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  1. but look at the talent that he was throwing to and RB that was lining up behind him. not saying Mac Jones will be a terrible QB but you need to evaluate him based on something more than numbers...
  2. Dude we will be lucky to get Micah Parson with our first round pick. I think if Parson is available then he is THE pick for WFT.
  3. I’m opposite. I do hope Eagles trade him but for something small in return. I believe Wentz is still a good QB minus current awkward situation in Philly. I hope Philly trade him only to find Jalen Hurts was just a fluke for few games... i mean there are many QBs like that... once game tape was out... it didnt take long for NFL DCs to catch up.
  4. We will probably get Kyle Allen on a 1 year minimum contract because he is a ERFA. It would be great if we can get Kyle Allen on a deal similar to Heinicke for 2 years but when you look at from Kyle Allen perspective, I would think I wouldn't accept a 2 year deal that Heinicke signed. Allen does have some starting (limited) experience and if Allen manages to show improvement next near then he should be primed but at a minimum a much higher backup QB deal with WFT or elsewhere.
  5. From the realistic options that are remaining... I would want us to shy away from Mac Jones... Just soo much talent at WRs and RBs that I think it is a bit of a risk to take him. I think if we can Mariotta without giving up too much would be idea situation as I think Henicke and Mariotta have similar skill sets. I didn't do a deep dive or anything but just from what I have seen on TV thus far. Going into the new season with Henicke, Mariotta, and Kyle Allen as 3 QBs... not the best situation but I think at least we can get similar QB performance that Alex Smith prov
  6. well i want the results of this generation’s Kurt Warner.
  7. RBC analyst put out a very compelling case on why Apple should make a move in bitcoin. Not only to convert some of their massive cash reserves into bitcoin but also to leverage their multi-billion user base by offering bitcoin exchange on Apple Wallets. Apple has enough cash to buy enough bitcoin that you can make the bitcoin exchange into an closed loop system ala Paypal (meaning you can buy and sell bitcoin but you cannot withdraw BTC) which will be much easier regulatory compliance situation. Apple will make a killing just off the fees and basically at the same time, this will be pumpi
  8. so i guess if we get the next available first ballot HOF QB this offseason then we should be ready to go! Ok now its time to all-in for trading for Rodgers!
  9. Am I only person thinking.. man.. Heinicke is the only QB this postseason that had TB defense on its heels... hahaha.
  10. Me personally I think we should let him walk. He has been hurt here and there for past few years. He is a great player no doubt but you can find value at much lower salary number. Probably we can sign 2 starter worthy Guards and be a better overall OL unit than spending this huge money on Scherff. Am I the only one thinking this?
  11. Cam is looked done. I guess it could be the system but Cam just looked bad in NE. Tyrod seems like a good dude but what has he done even as a stopgap despite getting "stopgap" hype for past 3-4 years... If you go stopgap route then you want someone like Ryan Fitzpatrick who actually looks like they have a year or two left. I would trade quite a bit for Watson.
  12. I think if we get Stafford, we can get by with McLaurin and few solid WR additions like Samuels. We don’t need Cooper type of WR to make it work. However whatever money ir draft capital we save on WR needs to go to shoring up we the OL and MLB. i hope we get Stafford even if we overpay a bit.
  13. we just have to be ALL-IN for Rodgers or Stafford. However, I have trouble believing deep inside that Rodgers would leave GB. I would be all in on Stafford. If possible, I would try to trade someone from our DL as a package to Detriot or anyone else for a QB. It is an area of great depths for us and we KNOW we can't pay everyone on the DL starting after 1 more season with them when Allen, Payne, Sweat contract starts come due year after year... I would ALL of them but we need to do what is best for the team especially if there is any way to keep our first rounder thi
  14. I agree. We need to focused on next 3-4 years when relatively our talent is cheap. Stafford is perfect for this. Lets worry about what happens after that later.
  15. https://www.nfl.com/news/daniel-jeremiah-2021-nfl-mock-draft-1-0-zach-wilson-to-jets if Micah Parson falls to 15 then I predict that Riveria will trade up to get his premier MLB
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