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  1. That and this isn't even that big of a fight. This fight should be on HBO Championship Boxing.
  2. Tonight's PPV is a prime example of why boxing is dying. No one can justify Shane Mosley vs Sergio Mora being on PPV. Mosley got destroyed in his last fight and who is Mora? If they wanted to rush Mosley back on PPV, they could have atleast given us Paul Williams or Berto. I want to order this fight because I like watching boxing on Saturday night, but I WILL NOT.
  3. He is not gonna get anymore money than what he'd recieved if they fought in November. This was the perfect time for this fight. EVERYBODY wanted this fight to happen THIS YEAR. I'm sure there's more than a few people that are fed up with Floyd and probably don't care if they ever fight now. I predict if Pac goes out and destroys Magarito, Floyd will not fight him in May.
  4. Yeah, too bad Floyd doesn't want it.
  5. And why should Pac have to agree with Floys's demands?
  6. Isn't it funny that Floyd waits until Manny is contractually obligated to the Margarito fight before he breaks his silence? Only now he speaks knowing that he's off the hook for a fight with Pacquiao. Hagler pretty much said the samething I said months ago. Floyd ducking Manny is very simular to how Leonard ducked him for years. Leonard only fought him because he thought he had slowed down just enough. Floyd is using the same tactic with Pacquiao.
  7. New "Major" wrestling promotion debut delayed until early next year. I hope it makes it. It's being backed by Milton Wilpon who's family owns the NY Mets.
  8. They're talking as if Toney has the power of Liston, Foreman or Tyson. Toney was always a slick boxer.
  9. Did anyone actually think the Texas athletic commission was gonna upset Jerry Jones' plans?
  10. Was about to, but now I'm glad I didn't order it.
  11. I agree, but I believe if the cut wouldn't have occured, Dawson was gonna KO Pascel.
  12. You guys are slipping. We had a big fight tonight and this is on the 5th page? Anyway, Pascal defeats Dawson by unanimous decision. The fight was stopped when Dawson suffered a bad cut from a headbutt in the 11th. PS. I'm still waiting for someone to knock Larry Merchant on his ass.
  13. No one even bothered to mention TNA tonight. If you don't know, iMPACT was off the chain. The Motor City Machine Guns vs Beer Money best 2/3 was the best tag match in ages. Definitely a match of the year candidate. But the beatdown the TNA wrestlers laid on ECW was classic.