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Has Zorn earned another year?


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I know i will get flamed for this post but there is no denying the Skins have played much better the past 5 weeks. Zorn stated it takes 3 years for a QB to learn the WCO. Jason would be in his third next year. Do we really want to blow this team up and start over from scratch. Or do we give Zorns system one more year. I believe if the Skins play the entire season next year like these past 5 games. We may be able to do some damage. Thoughts?

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LMAO. Redskins fans have become losers. We get 1 meaningless win in December

to get our grand total to 4. AND NOW LETS KEEP THE TEAM TOGETHER!

It disgust me to be a redskins fan now. We are the most pathetic fan base in the world.

At least clipper fans know their team stinks. Redskins fans will be thinking we are 1 offseason away from the super bowl

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i think they are making a strong case.. the season still has 3 more games.. if the team finish out strong then the whole Zorn/Cerrato/Lewis thing might be working...

We will have to see first if Snyder will consider it and then we will have to see if Zorn/Cerrato/Lewis can get on the same page...

anyways with whats going to be in FA and in the draft in terms of QBs.. and seeing what Campbell is able to do when he gets anything resembling protection... You can see Campbell being back here next year as well...

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