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  1. Operation Canadian Bacon is on, watch out you canadian goofy ****s, the republicans are coming to invade... Question, what is Canada's insurance policy? People leaving US might not like it so much, I guess we ll have to let our borders open up to illegal aliens to fill up the jobs left behind :-)
  2. I can understand that he was upset and walking around, after all he was still on the farm BUT you can not tell me you can not hear someone walking behind you on grass at night... A blood thirsty zombie specially. I dont remember but did he have his gun ready when he saw the cow?
  3. The bus scene was retarded... So Shane is holding off 6 zombies from getting in while all along the back door of the bus was open and he could have ran out from the back.
  4. They can not kill Shane yet, he is way too entertaining to watch bieng an ahole lol.. I would say this season is about to get heated up starting this Sunday and for all the fans that want to see Zombies die in masses, I think you will get what you are asking for this Sunday :-) Also ottis's demise will also be interesting to see how its revealed to the group and what the old man is going to do about it.
  5. Some of you forget it's a tv show lol... Everyone wants perfection or what they think it's perfection :-)
  6. I think if a hordes of 2000 showed up the show will end quickly or at least the farm story will be over with which I still believe it will happen before the season is out.
  7. This is getting good, a show down is near for gang leader. Shane will not die, his character has to stay alive to keep the fans hating him.
  8. I hope errand boy doesnt get shot... They are going to cut his leg off?? Wtf man that dude would have been left behind.
  9. Very interesting Unforgiven.... WOW that would be one hell of a twist.
  10. I doubt they kill Shane.. not going to happen, he is too much of an ahole to die lol. They cant stay on the property for too long, the show is almost more interesting when they are on the road.
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    **** the Cowboys

    My 1000th post, **** the cowboys :laugh:
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    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    With that said, I will be doing the same :evilg: HTTR :logo:
  13. LOL now we have to hope we get some luck to win against a all out Dallas O... Dont get your hopes up, our Skins will lay down and roll over like a dead animal come game time.