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  1. sjinhan

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    When they fire Gruden, they need to fire Manusky as well... Keep to play out the season.... just go ahead with interim Head coach (O’Connell) and Interim DC (Rob Ryan).... i hope we go someone with fresh ideas and give them all control...
  2. sjinhan

    Next Coach?

    I think we ALL know deep inside that Belichick would have failed here.... haha so depressing!
  3. The dude need playing time to get ready... if he cant get mentally and emotionally over having struggles early as he learns the position then we have the wrong guy anyways... i would rather know sooner than later!
  4. If we do end up with the top 1-2 picks.... and THE QB of the future is there AND the new coaching staff does not think Haskins is it then we just need to bite the bullet and move on! My gut feeling is that this is the Redskins after all.. we will win enough games to ensure we miss out on any generational talent in the draft...
  5. sjinhan

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Giants

    I guess we will see if Richardson can truly lead the WR group... almost last man standing and we will be throwing alot playing catch up... have no confidence that our D can stop anyone especially a rookie QB... we have historically been good at making the new guy look great
  6. sjinhan

    Case Keenum Named Week 1 Starter

    I think we all know this season is about the future... we do not have a team to make a playoff run... if Jets are looking for a QB, we should trade Case to the Jets and turn the helm over to Haskins. And trade TW while we still can! lets start planning for the future next few years
  7. sjinhan

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    well i am done... I like Jay but I dont see the light at the end of the tunnel... Time for Synder to really blow everything up and reset the organization. Get rid of Jay, Get rid of Bruce... just start over!
  8. sjinhan

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    If browns offer at least 1st and a 3rd then we gotta jump on that trade!
  9. sjinhan

    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    Not sure if that is on Nicholson... there was two WR running free deep... Nicholson picked one and Wentz threw to other WR... if Nicholson went over to D Jackson then Wentz would have thrown to the other WR the TD... DC needs to call better plays
  10. sjinhan

    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    Wentz has too much time to throw on every pass!
  11. sjinhan

    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    Now... lets go get Jimmy Moreland Int!
  12. sjinhan

    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    I don’t know why we hating on Norman so much... that play on Jackson,.. that’s on the Def Coordinator..., there is no CB in the league that can run with D Jackson in the open field... Yes Jeffery is catching some balls but Norman is making the tackles as required....
  13. sjinhan

    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    Dude if you got a QB that big.. that should be easy money!
  14. sjinhan

    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    3 straight runs???? Hahaha go for it!
  15. sjinhan

    Skins at Filthadumpia Game Day Thread

    McLaurin has already surpassed the legends of Taylor Jacobs... the man who everyone raved about in practice but never seen it during the actual game... After not seeing anything from McLaurin during the preseason, I really hoped that McLaurin was not going to be another Taylor Jacobs... Thank God!