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  1. I am hoping we play and we play bad like a team with a new coach that did not get an offseason... we are not going to with the SB this year so mind as well play bad and get decent draft picks next year. i am hoping the 2021 season is when we are talking getting back into playoffs and maybe more
  2. I agree with you 1000%. This really saddens me.... With this all going on, we do have walk to fine line allowing the people who don't truly "get it" to speak their mind and have a civilized conversation about the issues at hand... I do hold out hope that if people on all sides are able to talk this through and we can come to a viable path forward... If this turns out to be who bury and drown out the other side by yelling and screaming the loudest then we all know at the end of the day nothing would have changed... I do realize that by describing that people on the other side of #BLM does not "get it" might contradictory of what i just said above but I can say this with certainty that most (not all) people even on the people opposing the #BLM movement does not think that Blacks should be discriminated against and treated unfairly. So actually ALL of agree that Blacks needed to be treated fairly but this political nuanced debate that is put upon by the few is dividing us... Not going to be an easy path to truly make real lasting change...
  3. I really hope that GOP as we know it now disappears in the near future. I wish that the same will happen to the current DNC as they are as worse as GOP is so let's not fool ourselves. I hope that new party or new GOP regime that rises to the top are the financially conservative and socially liberal group ala pragmatic libertarians... and I am not talking about Rand Paul sucks... As former Yang Gang member who really HATE the current DNC party, where is the Republican version of Andrew Yang when we need one?
  4. If Chase Young and Del Rio elevates the defense not just one level but 2-3 levels above their past performances then I think many of us would have wished to have Cam on board for this upcoming season. rebuild will scrapped if defense performs at a level we are all hoping for...
  5. i am really excited to see what Scott Turner’s offense will look like... you would think his father’s (Norv) offensive scheme (play action, aggressive passing attack) must have had some influence over him but he also spent time working with Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey...
  6. Maybe they will keep both... remember when initially had Hernandez and Gronk at the same time.. I think that was one of NE's best offensive groups
  7. Man they are interviewing the young LT.. dang he is only 20 years old right now!! Man the dude has some room to grow even bigger!
  8. I dont see us spending that money on Peters... We will see what type of offense that we will have under Turner but if it is some quick game based offense and 5-7 step drop offense then maybe the reliance on the great/elite level LT play is not as critical.
  9. I dont know Gibson much but from the highlights... he doesnt have that wiggle that Spoles has... Seems like more like Percy Harvin type of player which is ok...
  10. Ron talked alot of not being afraid to let the young player play... My gut tells me they will just go with one of the younger guys we just drafted or on roster.. There is a chance that they go for a vetern budget option at LT but I don't see Ron paying high $$ for a 1 year rental.
  11. i guess not on ES.
  12. Well here is a question for you college football experts.... who is next year’s Nick Bosa / Chase Young??? there always seems to be a generational talent coming out of college almost every year... is there a player like that for next year? if we get a huge offer, we should really consider it... also I would really be more open for multiple future first/second rounders than trying to load up on draft picks this year... in terms if salary cap... by some chance we actually start drafting better... you actually want to space out the extensions that you need to do...
  13. I dont think there ever was any question about his dedication to football... his issues have been all of the baggage that he seems to carry around... hope he gets some professional support and get his life back in track...
  14. If i am seeing this as glass is half full guy... maybe they want to see what they have in terms if talent this season then make some decisive moves next year... i think next year group of FAs seems more enticing than this year.
  15. both DNC and GOP are idiots... this needs to be UBI. No means testing! it is not supposed to be total replacement of income lost but an aid... whatever you get is more than what you had before... however the aid package need to be UBI and means tested... i mean what happens if you had $75k/year and just got let go??? Do we really want to go through mountain of paperwork in an emergency??? And this paperwork processing is going to be wasting money and time...