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  1. http://rwbsports.com/ch5.html commercial now should work
  2. you have to get approved takes about 3-5 days i think
  3. anyone else getting the ravens game on the redskin link? For the ATDHE
  4. I dont think anyone has the link dont know how this PM stuff started http://www.justin.tv/rage4ever that is nfl redzone so if the skins or panthers get in there it will show it
  5. are we being secretive this week or something? if so can i get those links in the pm
  6. does anyone have a direct tv redzone line by any chance i like to go back and forth during commercials and such
  7. wait washington_redskin do you have a stream for redzone? if so where?
  8. does anyone know how homertv works? i got the email and on every page it just says your logged in as (my username) and thats it
  9. he turned on xbox his gamertag is RDAL some one tell him to put redskins back on
  10. i think it looks cool im only a fan of white on white when its HOT as hell the white jersey burgendy pants are standard burgundy jersey white pants are ok but burgundy on burgundy sounds friggin incredible
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