said I look like a homosexual. Is there ANYWAY to correct this problem? I didn't think the lady took enough off for it to be too noticeable, but apparently I was wrong :doh:

I won't shave them off :)

Here you go bro, dont feel so bad:


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