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New Study Reveals Most Children Unrepentant Sociopaths


If Vinny stays, are you in or out?  

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  1. 1. If Vinny stays, are you in or out?

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Is this supposedly new?:)

It is a developmental stage that unfortunately some never grow out of.

I hadn't considered it before, but this comparison makes me more comfortable about how my young kids sometimes made me feel. :)

It was just their 'unrepentant sociopath' phase.:)

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Sounds distinctly like my son.

I kid you not.

About 2 months after he came home with us, we began to worry. Most kids at least want to please their parents. If not their parents, they want to please somebody. I'm not kidding when I say my dogs still won't go near the Oscinator. Between the 80% crying and the lack of empathy or desire to please, I was seriously wondering what the heck we'd volunteered for. I was thankful he was ticklish so some positive emotion could be shown...then he started responding to my daughter who is such the opposite.

I won't lie and say all is better, but at least sociopath is a bit further off the radar...but there have been some break downs in the machinery of late.

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Isn't it just that they don't know better and do not understand the consequences of their actions? You know, growing up.

Of course. There are developmental stages children go through when as they grow up and develop the ability to know right from wrong, use their conscience, etc.

During these stages, they pretty much meet a lot of the criteria of a sociopath. Most people grow out of it, it's just pretty funny to use that term with children. They look all innocent...but the second you turn your back, they're poised to jump on it, stab you, and retrieve a cookie from the jar that you just told them they couldn't have, lol

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