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  1. **** you Cowboys we finally got one. Go Eagles.
  2. **** them high. **** them low. **** the Cowboys forever.
  3. Ziggler and Rollins as 8's on the mic can't even be taken seriously.
  4. He co-founded Resistance Pro in Chicago with some guys a few years ago. Don't know anything about it but he is a huge wrestling fan so I guess he's got that going for him. I do find it funny he used the transgender idea as a socially conscious storyline since his past with the one transgendered guitar tech.
  5. I don't gauge anyone's overness on the after Mania RAW just because the crowd is so insanely hardcore. But the Lucha Dragons are definitely gonna get over with the Lucha chant and Hunico (as Sin Cara) and Kalisto are just sick in the ring. Also what is with dropping people's first names? Neville? It sucks. I do love that they gave him a cape. There were reports Vince wanted him to be like Mighty Mouse so looks like they had to compromise. By the way speaking of the crowd did anyone hear their "We are awesome" chant? That was so lame. My respect for Cole went way up with that F5. That was sick. I was also legitimately stunned when Lesnar pushed the announce table over because it came out of nowhere. And Cole isn't that bad. He's way better when he can call the match and has the right teammate. He and Tazz were alright and he and JBL could be okay but they insist on the 3 man team and then they constantly plug everything but the match.
  6. I don't fault him at all. He's a master of backstage politics. I like aspects of it because it's perfect for his character. But no one should believe he doesn't think he's up there with HBK, the Rock and SCSA. He definitely thinks that.
  7. HHH may not be a McMahon level ego maniac but he's definitely an ego maniac. He definitely wants to be viewed the way they portray and he believes he should be. He knows how to pander to people. He's definitely a master of playing the crowd and people backstage.
  8. Lucha Underground is actually bad ass as ****. Robert Rodriguez is involved in it. It's shot very well. I like it because it's something completely different. Also Jim Ross will be calling WrestleKingdom as English commentary this year which I think will be pretty cool.
  9. I think it's a one off thing. They did a countdown show where they referenced the anonymous GM being horrible. Who knows though. The ending was hilarious with the spamming of the anonymous email sound. Couldn't tell if it was intentional or not but Cole was corpsing.
  10. I do love Goldust and I'll never be ashamed to admit that. If you were writing WWE I'd be behind this idea. But you aren't. Vince is. You've always had fantastic ideas KDawg and this would be great. But you know that they won't build it enough to be coherent like that. Just look at the Lesnar storyline. They have completely ****ed it up by never mentioning him. He doesn't have to be there but you need to bring it up once in a while to keep it in people's minds. There's rumors they have soured on it and are gonna drop the belt at Rumble maybe even TLC. They have no one to blame but themselves for that. It could have been so great and it started off so well then completely faded away for no reason.
  11. That's mostly how WWE is written today. No concrete writing so people sour on the product and when they need to suck people back in they pull a trump card like having Sting come out and take out HHH. It made no sense and it loses a lot of its impact because of that. I'll give Vince credit though he knows his audience well enough to know though that no matter what he can always fall back on the nostalgia card regardless if it makes sense or not. Oh did you also see that they're gonna have Stone Cold do his podcast live on the network with Vince?
  12. Shenmue is one of the greatest games of all time. Dreamcast was so ahead of its time.
  13. Brock not being there has nothing to do with the shown sucking. It sucks because of the writing. They don't know how to write anything cohesive and coherent and you can tell a lot of the stuff is rehashed or just plain boring like Ambrose doing a lot of really vanilla Austin-esque stuff and virtually no build for the intercontinental title. I don't even know who has the US title? Sheamus? And the tag belts have been **** for awhile. Brock not being there could and should be a big deal but they don't know what they're doing so they just throw **** against the wall and hope it sticks.
  14. Zayn is the only one with a chance it feels like. He connects with the fans on a Daniel Bryan like level and plays the underdog very well. KENTA... Does anyone really trust WWE to use him properly? Also can't talk. Promos are way more important here than they are in Japan. Neville is a mid carder. Terrible mic skills and a cool finisher. A slightly better Evan Bourne. Devitt can't talk either and Steen is only less overrated than the Young Bucks (thank god they aren't in WWE they are the worst thing in tag team pro wrestling) Only smarks think these guys are the future. The future is already on the main roster in Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins.
  15. This incarnation of the Miz is the best version of him yet. He's really starting to buy into the fact that no one likes him and that makes him a better heel. Which in turn makes me like him a little more than I ever have. So congrats to him. The Lesnar/Cena match was awesome story telling. I was hoping whoever they threw at Brock would get the **** kicked out of them. It was really the only story that made sense. Now the big question is where do they go from here? Brock should only defend every so often ala UFC and maybe bring some prestige back to the midcard. Thats my hope anyway.
  16. I think they should give Brock the title and have him defend at the 4 majors and use the time he's not there to actually build the mid card titles back up.
  17. Really when you go back over TNA's history there is no defense of them. They have shot themselves in the foot over and over again for a decade. People so badly want them to be competition for WWE but they're barely better (and that's really debatable, too) than Ring of Honor (who you could argue WWE has a lot more respect for based on the dealings and praise they've given them on their website in the past) They deserve this. They earned this. Btw I won tickets to see TNA in Hagerstown next month so I'm really curious to see how it's gonna be.
  18. I'd love for there to be more wrestling companies but TNA has had so many opportunities over the years and squandered them my point is why should they be given another chance? I feel for the guys there like Aries and Joe who probably won't be hired by WWE but TNA wasted them. Sad. They have no one to blame but themselves.
  19. Meltzer said on his podcast this was all because of Russo. Spike hates Russo. Why would MTV pick up a wrestling show that was cancelled? And moreover why does anyone think TNA deserves anymore chances?
  20. Yeah there's zero chance of it ever being in Baltimore. I'm not even sure why that and some of these cities are even on this list. Orlando? Jacksonville?
  21. WWE put out a survey to some people who attended Wrestlemania 30 asking them to rank potential cities for future Wrestlemanias. Here are the cities they listed: Minneapolis Dallas-Arlington-Fort Worth Orlando Tampa Bay San Diego Jacksonville St. Louis Detroit Philadelphia London (UK) Pittsburgh New York-New Jersey Boston Los Angeles Washington DC Chicago Houston Seattle Baltimore Miami San Francisco Phoenix-Glendale Denver
  22. I don't know I like Punk but he's definitely not someone I'm upset over leaving. Then again I don't take wrestling all that seriously so I guess it doesn't hit me like others. Heyman is one of the last remaining people in the business who can sell you on a match with his mic skills. He almost always delivers on his promos. I enjoyed that last night. Paige is finally interesting. They booked her so horribly while AJ was gone.
  23. CM Punk hates TNA. He has stated before he would never work there again. They're done anyway. Rumor is that Vince Russo working with them in secret has pissed Spike off. They don't want him around and now they're on the fence about renewing their TV deal with TNA.
  24. Punk is gonna be fine. He saved his cash. He never has to come back again. I suspect he will though at some point. I just realized I saw his last match live this year at the Royal Rumble. Kinda cool. Though he spent half of it lying in the corner haha