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  1. Yup. A simple, clean break would be best. Doesn't mean that the organization can't educate about the Code Talkers, especially if Snyder claims to have legitimate compassion for indigenous people (I suspect, however, that so much of what he did on behalf of indigenous people was performative more than sincere) and the US military.
  2. The movie, which is full of inaccuracies, may have been called Wind Talkers but the men themselves are usually referred to as Code Talkers. Lots of great books on the subject.
  3. Two things. 1) My "love" for the team has eroded due to decades of incompetence and mediocrity. Let's face it, since Gibbs 1 left, we've had only 3-5 seasons that were good/exciting. So, more than any racist name or logo, THAT has been what's dampened my support of the team. 2) The name (which I came to accept as disrespectful about7 or so years ago) also forced me to take a step back from the team. I didn't feel comfortable wearing my gear in public anymore. With a new name and logo, I'm actually MORE inclined to wear a jacket or hat or shirt now. But, rega
  4. ok boomer Anyway, are we sure that the word "red" is still going to be in the new name, or is that conjecture based on the few leaks/tidbits we've seen in the Post?
  5. MOD edited - don’t quote pictures. The feathers should be his stupidly long tie
  6. As a Clevelander, and as someone who was raised here, left for a decade, and then returned home with a different perspective, I disagree with you strongly here. Cleveland has three professional sports teams, and frankly, over the last decade the Browns have been the least exciting of them. We have a world class orchestra; a world class art museum (and no, I'm not throwing those terms around--research it if you care to); there's a great food scene here; we have the Rock Hall; we're a stone's throw from one of the world's great roller coaster parks, Cedar Point; we have a handful of islands out
  7. I know this won't be a popular answer here, but I really started to sour irreparably on the team in the wake of how Snyder handled the whole name issue. I don't think the objection to "Redskins" is purely some kind of ultraliberal cause--I think it's a natural progression of our society's awareness about our racist past and some of the cultural ramifications. Speaking only for myself--I know others have a different view--I grew up in Cleveland (around the Indians and Chief Wahoo) and as a Redskins fan, but once I moved to New Mexico and spent a lot of time around Native people, I came to see t
  8. I had been planning on watching but then ended up playing Overwatch with my brother instead. We had a terrible night but ultimately it was still better than watching football!
  9. I suppose no one knows just yet how the leg will heal, but my guess is Smith will be ready for the start of next season. I mean, for UFC fans think no further than Anderson Silva, whose leg snapped in two. A year later, at 40 years old, he was back fighting. (I know he popped for PEDs, but still, he came back and was throwing kicks with the leg that had broken)
  10. Thanks for the links. I hope we don't go to prison.
  11. Would someone be so kind as to PM me a link? Thank you.
  12. Look at the bright side, guys. Now at least we don't have to actually watch this debacle unfold! But, hey, I'm a sucker anyway. If someone has a link, that'd be awesome. Thanks.
  13. Well, I'm not counting on it, but it'd be fun.
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