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  1. http://channelsurfing.net/ & http://www.atdhe.net/ even if they get shut down they update the links with-in 10 minutes, those two sites have never let me down.
  2. well that streamtorrent is 5 minutes delayed, and the one justin.tv link just got shut down, so need me another link, or it looks like NFL.Com for now.
  3. sooner or later that justin.tv will be lagging so bad it wont even be worth it, but thanks anyways!
  4. non of the links work, the torrent stream is overloaded, too many people in it.
  5. still looking for the dude who streamed it last week on Ustream, that was a good feed.
  6. http://channelsurfing.net/ is showing it, but who knows if that's gonna work, you don't know until the game starts. Someone showed it on Ustream last week, with a password. I wonder if there gonna do that again this week.
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