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  1. All of the players.. McLaurin, Allen, Payne, Sweat, Young... its going to be interesting to see how better their stats will be if Fitzmagic led offense can actually put points in the board early in games unlike previous QBs that can only put up yards and points in garbage time.
  2. I would actually bump everyone including Scherff down 1. LT - Baseline of Lucas = 5 LG - Flowers / Schweizer - 6 C - Roullier - 6 RG - Scherff - 8 RT - Moses - 7 I think we can upgrade every position every FA year if we have cap space. Scherff is the only one it will be tough to upgrade.
  3. Yup its simple... trade him now when his value is high because you dont think Rodgers is the future and want to go with Jordan Love. Give your QB of the future best chance to succeed with what you get back from Rodgers. if you think Rodgers have another 3-5 years left then just give him an extension and trade Love. Admit your stupid mistake
  4. Davante Adams goes look to be a stud WR and among these guys, he is probably has the best chance to be a Pro Bowler without Rodgers. However, I think it is not an outrageous statement to say that Davante Adam most likely would not have had as good of stats/performance if he had Haskins/Smith/Allen/Heinike group throwing him the ball last year versus having Aaron Rodgers. Also having Rodgers forces the defenses to truly defend the whole field and making adjustments to their defensive approach that would make it easier for everyone else on offensive line to block. I kn
  5. WR Davante Adams, CB Jaire Alexander, T David Bakhtiari, G Elgton Jenkins, RB Aaron Jones, QB Aaron Rodgers LB Za'Darius Smith These are GB Packers Pro Bowlers. How many of then would have made it to the Pro Bowl if they had WFT’s QBs last year? If Rodgers was on WFT last year, we probably would have had more Pro Bowlers than what GB had last year.
  6. Yeah i was disappointed that he wasnt drafted but glad he has signed on with a team. I work with his older brother so obviously I was looking out for his name.
  7. on ESPN, this dude's comp in NFL is Jeremy Sprinkle LOL
  8. Ok i am cool with the pick. More speed at our skill positions... Mcleauran, Curtis, Brown... so is Gibson our slow guys now?
  9. This is the guy that Smoot was hyping earlier today.
  10. Never made an interception in college. Just think about that! Carlos Rogers’ hand laughing now
  11. Just reading up on him... might have worse hands than Carlos Rogers haha
  12. I still want Jabril Cox if he us there with #82 pick
  13. He is rolling the dice on physical talent
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